It's that time of the month again!
(Not that kind)
Time to reflect over all the products and items I've been loving this September!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
I've been meaning to get my hands on this palette for a while.
However, due to its Hourglass not being sold everywhere and its price tag, its not always that accessible. So, when I was in London earlier this month for an Event, I popped into SpaceNK for the first time and treated myself to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette.
It's so worth the hype. Whether you're using it for highlight, strobing, contour or for setting it's such  versatile product. The three shades; Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light.
I'm in love with this product. Packaging, Product and Versatility. It's beautiful.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation & Concealer
In London on the same Event trip, after SpaceNK I popped across the road to Harrods to the New Estée Lauder Counter. I've heard so much about the Double Wear Collection and the amazing coverage.
As a base lover, I thought I'd give it a try! I'm hooked.
I didn't only pick up the Double Wear Foundation in Shade: Pale Almond, but I bought the Concealer too! The Foundation is a lovely consistency which is really build-able with a nice formula to apply which I use with a Nanshy Buffed Base Brush for a Medium Coverage Flawless Finish.
I bought the Concealer in a lighter shade as a brighting concealer for under the eyes, brow bone and around the range. The Double Wear Concealer is a creamier consistency more like the NARS Concealer. It's got great coverage and I'm loving this combination.

Real Techniques Powder Brush & Blush Brush
I love Real Techniques Brushes, they're definitely some of the best affordable brushes available  on the high street. This month I popped into TK Maxx and saw they had Real Techniques!
Must cheaper than the normal high street price! So in my basket went the Powder Brush and Blush Brush.
I've been using the Powder Brush with my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and the Blush Brush with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette.
Get to TK Maxx ASAP!

Nanshy Brushes
As you probably saw earlier this month, I got some New Brushes from Nanshy.
Before the #BloggersFestival I'd never heard of Nanshy as a brand before, but I'm so glad I've been introduced to them because their brushes are fabulous quality and gorgeously packaged.
See my previous Blog Post here.

Organic Glam Mascara
In last months Red Magazine was a FREE Mascara from Organic Glam.
So, with a need for a read on the train to London and with a FREE Mascara, Red Magazine went 'straight in my basket'!
Despite the boring packaging with gold writing had worn away in a day. The Mascara itself jet black with a plastic, short bristled wand that gives great curl and length to the lashes it really is amazing.
See if you can find last months magazine hidden in the shelves with this absolute beauty steal inside!

COLAB Dry Shampoo in New York
I love dry shampoo. I think it's an old school yet genius creation.
However, some brands get it so, so wrong. I'm not a fan of Batiste, I find their dry shampoo bitty and white making my hair look worse than it did before! This month I tried COLAB for the first time after hearing so many good things. First I bought the COLAB Mini's in Monaco in Normal and Extreme, before buying the New York large bottle and falling in love.
The Normal over the Extreme is much more suited to my thick hair and works just like a shampoo, you don't need a lot and it blend throughout the hair. However, If you have fine limp hair, definitely try out the COLAB Extreme Volume Collection its super volumising.
I will not be using any other Dry Shampoo Brands now I've found COLAB.

I've got hooded, oily eyelids. So finding a good liquid eyeliner is a never ending tedious task.
This month I popped into the Drugstore and decided to give one, one last try!
I swatched the L'oreal Super Liner and I was pleasantly surprised with its staying power.
I've been wearing it all the time and it's the first liquid liner i've used on my lash line that doesn't smudge, move or disappear within 10 minutes.
So if you're looking for the perfect liquid eye liner for hooded eyes, definitely try this one!

Kleem Serum
Whist at #BloggersFashionWeek this month I was introduced to Kleem.
They sent me home with a bottle of their Serum to try and I've been using it daily since and it's fab!
The citrus scent and gentle formula has been great with my dry sensitive skin and my skin is feeling fabulous! I'd highly recommend trying it.

Magnitone VibraSonic Daily Cleansing Brush
I've used a facial cleansing brush from Philipps before. However found it awfully harsh and rough on my dry and sensitive skin, so my boyfriend decided he'd have it and it work much better for him, he uses it daily! So I was excited to try the oh so raved about Magnitone VibraSonic Cleansing Brush which thankfully is much, much better!
The brush head is not only full on soft, caring bristles but it had two simple easy settings you simply activate by pressing the on button once for setting one, and twice for setting two.. no faff!
I love using my Magnitone - which I got in Green over Orange or Pink because it's just too cool - daily with my Nip & Fab Cleanser or my Emma Hardie Cleanser and Cleansing Balm and it has left my skin soft and clear feeling refreshed and healthy.
I'd highly recommend the Magnitone as a fun, small and cheaper alternative to the other cleansing brushes on the market, but through my experience I'd recommend it over the more expensive alternatives anyway.
It's amazing quality and you can get it n fun colours.
What more could you want?

