For years I've always been one of those people who didn't understand investing in a razor, and continuously used the cheap of the cheap when it came to razors and shaving.

However, recently I've completely changed my ways and I take it all back.
Non-disposable razors not only do a better job when shaving but I found that they prevent the hair growing back as quickly and I'm left with silky smooth legs for longer!

Feeling silky smooth! - #Lelfie
This month I was sent the New Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini to review along with the Hawaiian Tropic Protection Oil with SPF 30 that protects your skin in the summer sun, as well as hydrating and treating your skin to prevent peeling and prolongs that summer glow.

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini - £7.49 from Boots | Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil SPF 30 - £9.00 from Boots
 The Hydro Silk Bikini Razor is the savour to all your bikini line worries with its double ended bikini line tamer gadget and high performance razor.

I've always panicked about my bikini line when it come to swimwear season as you can never quite get to those tricky areas and it's always a huge worry of mine.
With the Hydro Silk Bikini Razor, after you've used the water activated moisturising serum in the 5 blade razor end, you can get to those nightmare areas with the waterproof trimmer that can be used in or out of the shower.

I'm blown away by this awesome creation, as it's something that really has been missing from my beauty routine, and solves a problem of something I've always worried about when it comes to feeling confident in swimwear. But this amazing razor really has given me much more confidence. Not only is it easy to use but it's the perfect travel companion, and ideal 2-in-1 beauty gadget.

Not only is the razor end amazing and the bikini trimmer end a game changer, but the price of this product is totally affordable for such a handy item. I feel like I need to buy a few incase I misplace them! Another handy feature is that it's battery powered, and isn't one of those products that need to be kept on charge all the time - you can just pop a new battery in when needed.

I've posted my summer #Lelfie on my Instagram to show how much I'm loving using the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini this summer and how much more confident it makes me feel.

Let me know in the comments if you suffer with lack of bikini confidence when it comes to shaving too and what you think of this new shaving invention from Wilkinson Sword.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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As many of you will know if you're a regular reader of my Blog or you may watch my Weekly Vlogs on my YouTube Channel, you'll know I have a 10 Month Old Pug Puppy called Arla.
I've always loved dogs and have always dreamt of owning my own little fawn puglet since I was 11.
10 years later, I was lucky enough to meet Arla and take her home.

Since owning a dog I've not only become a crazy dog lady but I've realised some important areas and issues with owning, walking and training a dog that I think should be spoken about more openly, and some awareness definitely needs to be raised regarding certain issues in particular.

Photo of my Pug puppy, Arla taken by Bartley Studios at DogFest 2016
As I'm writing this, I've just watched Loose Women, where TOWIE's Bobby Norris is talking about his dramatic experience where his gorgeous little dog, Beau was killed by another dog.
This is an awful experience for anyone to experience and even more terrible to see happen to your own dog, however it might not have happened as you'd expect...

Bobby described that it was a normal day, on Beau's favourite walk where Bobby walked him regularly.
This is where Beau was attacked and sadly his injuries were too critical to treat.
Beau was killed by a larger dog on a lead which was extended very far, and round a corner from its owner. Bobby described that the larger dog thought Beau was possibly a Toy or smaller animal like a rabbit, by the way the dog shook Beau in his mouth.
As shocking as this awful experience was for Bobby as he's now lost his 'little man' forever, apparently these occurrences are not that rare and sadly happen more than often.
But dog attacks don't just happen to other dogs, or by big or small dogs especially - or by a particular breeds.. Dog attacks also happen to adults and children too.

Since owning Arla I've come across all kinds of different behaviours from my dog, other dogs and people when I'm walking Arla on a street, in a town, a field etc and you should always be aware, even on you (or your dogs) favourite walk.

On one occasion outside my house where I walk Arla more than once a day, we came across a gorgeous Springer Spaniel being walked by his owners who were further around the street corner than the dog was as it was on an extendable lead.
The dog was quite slow, looked quite old and calm. However when it saw Arla it completely changed, and this was before its owners had got round the corner and finished their conversation before they realised their dog was going for Arla whilst making an awful aggressive noise at her.
Alra is very, very small and may have caught the dog by surprise or made him jump - or maybe it wasn't fond of little dogs. We luckily had Arla on a 1m Leather Lead so we were able to pull her out the way quick enough, and scooped her up out of the dogs way and remove her from a scary situation.
The dog did not look like it had an aggressive bone in it's body, but how do we know that for sure?

My overall point is, why do we risk it?

I thinks, there is a way we can raise awareness and prevent the situation from happening, or at least try to!

