Something I love about Christmas with the family is the part after dinner when you're super full of yummy food with the biggest food baby, sat around the living room playing game with the family.

I love talking to friends and finding out what games they play on Christmas Day and which is their family favourite. So I thought I'd share with you some games you might not have heard of as suggestions to play on Christmas Day this year!

What's your favourite game at Christmas?
I first heard about Accentuate on Dragon's Den which sounded super funny as I love trying (and failing) to do accents. In the game, you read from the cards and attempt the accent, and if your team guesses the accent you're doing correctly then your team is awarded the amount of points shown on the card.

Everyone knows how to play Monopoly!
The classic Christmas game and the cause of many family disputes, but it's not really Christmas without a game of Monopoly now is it?
And rumour has it is that Monopoly have launched a helpline for you to call to get the right rules to solve the family arguments... How awesome is that?

The rudest and most offensive game ever. So if you're offended easily, do not play this game - you'll hate it. However, I bloody love it! We always crack this one out at Christmas time for drunken rudeness!

One of my favourite games of all time!
You're given a card of categories and a dice with letters on. So you roll the dice and find the letter that all your answers to the category card must start with and pick them most unique answers to get the most points.

The best iPhone App game in the world, I bloody love it.
Created by Ellen DeGeneres it's essentially Charades but with different categories to choose from. You hold your phone to your head and you have to guess what the other player is acting out from the word/phrase displays on your phone before you run out of time. If you guess correctly you nod the phone done and if you want to pass you flip your head backwards.
I've never laughed so much at a game.

You can't go wrong with cards. An inexpensive game with so many versions. Some of my favourites are Shit Head, Rummy, Chase the Ace, Bullshit and Poker.

One of my favourite games from my childhood that I used to play over and over with my cousins and see how many children I can fill my little blue car with. Such a fun game with real life situations and career paths to take with a spinning wheel instead of a dice, I love it.
They also have an iPhone App too which I play all the time because it's just too good!

The longest game we've had in our family home and one we always return to at Christmas.
A classic game of puzzle where you have to guess the inclosed formation of colours and correctly guess it before you get to the end, or you lose!

A game I bought last year which is a lot more difficult than I thought!
A sister to the Logo Game, you simply (more difficult that it sounds!) race around the board answering questions about British culture and the one who gets to the end first... Wins!

My Nana's favourite game ever and one we always used to play with her, so I imagine this Christmas as the first one without her that we'll play it too.
 You have 7 randomly selected letter tiles and have to create words with them throughout the game to get the most points to win.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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'Tis the season of the festive sets, the limited edition releases and oh, hell loads of glitter!
I love receiving beauty related gifts at Christmas as much as I love scrolling the reviews and Christmas product releases in September time with the festive tones rolling in and limited edition sets and collection we all swoon over.

Photo Source: LionessMagazine
As a beauty lover myself I thought I'd write a little beauty related gift guide of the exciting gifts I think would make a beauty addicts Christmas this year.

Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette - £38.50
The dream everyday makeup palette with the perfect shades for all your favourite looks.
A huge mirror, brush and stunning packaging makes this the most amazing xmas gift.

A personal gift if always a good one, and Avon are offering these gorgeous nail varnishes in the shades of the 12 birthstones. They make amazing stocking fillers and are on sale too!

I don't think I've ever seen a hair styling set so beautiful. Wow, well done GHD who knew that copper would make GHD's look even better? I'm in awe.
Just imagine opening these on Christmas morning...

The Library of Fragrance are great gifts! On offer at Boots for 2 for £25 you can create you own scent with these single note fragrances and layer them to make you own unique scent.

Every girl loves a bit of makeup and you can never go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury. An amazing makeup artist who has an amazing collection of makeup at such quality.
This adorable set with some key pieces from her collection is a really lovely gift for any beauty addict.

I wear this matte lip all the time. It's my favourite matte liquid lip formula of all on the market. Affordable and small this makes the perfect stocking filler!

FACE Book by Pixiwoo - £9.99
The YouTube beauty experts Pixiwoo have finally released a book, and isn't it beautiful. Anyone with an interest in makeup or beauty would love to own this stunning book of Sam and Nic's makeup journey.