SABON Bath & Body
I thought I'd try out some New Bath & Body Products this month from my PR Samples box and thought I'd give my 3 New SABON Products as try!
They not only come in the most adorable and beautiful boxed packaging but the scents are amazing.
I have the Body Lotion, Scrub and Shower Oil.
My favourite is the Shower Oil which I use daily as my body wash which smells divine and had such a handy pump applicator which is so useful. You only need a small amount which goes a long way, so I'm glad it will last ages! SABON's Products are beautiful so I'd highly recommended trying them if you're after some New Bath & Body Products!

Bobble Throw
I love TK Maxx Homeware, I shop there way, way to much!
This month I picked up another New Throw from TK Maxx Home (also HomeSense) in the Sale for £22.00. It's cream coloured and huge. As well as super soft with fur bobble edging, I couldn't resist!
It looked great draped at the end of my bed. I couldn't not put it in my Monthly Favourites!

Print by Jess Mess Design
If you read my last post you'll know how much I'm in my with my New Hand Written Print from Jess Mess Design on Instagram.
It's of a Quote I created and love a lot, a lot. Hand Written and framed by Jess herself.
It sits proudly on my desk and I could stare at it for hours!
Be sure to check out Jess' Designs here.

I have a big, big love for jewellery and picked up this Copper Skull Ring Holder from Paperchase earlier in the Month. It's just perfect.
I'm obsessed with Copper anyway, but the fact it's a Copper Skull with Antlers is just utter perfection.
It sits on my bedside and looks stunning.

Matalan Shirt
This month I've been doing a bit of AW15 Clothes Shopping!
Haul Coming Soon to my YouTube Channel Subscribe here!
I picked up this Black Check Shirt from Matalan for £12.00 which is a longer tunic length.
Because I'm 5'4 this is perfect as it means it's just that little bit longer and looks so fab and on trend over a pair of jeans or leggings with ankle boots. I can't get enough of wearing it!

TK Maxx Boots
I've been pairing my Matalan Shirt with my next Favourites, these stunning Spanish Suede Ankle Boots I picked up for £49.99 from TK Maxx.
I've been wearing them to death this month they're such incredible quality, look great with anything from a top and leggings to a dress and they're perfect for A/W!
I've been wearing them non-stop.

Strapzy Wrap
I'm forever changing my case on my phone but not since I got my Strapzy!
Until Strapzy sent me their new product, a Gold Glitter Wrap.
I put it on my iPhone 6 Plus straight away and it felt as if I had a New Phone.
So unique, so fun and so different.
Update your phone to feel like a complete new one for only £9.99.
So cool!

Vlog Camera
This month I relaunched my YouTube Channel and starting Vlogging!
I bought the Panasonic Lumix TZ57 and I'm so happy with it!
It's such a great little camera with amazing quality and a tilt screen, perfect for Vlogging.
It's easy to use and such great quality. But my favourite feature is by far the WiFi setting.
You can take a picture and send it to your phone wirelessly anywhere. Which is so handy if you social media obsessed like me!
If you're just starting a YouTube Channel or after a little digital camera for every day, I'd highly recommend the TZ57.
Check out the quality of my Vlogs and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

Leather Look Notebook & Copper Skull Pen
Since Blogging for Metro, relaunching my YouTube Channel and Blogging twice a week I've become obsessed with taking notes and planning. I found this perfect Lather Look Notebook from Pound Stretcher for £1.99 and this Copper Skull Pen from Paperchase and have since carried them everywhere with me! It's so helpful having a pen you with you all the time that you like to write with, and a notebook to jot down any random ideas that fly in!
This little pair have been a firm favourite this month.

Note only have I become obsessed with taking note but this month I couldn't get enough of Notecards and Postcards! I've collected quite collection.
It's so much nicer to have a selection of postcards in your desk drawer that you can grab whenever.
Be it a unique birthday card or just leaving someone a note.
They're fun and handy!