After owning Arla for over 7 months we had had so many adults, dog owners and children ask me if Arla is 'friendly' and if they can approach or stroke her.
But what if they don't ask? What if they don't have the chance to ask? Or what if they dog gets there before the owners and it's nearly too late?

My answer?
Buy a Dog Awareness Warning collar, harness or lead.
Don't be sorry!

Earlier this year I visited DogFest and took Arla with me!
I was so pleased to see the amount of dogs wearing these simple but oh-so important doggy inventions and I loved it.
Also Arla isn't anxious or aggressive - actually she's possibly too friendly! - I bought Arla a 'Friendly' Harness so that other dog owners, passers by and children - who might want to approach her for a fuss, know that they can! As well as dog owners knowing that they can bring their dog up to say 'Hi' and meet her too!

Both I and members of the public feel more comfortable now Arla wears her 'Friendly' harness.
You can get so many different types of these awareness accessories for your dog with collars, leads and harnesses saying; 'Do Not Feed', 'Stubborn', 'Nervous', 'In Training' 'No Dogs!' etc...
There is one for every dog and I think they are a must. Especially if your dog is anxious, on the side of caution or maybe your pooch just prefers people to other dogs! Which is absolutely fine, but I do think it's important to share that with other dog owners and members of the public before bringing your dog out in public, to avoid any devastating accidents that maybe beyond your control.

Buy one?
If you're looking to buy one of these for your dog or a friends dog, you can get them from most pets shops or even easier - buy one online!
You can find them by searching on Google for 'Dog Warning Collar/Lead/Harness' or 'Dog Awareness Collar/Lead/Harness' and they're usually around the £10 price bracket.

Hearing Bobby's story really shocked me and I was devastated for him.
I'd love to see more and more dogs with these collars, leads or harness on as it makes being a dog owner and dog lover safer, easier and more enjoyable!

Let me know if you've had any experience with dogs or with your dog that you think might have been helped by one of these amazing creations.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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On a trip to Tesco last month I got completely side tracked browsing the beauty isle and stumbled across the BD Trade Secrets Beauty section that I'd never seen or heard of before.
After inspection I realised it was Tesco Beauty Brand and I was instantly intrigued.

I'm a huge fan of own brand beauty and own brand products that I thought I should definitely purchase some and test them out. But more because I'd never heard of the brand before - which is very rare in the blogging community - so, I wanted to find out why!

The first product I popped straight into my basket was this handy little lip balm bullet.
I love having a lip balm close by and in a bullet form it's the perfect handbag companion.
Called 'Crystal Lip Balm' this product by BD is clear and nourishing on the lips, I've become addicted to using it.

I've been after a high coverage concealer for a while to use under my eyes, so I picked up this sweet little pan concealer in shade 'Camo 1', and it's great!
The product is perfect for covering any areas of redness or any insecurities as it's extremely high coverage. It's quite thick in constancy but it's really pigmented and blendable.

I picked up two foundations; a tinted moisturiser and a foundation.
I wanted to try a tinted moisturiser as a light coverage, every day foundation. But I also wanted to give the standard foundation a try as there was so many different shades that if it is a good product, it could be a fab option for those with quite pale or quite dark skin.

Firstly, I've been wearing the tinted moisturiser in shade 'Cream 2' SPF 25 every single day since I bought it, and it's completely replaced my Revlon Colorstay Foundation and I'm now tinted moisturiser obsessed.
The coverage is very sheer and light, however it gives the skin a lovely glow and is absolutely ideal for summer.

The standard foundation from BD which I got in shade 'Biscuit 5' SPF 25 is fabulous too and is very similar to the tinted moisturiser but with more coverage. However, I've completely chosen the tinted moisturiser over the foundation - I'm obsessed.

Overall, I'm so, so impressed with BD Trade Secrets as a brand and I cannot believe I've never heard anything about the product before.
The quality feels so high end, the packaging is attractive and travel friendly, and the price point (I'm pretty sure all the products in the range are under £10 or nearly so) are amazing and you can't fault them at all.
The only problem I have with the brand is getting hold of it.
It seems to be quite difficult to get hold of as it's not really available as a collection online at Tesco which is why I've been unable to link any of the items at all, and I've only ever seen it in one Tesco store..

However, I'll definitely be picking up some more products to try from the brand, and I have high hopes for the rest of the collection.

Let me know if you've tried the BD Brand and what you thought of the products in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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I'm a skincare addict.
I have far too much but also, I can never have enough!
I've tried lots of brands, and lots of different products but one of my all time favourite products to use in my skincare routine in a cleansing balm.

