Wow, 2 years already.

Two of the best years.

It feels like yesterday I took the random plunge into blogging after being asked by my Instagram followers so they had a place to shop my style steals.

I knew nothing about Blogging, I followed one Blogger on Instagram; Zoe and had no idea what I was doing.

Writing only about fashion and personal style I took a swing at all and gave it a whirl.
Initially called 'pallettt.blogspot.com', I finally picked a name.
Styled by Charlie.

I couldn't believe how quickly I caught the Blogging bug and was 110% completely riddled with it.
Styled by Charlie became the location of all my style tips, bargains and favourite outfits.
But after about a year my blog became a home to all things lifestyle. I started posting about everything from my favourite candles and recipes to my favourite beauty products.
I fell completely in love with writing.

Although I'd posting all my own opinions on my blog I'd never really touched on a certain subject area that was very close to me - My mental health.
I then plucked up to courage in 2015 to write a tell-all blog post about my Bipolar Disorder to raise awareness and share my story to hopefully help others.

I could not believe the response.
Something I never, ever thought I'd mention to even one stranger was out in the open on the internet for anyone to read, and I was totally okay with that.
In fact, I was more than okay with it.
It was like a weight lifted - no more secrets.

I'm never been ashamed of my Bipolar Disorder as it's something I have to live with every single day but I always worried about an outsiders opinions of it.
'Crazy'. 'Depressed'. 'Psycho'.
I am none of those things.
I have Bipolar and that's totally okay!

But writing that particular blog post was a turning point for me and I am so, so proud of it.
Without the support of my readers and blogging friends I wouldn't be at the point in accepting my battle with mental health, because I wouldn't of had my blog to be able to write and share my journey.
So, thank you.

The past 2 years have been amazing.
I've done some pretty damn awesome things!
From attending my first blogging event with The Bloggers Hangout (formerly Bloggers Love), to meeting some of my idols such as Tanya Burr.
I have my own chapter in a Book.
ME! In a Book? Crazy.
Thanks to my blog I now write for Metro.co.uk writing my own blog posts.
I've worked with some of the most amazing brands in not just the UK but the world.
I'm forever grateful for the amazing opportunities Styled by Charlie has lead me to.

But the best thing Blogging has given me is some amazing life-long friendships; Amanda, Camilla and Jess - to name a few.
It lovely to meet people you instantly click with and have so much in common with you can talk for hours.

So, here's for turning 2, and here's to 2016.
It's been a brilliant start so far and I can't wait for the next 2, 4, 10 years of Styled by Charlie.
Let's see where it will take me.

Thanks for everything.
Love you all.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo



Tom and I have always been fond of a date and have been together for 4 years.
Having just bought our house and got Arla (our pug puppy) we've not been on a date in ages!

So we decided to spend Saturday 23rd April having the ultimate date day.

It was perfect.

My amazing Coral, Mint and Glitter Festival Style False Nails from Primark - £1

Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester.

Urban Outfitters. [Highcross, Leicester]

Levis Men's Jeans. [Highcross, Leicester]

Levis offer a customisation station where can you get alterations free of charge and add studs, 80's style badges and embroidery from £2.00!
Love this concept.
[Photo Taken: Highcross, Leicester]

Wagamama's with a large glass of Sauvignon.  [Highcross, Leicester]

My amazing Yasai Yaki Soba of wholewheat noodles, stir fried vegetables and my favourite extra helping of pickled ginger.

Tom had the Wagamama's signature Chicken Katsu Curry.

Vans or Converse?
Tom went for the New White Leather Converse from Office.
[Highcross, Leicester]

As well as the converse Tom picked up a Tshirt and pair of 510 Jeans from Levis.
[Highcross, Leicester]

Curve Theatre, Leicester

A second cheeky Sauvignon whilst waiting to take our seats for Legally Blonde.
[The Curve Theatre, Leicester]

'Bend.. and SNAP!'
[The Curve Theatre, Leicester]

Our amazing as-good-as-front-row seats!
[The Curve Theatre, Leicester]

We'd planned a day which started with heading to Leicester's in Tom's New Car; a BWM 220d.
It was so nice to spend the morning getting ready and being able to put a face of makeup on.
It felt like ages since I've got ready for a full date and evening out of the house.

Highcross is on of two shopping centres that are close to where we live however they're both over 25 miles away and an 45 Mins - 1 Hour car journey away.

It has every shop you could possibly want as well as 3 department stores; John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser.
However, the only shop I'd add is Jo Malone.

As I wasn't searching for anything particular to purchase we did a lot of shopping for Tom - much to his delight - in All Saints, Office and spent a lot of time in Levis.

It was time for a spot of lunch, and Wagamama is one of my favourite (if not absolute favourite) restaurant to eat out at.
I had no idea Wagamamas across the country had new year refits with a low lighting, edgy industrial update, but they look amazing!
Taking away the fast-food, get-in get-out vibe and gives more of am ambient restaurant feel.
I love it!

However in the recent update seemed that my favourite dish had been sacked from the menu.
However thankfully my second favourite, Yasai Yaki Soba still remained.