New to Boots, Makeup Obsession is a brand which give you complete customisation at great affordable prices. Normally, creating your dream palette can get extremely pricey, however Makeup Obsession puts MAC and the Z Palettes to shame with seriously affordable drugstore prices and so many single pans to choose from!

Magnitone Vibra-Sonic Cleansing Brush - £60.00
Before I owned a Magnitone Cleansing Brush I thought it was possibly just s gimmick/phase however they really do work. The Magnitone is a fab because you can use it daily, unlike other on the market which are more for weekly use. The Magnitone is the ideal gift for any skincare fanatic and I love using mine with a cleansing balm.

The brand of the moment and liquid lip goddess, Kylie Jenner has released a Limited Edition Holiday Box with so many of her products inside, include the Kyshadow.
So if you've got a bigger budget this Christmas for your beauty obsessed loved one, then this is the gift to get!

Maybe you can't just stretch to the $290 Kylie Cosmetics Box and you're looking for something more of a stocking filler size. Them this Georgio Armani Liquid Lipstick is luxury and gorgeous!

This box of heaven from Urban Decay would be a dream to open on Christmas day right?
5 stunning shades of VICE by Urban Decay. It's a box of perfection.

And that's my 2016 Beauty Lover Gift Guide!
What are you hoping to receive this Xmas in your stocking of beauty?
Let me know in the comments.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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I've been with my partner Tom for nearly 5 years now and for the past 3 years I've joined in on the Shelton family tradition that is, Tree Day.

Growing up, Christmas was the 25th December for me a totally amazing day with the family. However, getting to know Tom's family over the years, they all absolutely love Christmas (where as it's never been my parents favourite time of year) and start celebrations every year on Tree Day.

Tree Day usually happens on the first weekend of December and this year, happened to be on 4th December. Tree Day started with taking a trip to the only place everyone gets Xmas trees from in our area, Digby Farm.

Digby is a local Christmas tree farm that opens on 26th November where you can shop and select Christmas trees. There is something about walking around a farm of Christmas trees that I just love.

1. It smells amazing.
2. It's super festive.
3. It's a great day out!

Tom's parents kindly offered to buy our tree for us - how kind?
We decided to go for one of the ones grown at the farm, rather than the furs imported from Scotland.

Obviously, as it's our first tree in our first house we decided to go quite understated... LOL jk!
We got a huge 8ft Christmas tree! Because... Why the hell not! That's why!

Obviously I had to take this adorable photograph of Tom and his Dad.
Cute right? 

Yes. We did fit 2 in the car. Goals!

Once we left the farm, Tree Day follows with set up and tree decorating - obviously.
We started with Tom's parents tree and decorated their first, before going to our house and taking our first ever Christmas tree home!

After moving the house around a lot we managed to get the tree in situ before decorating. I'm quite taken with it, can it stay forever? *Christmas tree emoji*

After a couple of hours of decorating and the tree falling on me (Yes, you read that right)... It's finished! I absolutely love it.

With decorations from Gates Nursery, Homebase, Pound Stretcher, IKEA, Matalan and more, our first ever Christmas Tree is done, and it looks fabulous.

So that's it, our first tree.
I had such a lovely family day out and sharing it with Tom's parents every year is so special and really makes it a day to remember.

What does you tree look like?
Send me a photo on Twitter: @CharliePallett

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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I've been blogging for nearly 3 years - Shit. How did that happen?
Over the years I've fallen in love with the all of it, especially the people.
As a blogger sometimes I find it hard to find new content to read from different blogs and I rely a lot on recommendations, especially from Twitter. I love reading blog post of peoples favourite Bloggers so I thought the feeling could be mutual, so I thought I'd write my own!

So here, are my favourite Bloggers!