I've always used the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm but recently switched to using Pixi's Nourishing Cleansing Balm, and here is what I thought!

Pixi Beauty's Nourishing Cleansing Balm with Sweet Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter | Buy here:
The Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm with Sweet Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter isn't the same consistency as the Emma Hardie alternative, however they do exactly the same job.

As you can see from the image bellow the texture of the Pixi Balm is creamy. However, once worked it turns into a colourless oil which means a little goes a very long way.

With dry skin, this product nourishes as well as cleanses my skin and works well with my skin type and does a two-in-one job.

Price wise, it's a huge tub - and I mean HUGE - for only £18.00.
Which is a great price compared to Emma Hardie's Cleansing Balm which is £38.00.
If you're not as into skincare as me, you may think this is a steep amount, however this product is the type of think you should invest in as your main cleansing product in your skincare routine, for use after your Micellar Water and before your Toner.

With this balms use of oil it lasts forever, and I doubt you'll have to buy more than 3 a year (if that!).
If you have dry skin and/or struggling with breakouts I'd highly recommend trying out a cleansing balm for cleansing your skin and removing your makeup.
It's a soft and gentle but deeper cleanse and leaves your skin feeling healthy and hydrated after just one use.

This amazing cleansing balm by Pixi has become my favourite skincare product this year, and it should definitely be raved about more.

Let me know if you give it a try and how you get on with it, as I'd love to know if people agree with my review or not.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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As a child my brother and I were Pokémon obsessed. We had every game and played it constantly!
So when I heard of the release of Pokémon Go, I had to have it before it was released in the UK and I've spent the last 2 weeks playing it daily.

There are a few tips and tricks to Pokémon Go that most people aren't yet aware of, and some ways to 'Level Up' quicker, find nearby Pokémon and most importantly; choose Pikachu as your starter Pokémon.

TIP 1:
Which starter Pokémon should you choose?
If you don't already have a favourite to pick instantly, the game gives you a tough decision before you've even started - 'Which starter Pokémon do I pick?'.
Well, it has been said that you should choose a Squirtle or a Bulbasaur based on the fact there are more of them in the wild that you can find, which enables you to meet more, get more Pokémon Candy and level them up. Aparently, Charmander's aren't as common in the wild which doesn't give you as much option to level up your starter Pokémon because they are more rare.

TIP 2:
Start with Pikachu!
Possibly everyones favourite Pokémon or the one you dream of starting with, there is a way to avoid choosing Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander and be the first of your friends to start with a Pikachu.
When the 3 starter Pokémon appear in front of you and you're asked to pick between them, simply walk away from them, and keep walking! The 3 Pokémon will jump to catch up with you 3 or 4 times before magically a Pikachu will join them, giving you the option to choose a Pikachu as your starter Pokémon.
How cool is that?

TIP 3:
How to find actually find those Nearby Pokémon
It's torture staring at those nearby Pokémon and having no idea where they are.
However, there is a way to find them that you've probably not even noticed yet.
If you click on one of the nearby Pokémon in the window on the bottom right and move your phone around in different directions, the window with put out a expanding rectangle once you're facing in the direction of where that Pokémon is! So by walking in that direction, you should stumble across that Pokémon you're after.

TIP 4:
What are Incense & Lurre's?
Ever see confetti coming from a PokéStop and then it disappears? Or maybe you're wondering what the hell those 'Incense' items are? Well, they're the little helpers in the game than make Pokémon come to you.
Incense's are uses for you only which you can get from levelling up or buy from the shop that are used for 30 minutes to guide Pokémon to your location that only you can see.
Where as, Lurre's are linked to a PokéStop for 30 minutes by the person who owns the Lurre that means anyone in that location can benefit from luring Pokémon to that specific location for 30 minutes only.
On my experience, I find Lurre's more successful in guiding more unique Pokémon to that location that Incense do.

TIP 5:
Keep the Pokémon Go App Open
Many people have been getting irritated by walking miles and there Eggs (which you can occasionally get my stopping by a PokéStop, pop in one of your incubators and walk to hatch it) aren't getting any closer to hatching.
The trick is, you have to keep the App open so that the GPS can monitor your movements in game play to insure the distance is measured and added towards your egg hatching!
This can be very draining on your battery and might be an extra tip with invest in a portable charger if you're keen on taking Pokémon totally seriously.
Anyway, walking the distance ensures you'll come across more rare Pokémon if you keep strolling and visiting new locations.