We then headed to the Curve Theatre as we had ticket to Legally Blonde the Musical.
Legally Blonde is definitely one of my favourite feel-good films and after finding out the musical was being shown at the Curve, I had to be there.

Our seats with incredible, 7 rows back from the stage.
Legally Blonde featured Tupele Dorgu from Coronation Street and Danny Mac from Hollyoaks.
It was so much fun, and a really amazing date day.

Feeling loved and lucky.
We really should do it more often.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo



There's one trend I'm looking forward to in SS16 and as a lover of Winter fashion over Summer fashion, this year there actually is a trend I'm mad above; Denim.

Not usually a fabric you associate with Spring/Summer this year there are so many summer friendly styles you're going to join me in being obsessed with.

As there is a collection of items I've added to my 'Save for Later' List at Asos.com I thought I'd share my favourite styling for the season ahead.

Whether it's a festival, holiday or a casual look to rely this heated season I'm going to show you my 3 favourite outfits I'd love to be wearing this season.

1. Triple Denim
I've always been a huge fan of double denim and love wearing matching and contrasting denim fabrics and shades.
This look is perfect for all occasions from First Dates to show your fashionable and fun side and those days to the beach or days out shopping with a comfortable shoe that will last the day.
Each piece is a great investment as each item can we worn in so many different ways dressed up or down for all occasions.
I'm obsessed with this outfit.

SHOP 'Triple Denim':
Outfit Total Price: £92.99

2. Hip Denim
This is a look that I think is fab for all kinds of body types due to it's sensible but sexy skirt length and flattering off-shoulder detailing, I really think this is a look for everyone.
Wear it with a sandal wedges for a smart/casual look or with a pair of converse high tops for the stylish but relaxed vibe.

SHOP 'Hip Denim':
Outfit Total Price: £120.00

3. Chic Denim
I'm all over this look, such sass.
The casual, dressed down detailing of the two piece combo with the frayed hem and casual tie.
Matched with the matching denim stilettos and patchwork clutch is such an on trend look you can wear with wellies or high tops to a festival this summer, or pop on your heels for a chic club feel.
Such great piece you can wear again, and again.
The crop top would look perfect with a pair of high waist jeans, trainers and a backpack.
Such versatile pieces, together as a complete style savvy finish.

SHOP 'Chic Denim':
Total Outfit Price: £122.48

I loved styling these looks around my favourite trend this season; Denim.
Let me know what you think of the looks in the comment, and what trend/look you're looking forward to rocking the Summer!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo



I've been on the search for a backpack for ages.
However I've been struggling to find the right one which isn't over the £100 mark, that has a versatile look and can still hold a fair amount of 'stuff'.

I'd search ASOS weekly however I'd either get one stamped with a brand name or one that was classed as 'mini' which just wouldn't fit the bill with my bag needs overflowing with dog leads and poo bags.

But out of the blue last weekend I found her, and she was only £10!

I was first drawn to this bag by the colour; a leather look tan, and intrigued by the pattern which on close inspection was embossed leather-ette.
Such a classic, high end, boho style with all round zip included with front pocket and internal compartments.

I knew instantly that this was the backpack I was searching for and was overwhelmed when I saw the prices; £10!

What I love about the style of the backpack is it's perfect for any look casual, festival or smart.
You can wear it with a plain casual outfit and it would be the most stunning statement, or pair it with your off-the-shoulder paisley hippy dress, with fringed ankle boots for the ultimate boho chic look.
It's a perfect versatile accessory for so many looks and an absolute style steal at only £10. 

You'll never guess where it's from either...

As Seen in Photo:
Purchase Links
Embossed Backpack: http://goo.gl/T6UN7p
Ripped Frayed Jeans: http://goo.gl/CxdDrp
Suede Tan Boots: http://goo.gl/MVgsgM

Tan Leather Look Embossed Backpack £10 - http://goo.gl/T6UN7p

Let me know if you purchase this amazing bag and please send me your style tips and pics on how you'd style it!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo



Earlier this month I discovered Coconut Lane.
A brand full of must have products from fashion accessories and jewellery to wall art and greetings card.
Everything is stunning.

I though I'd create a Wish List because there are way to many Coconut Lane items I'm obsessing over and thought I'd share them with you!


Similar to the Dior 'So Real' Sunglasses but rose gold with pink mirror lenses and a fraction of the designer price. They're a statement themselves and would complete any outfit this summer.

2. Kanye Card - £2.70
I collect greeting cards that are unique or make me chuckle whether they're for a specific birthday or a thank you note I find it's always helpful to have some unique cards at hand for whatever the occasion.
This card made me chuckle and would be the perfect card for my best friend's 21st birthday.
Simple yet amusing.

Does anyone else have a wardrobe of iPhone Cases?
I love switching up my phone case all the time with cases that stand out and help me find them in the bottom of my never ending handbag.
This case is so classic and so on trend with the marble style huge right now the pink block colouring give it that extra two-tone edge.
I love it!

What more could you want in life than sock with your favourite emoji on them?
So cool!

5. Bar Ring - £9.00
Available in silver or gold - I can't choose which.
This is a stunning subtle statement ring that would love fabulous with some midi rings to make the perfect Tumblr worthy jewellery combo.

