Yet another month of 2015 has flown by already and I can't quite believe how quickly it's already disappearing... 

But as another month has gone by, it's time for me to share my Monthly Favourites with you from February and to show you all my March Must Haves.

So this February I've discovered so many new favourites that're taking pride place in my home across all kinds of areas from Beauty; Skincare & Makeup, Fashion & Accessories.

So here goes! 

A lot of you may already know how much I'm loving the recent YouTube'r Book Releases this year.
Love Tanya by Tanya Burr was absolutely amazing and incredibly inspired which featured in my January Favourites last month.

This Feb, I've read a new YouTube'r book from the amazing Fleur from Fleur de Force.
You kind of start to think all YouTube'r books are going to be the same, but don't think such things.
These two books are the best, most informative, inspirational books I've ever read, ever and I'll read them over and over.

The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force is really great, it features all sorts of topics from Beauty, Fashion, Skincare, Relationships and through to Blogging and YouTube. However, you don't need to be a Blogger or YouTube'r, complete Beauty Fanatic or Fashion Freak to enjoy The Glam Guide, it's a coffee table/bookshelf book for life, just like Love Tanya. 

The Glam Guide is a book you can keep forever, because you'll need to! You'll need to flick through it on a night out for beauty tips and hair ideas. When you're buying new skincare and need to figure out what you need for you skin, or for really great relationship advice... Basically, you can't live without this book, or Love Tanya!

I've had a few hand creams over the years but never stuck to them, I've never ad dry hands however I have had flakey and dry cuticles. Which is mainly to do with the fact I unfortunately bite my finger nails and I've always had weak cuticles. 

After years of trying I still can't beat my ridiculous nail biting habit and have resulted to wearing false nails, which I adore (if you're an Instagram or Twitter follower, you'll already know this!).

Although, over time my cuticles have started to get weaker and I've not been able to wear false nails because of this, however TK Maxx have a great but fast selling selection of Emma Hardie products and I picked up their Hand & Nail Treatment Cream. 

At first I didn't really acknowledge the 'Treatment' part but it really does do what it says on the tin! (Or box/bottle to be correct!)

I had a really bad cuticle problem on my right thumb and it just wasn't budging, whatever I tried.
But will a tiny amount of this Emma Hardie Hand Cream overnight, it disappeared! 

This is the best Hand Treatment/Cream I've ever used and only £12.99 from TK Maxx really has solved all my hand problems. 

I've always been aware of the Eight Hour Cream craze, but never been able to find it for a bargain price and was put off buying the whole huge tube incase it didn't have the desired effect.

TK Maxx have some really great Elizabeth Arden Sets in store and online at the moment and I managed to bag this Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miniature Set with all your 'Eight Hour' essentials from TK Maxx in store for £12.00.

I'm prone to dry lip as I love wearing Matte Lipsticks which are quite drying, however fear not! 
Apply your Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant before applying you lipstick or just applying daily to complete your makeup look as you would any ordinary lip balm and your lips really do become the best they've been. 

Basically, it's well worth the craze.

I still consider myself new to the beauty and skincare game, still learning about what I need for my skin; to prevent ageing, to minimise redness and scaring, to get rid of blemishes, dryness etc...

When new to skincare and beauty it all seems likes a massive 'what, who, where?', like walking into Selfridges, Oxford St on a Saturday Afternoon and not knowing what you've let yourself in for, It can be really overpowering.

Last summer I broke out in loads of blemishes and with no warning or reason. I finally decided that having no skincare routine approaching 20 that I should head out to the drug stores and invest in some skincare and give my skin what I think it's craving.

I'd never really heard of Superdrug's B. Brand, but it is amazing.
I featured my B. Ready Day Cream in last months favourites and this month, I'm favouriting my B. Energised Eye Cream.

It really gives my eyes and that delicate area that boost and freshness and really illuminates tired bags and sleepiness.

The B. Skincare Collection for Phase 1 Early 20's Skin is really good and makes it really easy to shop for your skin.

I've had a strict skincare routine for nearly a year now and have thankfully managed to get a skin complexion I'm relatively happy with.

