Wow, 2 years already.

Two of the best years.

It feels like yesterday I took the random plunge into blogging after being asked by my Instagram followers so they had a place to shop my style steals.

I knew nothing about Blogging, I followed one Blogger on Instagram; Zoe and had no idea what I was doing.

Writing only about fashion and personal style I took a swing at all and gave it a whirl.
Initially called 'pallettt.blogspot.com', I finally picked a name.
Styled by Charlie.

I couldn't believe how quickly I caught the Blogging bug and was 110% completely riddled with it.
Styled by Charlie became the location of all my style tips, bargains and favourite outfits.
But after about a year my blog became a home to all things lifestyle. I started posting about everything from my favourite candles and recipes to my favourite beauty products.
I fell completely in love with writing.

Although I'd posting all my own opinions on my blog I'd never really touched on a certain subject area that was very close to me - My mental health.
I then plucked up to courage in 2015 to write a tell-all blog post about my Bipolar Disorder to raise awareness and share my story to hopefully help others.

I could not believe the response.
Something I never, ever thought I'd mention to even one stranger was out in the open on the internet for anyone to read, and I was totally okay with that.
In fact, I was more than okay with it.
It was like a weight lifted - no more secrets.

I'm never been ashamed of my Bipolar Disorder as it's something I have to live with every single day but I always worried about an outsiders opinions of it.
'Crazy'. 'Depressed'. 'Psycho'.
I am none of those things.
I have Bipolar and that's totally okay!

But writing that particular blog post was a turning point for me and I am so, so proud of it.
Without the support of my readers and blogging friends I wouldn't be at the point in accepting my battle with mental health, because I wouldn't of had my blog to be able to write and share my journey.
So, thank you.

The past 2 years have been amazing.
I've done some pretty damn awesome things!
From attending my first blogging event with The Bloggers Hangout (formerly Bloggers Love), to meeting some of my idols such as Tanya Burr.
I have my own chapter in a Book.
ME! In a Book? Crazy.
Thanks to my blog I now write for Metro.co.uk writing my own blog posts.
I've worked with some of the most amazing brands in not just the UK but the world.
I'm forever grateful for the amazing opportunities Styled by Charlie has lead me to.

But the best thing Blogging has given me is some amazing life-long friendships; Amanda, Camilla and Jess - to name a few.
It lovely to meet people you instantly click with and have so much in common with you can talk for hours.

So, here's for turning 2, and here's to 2016.
It's been a brilliant start so far and I can't wait for the next 2, 4, 10 years of Styled by Charlie.
Let's see where it will take me.

Thanks for everything.
Love you all.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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