I'm all about scatter cushions and combining pattern with texture so why not throw a slogan cushion cover in the mix too? What's better than Pancakes and Prosecco in bed?

7. Marble Bangle - £13.50
With the marble trend huge right now it's the perfect time to invest in all-things-marble.
I have so many bracelets but no bangles.
This is such a stunning accessory that looks far more expensive than £13.50!

8. Blogger Wall Art - £6.00
Having just move into my first house, I'm spending a lot of time choosing the right art for my house.
This print is right up my street and can already see it taking the stage and completing my monochrome desk set up.

As well as marble, I'm loving a bit of palm print right now.
Such a cool phone case that's perfect for summer 2016.

So, that's my Coconut Lane Wish List!
But no Wish List would be complete without a Discount Code would it?

Get 20% OFF at Coconut Lane with
Discount Code: styledbycharlie20

Let me know which items you're loving from Coconut Lane right now and send me pictures of your purchases!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo



I have a very exciting giveaway for all you pet lovers out there!
I love being able to share exciting thing with you guys and it's even better when I get to give you something too!

So, here how you can WIN my New Giveaway!
I have 3 Pairs of Tickets to Giveaway for The National Pet Show at London's ExCeL on 7th/8th May 2016 and another 3 Pairs of Tickets to Giveaway to DogFest; hosted by Channel 4’s Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick, in Cheshire on 18th/19th June and Windsor on 25th/26th June 2016.

To Enter this Giveaway and Win Tickets for you and a friend is choose whether you want to Win tickets to either The National Pet Show, DogFest or BOTH!
All you need to do is RT, Follow and Hashtag #SBCPetGiveaway!
Simple right?

Then I'll choose 3 Winners each at random and you'll receive FREE Tickets!

To WIN Tickets to BOTH
Follow the instructions in this Tweet:
Enter: https://goo.gl/fWDNMS
DogFest Giveaway Closes: 31/05/16
National Pet Show Giveaway Closes: 31/04/16

To WIN Tickets to The National Pet Show 2016
Follow the instructions in this Tweet:
National Pet Show Giveaway Closes: 30/04/16

To WIN Tickets to DogFest 2016
Follow the intructions in this Tweet:
DogFest Giveaway Closes: 31/05/16

You will be contacted via Twitter if you WIN.
It takes 2 minutes to make one but if you don't have a Twitter account sadly, you can't enter.
Head over to Twitter and you could be in with the chance of winning in just 3 simple steps!

Watch my YouTube Video #ThePetTag with my Pug Puppy, Arla and my Giveaway announcement 

Good Luck!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

I will be at both events and Arla will be coming to DogFest with me!
See you there!



I've wanted to make a Terrarium for a long time now and was desperate to find the time to make my own, so finally that's just what I've done!

A terrarium is a see through glass container, jar or equivalent that is basically your own mini greenhouse!
Terrarium's can either be open or closed and are a collection of arranged succulents, cacti, ferns, mosses and air plants that you can either buy ready-made or make your own!
Which I have done.

What I love about terrarium's is whatever house you live in, wherever and whatever the size you can have a terrarium as big or as small as you like.
You also don't have to be a keen gardener to look after a terrarium as they need little maintenance and you can leave them to flourish in there own space and time with just the small amount of water spritzed on them when needed.

If you have a closed terrarium, don't keep it in direct sunlight as being sealed it can trap too much heat and kill the plants.
Alternatively, if you have an open terrarium keep it in sunlight and away from excess moisture.

• Large Glass Jar or Container
• Cacti Compost
• Small Pebbles or Stones
• Collection of Succulents, Ferns, Mosses & Cacti
I bought everything for my Terrarium from Homebase.
(Apart from the Glass Jar)


Fill your Glass Jar or Container around Half Way with the Cacti Compost.

Choose which plants you want to include, and where you want to situate them.

Depot and Plant the selected, making deep holes in the compost, not planting them too closed together.
If you need to remove some of the potted soil or roots from the plant, don't worry - do so, they will grow back. However ensure there are enough roots to plant.

Once planted.
Use stones or pebbles to cover the visible compost and arrange your Terrarium as you wish.

Place your open terrarium in direct sunlight away from excess moisture.
Place your closed terrarium out of direct sunslight.

Enjoy your finished Terrarium and watch it flourish!

Please send me pictures of your finished Terrarium's on Facebook, Twitter (@pallettBLOGGER) & Instagram (@charliepallett

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo



I've been trying to be really good this month and only wear makeup on the weekends.
When I have been wearing makeup I've been heading to the same products I love and been creating a very similar look each time.
So I thought I'd share my March Monthly Makeup Menu with you guys!




Which I've actually been using to set my skin.
I've taken a tapered Zoeva Brush through all three shades and lightly brushes over my skin for a glowing finish and to set my base, it leaves the most stunning finish.

Finished look: Monthly Makeup Menu - March 2016

 That's how I achieved the look I've worn throughout March.
Natural glowing skin, bold brow, cat eye liner and a your lips but better lip.

Let me know if you recreate it, or try any of the product I've used and be sure to let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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