I recently took a trip to Paris earlier this month and obviously taking a trip to one of the worlds fashion capitals I wanted that F A B wardrobe, but also fashion forward, but comfortable outfit to travel in. 

I decided my new H&M beige trench coat (£24.99) was a must, accompanied with my Abercrombie and Fitch ankle gazer skinny jeans, Vera Moda pashmina, Oscar De La Renta sunglasses (TK Maxx £12.99), ALDO over the knee leather boots and Michael Kors handbag.  
But my absolute favourite outfit accessory is to have amazing nails, and for my trip to Paris chose my £1, YES £1 Pack of 24 Primark diagonal monochrome self adhesive nails. I know you're thinking 'you get what you pay for' but in this circumstance you're wrong. From someone who used to pay silly amounts weekly getting her nails done, I can't pleasantly surprise you that these actually last longer than the £22 gels I used to get applied on a 7-14 day basis. 

The best is the huge range of different designs and styles Primark have to offer with their £1 nails sets, from French manicures, to cute kittens, those must have spring stripes and even amazing pop art design and easy to apply in seconds. 

Every girl wants those gorgeous spring/summer nails to add that added extra to your outfit, and sourcing them on the high street on a budget from the likes of Primark and Poundland is an absolute no brainer. 

So I hope I've not just ruined the trade of your local nail and beauty bars but just helped our beauty budget out slightly on sourcing simple to apply, quick and pretty nails. 

(The only recommendation I have is, buy your own brush on nails glue from Boots or Superdrug for around £2-£3 that's lasts months, only the glue supplied with the nails is lethal, and can ruin clothes instantly if spilt, and isn't very accurate to apply.) 


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