TIP 6:
Catching Pokémon & Levelling Up
When you click on a Pokémon to attempt to catch the ring around them gives you an insight into if you're likely to catch it or not based on the colour; Green = More Likely, Red = Less Likely.
So you then know if it's going cost your more Pokéballs or not.
Also, The circle that gets small and larger when you're trying to catch a Pokémon relates to how much XP you receive when you catch them.
The smaller the circle when you catch a Pokémon with a Pokéball the more XP you receive when you successfully catch it.
Another way to gain more XP when catching Pokémon is to use a Curveball.
You can use a Curveball by holding down the Pokéball, it does mean Pokémon are more difficult to catch however if you've got a lot of Pokéball it's worth doing so you can gain more XP towards levelling up.
If you're worried about looking a little crazy waving your phone around in public trying to catch Pokémon with AR turned on, if you want to catch Pokémon a little easier just turn AR off on the right hand side and the Pokémon you're attempting to catch will stay directing in the centre of the screen.
It makes then easier to catch, and you don't look a little strange to passers by when you're poking your phone at their face trying to catch a Jigglypuff.

TIP 7:
What are Lucky Eggs?
You can get Lucky Eggs from PokéStops or by buying them from the Shop.
Using a Lucky Egg gives you 30 minutes of increased XP.
So it's the time to put out your Incense or visit a Lurre, start catching Pokémon and gain lots more XP towards levelling up.
It's a great time to also use the tips and tricks in 'TIP 6' as well, which will give you ways of getting more XP than usual and will get you levelling up quickly.

TIP 8:
Evolving & Powering Up
The best way to get Stardust and Pokémon Candy towards Powering Up and Evolving your Pokémon is by catching as many as possible. Even if you're fed up of constantly catching Pidgey's and Rattata's it's worth using your Pokéballs (then visiting PokéStops more often to top them up) and catching them because not only does it gain you XP but, gets you Stardust toward Powering up your Pokémon.
It also increases their Combat Power and therefore gets you closer to beating gym trainers.
You need Stardust to Power Up your Pokémon, but you also need Pokémon Candy too.
You can only get these by catching or transferring Pokémon.
My best tip is to catch as many Pokémon as possible even if you already have them.
It goes towards your XP, gets you levelling higher and most importantly for Evolving your Pokémon.
You need large amounts of Pokémon Candy to Evolve your Pokémon, so if you see it, catch it!
Once you've caught it, if you already have it make sure you keep the highest CP Pokémon of that kind, and you can transfer the lower CP Pokémon that you already have to the Professor by clicking on the Pokémon, swiping to the bottom of their profile and transferring them. Doing this also gives you specific Pokémon Candy which you can use towards Evolving them.

So, they are my Top Tips for the new world sensation that is Pokémon Go, and if you're wondering - Yes! It really is worth the hype!
You can Download Pokémon Go App here and try it out for yourself.
Let me know how you get on in the comments with my tips, and if you have any others that I've not listen that might help my game playing.
Have fun!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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I used to absolutely hate chokers and I didn't get the hype at all.
Well, I take it all back because now I'm obsessed!
They're the perfect addition to any outfit and I love the variety of style available at the moment.
Choker have become a big trend again in recent months so I thought I'd share with you My Choker Collection so you can snap up some choker jewellery bargains too!

This is possible my favourite of all my chokers because of it's unique floral lace detailing, it looks amazing with any outfit and gives it that extra edge.
New Look chokers are affordable, comfortable to wear and such a good price for the quality.

(However, you're better looking in New Look stores because they rarely have all their designs on the websites, and stores are much better stocked with choker styles)

From top to bottom:
This is the choker I wear the most as it's super comfortable and super 90's!
It's sort of stretchy and looks awesome with a high neck black bodysuit and ripped jeans.

The simplicity of this choker caught my eye as it's a little more subtle than the rest in my collection.
It's perfect for those hotter days and is a great understated option.

The newest to my collection, I fell in love with this ring choker when I saw Charlotte Crosby wearing one similar. I plan to wear it with a black dress in the evening with other silver jewellery.

The most budget friendly of my chokers - not that any are expensive.
But if you're new to chokers and just want to try one out then I highly recommend this cute ribbon style from New Look at only £1.99.

This was the first choker I ever purchased and I absolutely love it!
The leather look style is great for an evening look paired with a leather handbag and boots.
It's a great first choker too as it's not too tight or too thick.

I think this is my favourite choker design in my collection.
I love the 90's tattoo choker style, but in ribbon.
I can see my getting a lot of wear out of this one this summer.

So, that's My Choker Collection!
As you can see, I'm a fan of New Look styles.
If you have any places you recommend to buy chokers, then please let me know in the comments! Because I know I'll just keep adding to my collection.. Oops.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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