If you follow my Blog, you'll know this month I started an 11 Week Personal Training Series with Lucy Wyndham Read. I've been losing 2lbs a week as well losing inches too!
I post a #TransformationTuesday update weekly on my Blog and I'm so pleased with my progress!
Follow my #TransformationTuesday Series here every Tuesday at 6.30pm

So, another month of 2015 already gone and another Monthly Favourites complete.
Let me know what you've been loving this month and if you've tried any of my favourites and please let me know what you thought!

Thanks for reading!

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It's Week 3 of my #TransformationTuesday Fitness & Weightless Series.

How's it going?
This week has gone a bit slower than the other too, feeling like I've not had a minute to relax.
Fitness wise, I feel like this is probably going to be my least productive week in the series.
However, I've still managed to see results! Which is reassuring.

What have I been eating?
This week I had a New Meal Plan and a New Fitness Plan!

The average day looked like:

Green Smoothie with Cucumber, Pear, Spinach and Celery

Brown Rice with Sweetcorn and Red Onion 

Peach and Pecan Nuts

Stuff Pepper with Cous Cous and Coriander

Up to 8 Glass of Water

What exercise have I been doing?
This week, I had a New Exercise Plan with 2 News Exercises!

Toning Workout
5 Minute Standing Ab Workout
See Video:

HIIT Workout
Ab Sculpting, Fat Loss, Thigh and Butt Toning
See Video:

Have I seen any changes since last week?
It's so exciting to say this again... Yes!
However, my weight is exactly the same as last week, so I've not lost any lbs this week, but I have lost inches. Lucy did mention to me when we started our #TransformationTuesday Series that we're focusing more in inches than weight loss.

Week 3:Measurements:
Thigh: No Change Since Last Week
Calf: No Change Since Last Week
Arm: No Change Since Last Week
Waist: -0.5 inches
Hips: No Change Since Last Week
Bust: -1 inch
Boobs: No Change Since Last Week
Last Weeks Loss: 0.5 inches
Total Loss: 5.5 inches

I'm so pleased with how the whole #TransformationTuesday Series is going!
I can't wait to see what happens next Tuesday.

See you next week for #TransformationTuesday Week 4!

Thanks for reading!

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I studied Graphic Design at College and I have a obsession with Font and Typography.
When I discovered Jess' Mess on Instagram @JessMessDesign I fell in love with her Hand Painted Calligraphy Prints.

I ordered my Quote:
"People Come and Go, Fashion is Forever"

This quote means a lot to me as I created it when I first started Blogging realising I have lots of faith in my clothes and love expressing my style through my clothing. Having recently left college at the time which seemed to be the point in life where you go one way and previous friends go the other, I created this quote and I love it.

My name is Jessica Mahendra, I'm a student of Politics at King's College London.
I've always been interested in art, but never found an outlet because I am the worst at drawing/painting.
Calligraphy, however, completely filled that void as I've always had quite a neat handwriting and I love experimenting with my lettering. 
I actually started out this small business quite recently, because as a student I figured it would really help with my finances. I honestly think that this having type of prints is such a simple yet sophisticated way to decorate your room or work space. I also think that the quote can be such a nice way to keep people motivated or happy throughout their day.
For example my favorite one is the 'love more, worry less' quote, because as someone who constantly overthinks things and gets worried too much about what other people think or say, I find that it's so helpful to get reminded every day that it's way less stressful to just simply not worry too much, and spread the love instead.

I've been designing and collecting prints myself for a collage wall of typography and photographs for my staircase, but having a handwritten original of my own quote by Jess has just completed my collection. I absolutely adore it.

Be sure to check out @JessMessDesign on Instagram and make sure you email if you'd like your own design by Jess.

Thanks for reading!

My YouTube Channel has recently Re-Lauched!

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I recently attended #BloggersFestival in London earlier this months where I met the lovely and very talented Makeup Artists from Nanshy.

Nanshy are a Makeup Tool Brand with all your must have brushes all in one place.
I was lucky enough to leave the event with some New Nanshy Brushes to try which are the Top Brush Picks of Barrie Griffith, one of Nanshy's Makeup Artists.

The Pencil Brush is not something I would say is an essentials in a Brush Collections if you're more of an every day makeup kind of girl. However, it's a very handy multi use tool.
Perfect for smudging liner or adding your favourite shadow under your lover lash line, and would also make a great lip brush if you're after a less precise look.

I love Contouring. I have a very round face so contouring is a daily essentials for me.
An angled fluffy brush is perfect for defining your cheekbones with your favourite bronzing powder.