Earlier this month I was introduced to Flint plus Flint Skincare. A newish Unisex skincare brand with a range of products for your skin and a great price range. 

I was given the Serum, Moisturiser and SPF 30 Primer, and I am hooked. 

At first glance the products look on the expensive side, and £32 for a moisturiser ad £48 for a Serum is entering the designer area. However, until you've used these products you'll understand totally why. 

I have a really itchy, painful, drying skin condition which makes using some products on my skin difficult. Usually when things are labelled 'for all skin types' they always tend to still be to strong for my sensitive skin, however these Flint plus Flint products are the exception. 

I've not been able to use anything but my strong prescription cream on my eyelids and chest since developing my skin condition around 18 months ago but these products allow me and my skin to feel normal and I can use them on my effected areas where they sooth and moisturise my eyelids, forehead and chest where other 'all skin types' and even some 'sensitive skin' products would make it flare up.

Flint plus Flint's products are really, really great and worth every penny. I use my Serum first, then my Moisturiser followed by my Primer before I apply my makeup, and they really, really do work in perfect harmony, I'm forever getting compliments on my skin.

The great thing about these products from a bargain hunter's point of view is they are on the more expensive side of skincare however, as a self confessed bargain hunter myself they're worth every penny. Because the product is so amazing, you don't need much of it at all! 

I've never, ever used a skincare like it, and I've never used skincare better than this trio. I love using it with my Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleaner and my B. Energised Eye Cream.

Flint plus Flint products are worth every, single penny.

I was approached with a press release for this Oxygenetix Foundation and I'd never heard of it.. But it was named 'A Breathable Foundation for Healthier Skin with Complete Coverage', from then I was addicted and was very curious to give it a go!

Yes, it's on the expensive side for what first seems a small tube of foundation, however It's like nothing I've used before.

I usually wear high coverage foundations, but have recently been seeking a more natural finish to my foundation and with this 'breathable foundation' you really get that natural desired look but without your skin feeling exposed or tired. It really does have really good coverage and is really complimentary to your skin.

I'm constantly getting comment whilst wearing it, but my skin also feels amazing wearing it!
My skin doesn't feel 'caked' in makeup or heavy or 'too natural' it's amazing and I'm completely obsessed with it!

It's that foundation you can go to for any occasion and rely on to give your face a healthy, natural glow.
The foundation is so light with works so well with a brush and you really don't need a lot to get the complete coverage look. It's really bendable and buildable and it's just that perfect makeup bag companion.

I would definitely 100% repurchase.

Since my love for makeup blossomed last year I've been obsessed with learning how to contour, but struggling to find the right products that have my desired effect.

I have quite an oval, round shaped face but with high cheek bones, and I've been loving contouring to create more of a slimmer, heart shaped face.

I've tried powdered bronzing/highlighting powdered which I found didn't work for me, I've tried dark concealers and many more but nothing really had the effect for me. Until I found MUA's Bronzed Shimmer.

Its like a huge lipstick with the most gorgeous contouring bronzed colour with a subtle shimmer/shine that's so easy to apply just drawn on like a pen under your cheek bones and blended with a brush, creates the perfect contoured look!

What I love about this product is it's so easy and simple you don't have to be a contour queen to use it, it's fool proof and you can blend it and build it so easily... and it's a bargain! 

I'm usually only one for higher end lipsticks as I usually find drugstore lipsticks just not worth the hassle...

However I did pick up this Limited Edition Rimmel London Kate Moss Red Nose Red Lipstick souly because it's for Comic Relief as I like to do my bit! I have quite a few MAC Red Lipsticks already, and I wasn't reallyplanning on using it, but I love it

Its a great darkish red colour similar to MAC's Russian Red in colouring (but not Matte). 

It's got great staying power and I usually only wear Matte lipsticks but this is a fab alternative and it's so affordable, and raises money and awareness for the upcoming Red Nose Day for £5.49, and £1.67 of each goes to Comic Relief!

So pop out now to your local drugstore, do your bit, share the love and buy something for you and with the money purchased, will help someone else! 

This New Year I decided to treat myself to some new makeup brushes to complete my collection, and couldn't resist Real Techniques.

