I've been in love with Real Techniques Makeup Tools since I fell in love with makeup a year or so ago. They really are the best value for money makeup tools on the market.

I already own a lot of Real Techniques Brushes but recently updated my Collection with some New Products!

I already have the Miracle Sponge which I use to apply and blend my Makeup, however as I use it every single day my current one needed replacing. As it really is that good, so I bought another!

Real Techniques also recently brought out a Collectors Edition of the Sculpting Set which has 3 Real Techniques Brushes in it in a Collectors Special of Shiny Pink Metallic colouring and includes the Sculpting Brush, Setting Brush and an Exclusive Fan Brush.
Which I picked up on Special Offer in Superdrug for £13.99.

I already have a Real Techniques Setting Brush but they are so, so handy for Highlighter, Blending Contour or Eye Shadow Blender but I love using it for Concealer as it's so light and fluffy.

I was excited about the Fan Brush as I love the smaller size of it to normal fan brushes, and is going to be perfect for Powder Highlight or for Sweeping Setting Powder.

I absolutely love Contouring and Sculpting.
I'm really excited about the Sculpting Brush.
I use a Cream Contour to shape and sculpt my makeup look, and the Sculpting Brush's wide, dense brush and angled shape will be so perfect for contouring.
I recently been using the Sculpting Brush for Foundation too and it's the perfect shape and density for a flawless foundation look.

I love the Pink Metallic Collectors Edition Colouring and it looks perfect with my New 'Little Cosmetics Bag' Makeup Bag I picked up for only 99p from Home Bargains.

The Miracle Sponge has been my favourite Makeup Tool for a really, really long time.
It has so many uses whether you use it for applying, blending or finishing your foundation and makeup look. But it's the most useful tool in my Makeup Bag.

I rinse it under a Cold Tap squeezing it to absorb the water until it's nearly doubled in size and feels soft before squeezing all the excess water from it.

I then use it to apply and blend my foundation as it leaves such a natural, flawless finish making your pump of foundation go a long way to creating the perfect airbrushed base.

I then use it to blend my Cream Contour and to blend any other products or remove any accidents.
It really it the best multipurpose Makeup Tool!

If you've not tried any of the Real Techniques Products then I'd highly recommend them!
They are the Best Makeup Bag investments I've made.

Let me know what your favourite Real Techniques Tool is or if you have any other Makeup Tool Brand Recommendations!

Thanks for reading!

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