I'm forever struggling to perfect my eyeliner, and that's because I've never found a brush thin enough to avoid extremely unattractive uneven lines.
The Bent Eyeliner Brush allows you to precisely create your eyeliner line allowing you to apply as thin or thick as you like.
I'll also be using my Precise Eyeliner Brush for the perfect lip look with my Dark Matte MAC Lipsticks to get the perfectly defined cupids bow.

A Base Buffing Brush is essentials in your makeup kit.
Use it to apply your foundation for a flawless look!
Ideal for blending cream contour too.

Your Eyebrow Essentials.
Thin and soft to allow you to create the perfect brow with either your gel or powder product for the perfect arch and finish.

The finishing friend.
Love Blush and Highlight?
You need a stippling brush!
However, I'll also use my brush for foundation for a light and perfect finish which I got as a tip from Harry Makes It Up on YouTube.

I hope this has given you some information on Makeup Brushes if you're a makeup brush newbie!
Or maybe it's introduced you to Nanshy as a Makeup Tool Brand
I adore their super, super soft, sleek and stylish design with metalic white handle with chrome top detailing embossed with the Nanshy Logo.

Thanks for reading!

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It's already the End of Week 2 of my 11 Week #TransformationTuesday Series with Ex Army, Author and Personal Trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read.

How's it going?
I'm really enjoying waking up first think in the morning and doing a workout!
I'm particularly enjoying the Thigh & Butt Toning Workout and love feeling the burn and have already seen results such as a reduction in visibility in some stretch marks on my thighs.

What have I been eaten?
The average day has looked like:
Porridge with Raspberries and Blue Berries


Vegetable Soup

Almonds and Rasins

Wholegrain Pasta with a Homemade Tomato Sauce

Up to 8 Glass of Water

What exercise have I been doing?
My exercises haven't changed.
They're on a 2 Week Basis, so they're the same as the previous weeks.

For example:
21 Minute Interval Power Walk/Run
I'm doing this 3 Times a Week for the first 2 Weeks.
2 Minutes Fast Power Walk and 1 Minute Jog/Run.
Repeating 7 Times.
(My plan suggested a Fast Power Walk followed by an Extra Fast Power Walk. However I found this a little to easy as I wasn't getting out of breath or feeling the burn as much so I upped the Extra Power Walk to a Run/Jog)

3 Times a Week.
This is one of Lucy's handy Toning Workout Videos you can watch here.
A combination of But and Thigh exercise Toning Workouts from squats to star jumps all made enjoyable by Lucy's unique workout style, quirky exercise names and short, sharp intervals separated by 20 Seconds of Cardio.
What I love about it is how easy it is to find 5 Minutes out of your day to do a workout to tone problem areas.

3 Times a Week.
This is such a hardcore workout but made so much more doable by being 4 Minutes long.
Short, sharp and intense but over quickly which makes it an easy workout whatever your lifestyle.
Finding 4 Minutes of your busy day to get fitter is easier than you think!

Have I seen any changes since last week?
I've lost another 2lbs!
4lbs in 2 Weeks eating yummy food, with quick and simple exercises. I feel great!
I've already noticed a reduction in the visibility of my stretch marks on my legs.
As well as feeling smaller at my waist

Thigh: No Change Since Last Week
Calf: No Change Since Last Week
Arm: No Change Since Last Week
Waist: -0.5 inches
Hips: No Change Since Last Week
Bust:No Change Since Last Week
Boobs: No Change Since Last Week
Last Weeks Loss: -3.5 inches
Total Loss: 4 inches

Losing at total of 4 inches in 2 Weeks has made me so happy, even happier that it's noticeable.
 I'm so, so pleased. Having comments from friends and family saying they can notice differences already is incredible, not to mention motivating.

What's Next?
Being Week 3 Tomorrow with a New Food Plan and a New Fitness Plan!

Example Monday:
21 Minute Interval Power Walk/Run

5 Minute Standing Ab Workout

Porridge with Water and Peanut Butter

Kiwi and Sunflower Seeds

Quinoa with Peas and Chilli Flakes

Banana Slices with Honey

Ratatouille with Toasted Sesame Seeds

I cannot wait to see how Week 3 goes with New Workouts and New Food Plan.
I'm excited to say the least! Hoping I can keep up losing 2lbs a Week.
Fingers Crossed!