I've had their Expert Face Brush for a while now and I love it! But want some other RT brushes in my collection as I just love them!

So, I went for Sam's Picks as I found they had the best selection for what I was after, and I managed to find them on eBay Brand New for a bargain on £16.99.

Real Techniques brushes are 100% worth the hype and I'm so please with the high definition makeup artist worthy looks you can create with them from your own home, so worth the investment.

I also treated my brushes this month to a cute new brush pot from Tiger, I love it!

As you'll all know by now, I'm obsessed with eyebrows

I've tried so many eyebrow palettes over the year but have really taken to this affordable and amazing palette from Collection.

It's great because you don't only get a light, medium and dark shade, you also get a brush (which isn't that great, I'd invest in an angled eyeliner brush instead) and a eyebrow gel too.

The palette's colours just seem to be perfect for my dark brows, I've been wanted a more subtle brow look this year and this product is perfect for whatever brow look you want to create. I love using the medium middle shade on the start of my brows and moving out to the darkest shade for the end of my brow routine.

I've been so excited to try Stargazer's product since I've heard them raved about on Pixiwoo and was lucky enough to be sent an adorable package from Stargazer themselves with some amazing goodies to try out.

My favourite product I was sent was by far their Lip Stain Pens.
I've heard about lip stains but didn't really feel the urge to go out and buy one, however I'm now hooked.
My favourite Stargazer Lip Stain is in Shade 11 and it's the most amazing berry shade and they really, really do not budge. 

Smudge proof, food proof, drink proof and (most importantly) kiss proof!
There's nothing worse than wearing your favourite lipstick or lipgloss and not being able to kiss your partner because they don't fancy sharing your lipstick. But with Stargazer's Lipstain's they have amazing staying power. 

I applied my Lip Stain in 11 around Mid Day at work, spend the whole day working, drinking and talking until 6pm when I ate my dinner and the Lipstain was still good as new, but with my Micellar Water and a cotton pad, came straight off. 

I'm Stargazer Lip Stain hooked.

I've recently become obsessed with highlighting along with my obsession for easy ways to contour recently and really wanted to join the MAC Hush hype but couldn't justify the price.

So let loose in Boots I picked up Seventeen's Liquid Highlighter, and it's the bomb!

Popping a pump on the back on my hand I then dab 3 dots down my cheekbones, nose and a tiny bit on my top lip blending with a Real Techniques Setting Brush to create the perfect highlighted look for a fraction of the MAC Hush price. 

Primark Heeled Buckle Boots

I love Primark, especially their shoes!

I love the variety, quality and most important the amazingly affordable price.

I picked up these to-die-for booties from Primark as I've been seeking the perfect dress up/dress down pair of heeled booties to wear this spring and I fell in love with these!

They have a wiped front, zipped side and cute strap and buckle feature and they're so nice to wear casually or dressed up for a night out, they're my March Must have Boot

You might of seen my post from last month about my New Venture Silhouette where I create Personalised Sign Giftware, an have recently launched a Bag Collection.

With designs from handbags to holdalls, suit carriers and luggage theirs a bag for everyone.

I've been using my Fiona Bag as my every day bag recently and although she looked small, I probably should've called her Mary, and just like a Mary Poppin's bag she seem to never ends inside. 

My main aim for my Bag Collection was to make them Fashionable but Affordable, with the cool, refreshing Nubuck Style Finish and Prices starting from £14.99 to £35.00 for an extra large luggage bag I think I've definitely achieved it.

Puppies like our Silhouette Bags too!

I was spoilt rotten this February by my amazing boyfriend who surprised me with this amazingly breathtaking Promise Ring from Swarovski, and I just can't get enough.

We celebrating a really special occasion last month and he really marked the occasion with this stunning ring, with a promise I'll treasure forever.

I love it so much I wear it as much as I can, wishing I had an office job so I could wear it to work too.
I treated myself to the matching stacker ring to wear with my Promise ring and together they look so beautiful!

It's definitely my favourite gift ever and my Top Feb Favourite.

I'd never really thought about buying jewellery from Swarovski before but you really should check out their jewels as they are to-die-for. 


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