Who's your favourite Blogging guy or gal?
1. She's bloody lovely!
2. Her style is on point
I think I've been aware of Char for about 2 years now? I think that adds up.
Firstly from her Instagram - which is complete goals by the way.
She travels and dresses fierce but what I love most about Char is she is exactly as you expect her to be in person, a bloody lovely human being.
We went to an event last year together and it was super nice to need each other finally and it's so nice to see her doing so well. This is why I love social media, because you can keep in touch.
Her style is unique and we have very similar tastes, she puts clothes together and makes them work, even when they shouldn't.
Char also has a YouTube Channel of her travel and fashion tips and tricks, which you need to check out as well as her blog.

Helen is someone I've discovered this year on YouTube from a Twitter follower who introduced me to her vlogs, and I've been watching ever since.
I think YouTube is a great way to find people who have similarities to you even though you've never met them, and vlogs allow you to do that and really get to know people.
Helen's style is epic and I love her individuality. She daily vlogs with honesty and share her whole life on the internet which has to be admired.
There is no filter with Helen's channel and she says it as it is and I think that's why she's so likeable, she's a swear-aholic like me too. LOL

A dear Blogging friend of mine, introduced to me by my Blogger bestie Amanda Bootes. Later did we find out that we live minutes away from each other which doesn't happen when you live where I live. The closest Blogger I've met before lives 100 miles away.
Chloe is super dedicated and a very talented beauty Blogger. If you want any tips on beauty products she's the gal to go to. Her blog and Instagram is stunning with great content and impressive photography, she's definitely one to watch.

After falling in love with Hannah's blog and YouTube Channel this year I later realised we actually met at a Habitat Event in 2015 which I totally forgot about - #badblogger.
Hannah's a blogger that has gone from strength to strength and I absolutely love her content.
Her vlogs are so engaging to watch and she had an addictive positive personality. But not only that she has great style tips too and it's lovely to see a blogger who love high street brands for once.

I'm sure you've heard of Sophie, she's an absolute babe and I'll be shocked if you don't know who she is already. As in 2016 she's been all over the place succeeding through her new found success, and she's nailing it.
Her hair and makeup tips and videos are perfect even if you have 5 minutes and no experience because she makes it all super easy to do - even I can do it.
Her style is one of a kind as she really is a real life mermaid with hair to match.
Following her on Instagram for ages has introduced me to some amazing brands and makeup ideas I wouldn't have found anywhere else.
She really is one to watch, and I expect that 2017 really with be her year and we'll be seeing so much more of her.

I didn't know Brogan until I found her YouTube Channel through our mutual friend, Jess (CopperGarden). We met last year at the Beauty Blogger Awards where we were both finalists.
Brogan is the queen of weekly vlogging and is who inspired me to launch mine. She is super honest and shares it all on her weekly vlogs and I think that's what adds to her being so loveable.
She's a lovely person and has a lot of time for people and her viewers which comes across in her content. Recently winning the Cosmo Influencer Awards 2016 we'll be seeing so much more of her.
You should 100% Subscribe to her Channel.

Lily Melrose is one of my favourite YouTubers her Channel is amazing and I think I enjoy watching her Channel so much because we have so much in common especially with style.
She knows her stuff and I love how normal and real she is a person in her videos. She tries a lot of challenges and tutorials but not in a tacky or over the top way, which I think is refreshing to viewers like me in our twenties.

Jess is the Blogger most recent to my favourites list after we started following each other on Instagram after speaking to mutual friends in a group chat.
Her photography is on point and her blog is stunning.
Fashion, beauty and travel - basically everything I love. Jess' Blog is one with something for everyone and if you love her blog you'll be obsessed with her Instagram feed too.
She's definitely one to watch!

I actually discovered Nixalina after watching UK's Dating in the Dark a few months back and managed to find her blog after enjoying her on the show.
Now in my 20's I've realised my interests change since I started my blog and Nixalina's blog is definitely a step up from the ones I used to read, in my first year or two into blogging.
Love life, fashion, dating and sex it's definitely content of my age group and I find that refreshing.
Nixalina has won and been nominated for many awards and that truly shows in her work. She seems like a fun person who's very comfortable in herself, and the Blogging world needs more of that.

So, that's it!
They're a list of my current favourite Bloggers and YouTubers.
Please let me know who your current favourites are in the comments so I have some new blogs and channels to follow.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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