See you next week for #TransformationTuesday Week 3!

Thanks for reading!

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I'm an Instagram Addict.
I've been an Instagram obsessive since the early days.
My love of Social Media and Photography all in one, it's literally the App made me for me.

I use Instagram every single day.
Probably far too much, but I just love it!

I'm always looking for New Instagrams to Follow to lust over New Feeds and impressive Photography and rediscover New Products, New Locations and New People.

So I thought I'd share my favourite Instagram Feeds with you guys to maybe give you some New Instagrams to Follow and share some of my favourite Instgramers with you!

Please share with me your favourite Instagrams in the comments so I can find some New Instagrams to follow too!

Lets start with Me!

Charlie Pallett

I love Instagram. Every single thing about it.
It just gets better and better.
I theme my Instagram because, why the hell not?
I'm a very visual person as well as a Part Time Photography and Graphic Designer so I love creating new themes for my feed and displaying my images.

Fashion for Lunch

I've followed Labels for Lunch since the start of the years and it's definitely one of my favourite feeds. Her use of colour popping and composition is so refreshing, and I can't help but envy her amazing collection of Chanel and Moschino.

Holly White

I've followed Holly for a few months and fell in love with her low saturation monochrome feed, but mostly her amazing Ginger Locks! It's so lovely to find a New Fashion Blogger with a unique style, unique feed and amazing taste.
Holly is also one of my #BloggersOnBlogging Bloggers too, so be sure to give her a follow!

Charlotte Martin

Charlotte was actually one of the first Fashion Blogger I followed before I even started Blogging.
I fell in love with her style which is very similar to my own. She always recommends the best new places to shop and was how I found and many amazing finds from H&M.

Toni Tran

I met Toni at a Blogging Meeting in London at the Pop Sugar Offices Blogger Day and was so inspired by his talk on Instagram. It was clear we both had major love for the App.
Toni's Fashitect feed is amazing. If you love Fashion, Travel and Food and you're not following him prepare to me amazing and meet your new favourite Instagram feed.

Designer & Blogger
Teri Muncey

I met Teri at the BirchBox X Habitat Event in February and not only did I love her Blog Name and absolutely adore her minimalist feed with pop of colour but her amazing designs too!
The Lovely Drawer is such a refreshing feed to follow if you love art, interiors and design.

Chloe Miles

Chloe and I have followed each other for nearly 2 years now, before we were both Bloggers!
Chloe has recently started Blogging - Like me!
Her feed for Fashion, Fitness and Beauty is definitely a huge favourite of mine!
Chloe style is very like mine - Black and White.
I just want her face, figure and wardrobe!

Charlotte Hole

Char doesn't only have a stunning Blog and Instagram but she's also a Blogger friend of mine!
She's a lovely bubbly Fashion Queen with such a unique and enviable style.
Forever sharing her amazing ASOS, Misguided and Primark must haves!

Jasmine Hicks

I found Jasmine's Illustrator Instagram Account when I was searching for an Artist to create a New Blog Portrait earlier this year for my Blog's Revamp.
Her designs are so unique and incredible. She's a huge talent and I adore following her new creations.

Natalie Miller

I also met Natalie at BirchBox X Habitat's Event earlier this year.
She's has impeccable style and clearly a great eye for everything, her feed super cool.

Ellie Mack

Ellie has been a Blogger I've followed since I started Blogging over a year ago and her fashion picks are utter perfection. She has Fashion Talent for sure.
If you need new outfit ideas for all occasions, Ellie feed is your saviour.

Danielle Fisher

I had huge appreciation for Art and Design.
I found Danille's Instagram when searching #Illustration a few months ago and was overwhelmed with awe by her lifelike animal portraits that I could look at all day long.
Super talent.

Poppy Deyes

Poppy is a New Blogger and Sister of YouTuber Alfie Deyes (Pointless Blog).
Her feed and photography are simple and effective.
Her love of Food and Lifestyle is so refreshing.
I read her Blog every week as is such a nice quick Blog to read if you're 'all things lifestyle' obsessed like me!

Sophie Mayanne

As a Part Time Photographer I have many Photographer favourites.
However, Sophie is definitely one of my Top 3.
Her collection of portraits and life images are incredible.
Her style and edge is so intriguing to me.
Sophie also shares my love of Black and White Photographs.
I could stare at her work all day.

So, that's just some of my Favourite Instagram Feeds!
Please tell me yours!

Thanks for reading!

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