It's already the End of Week 2 of my 11 Week #TransformationTuesday Series with Ex Army, Author and Personal Trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read.

How's it going?
I'm really enjoying waking up first think in the morning and doing a workout!
I'm particularly enjoying the Thigh & Butt Toning Workout and love feeling the burn and have already seen results such as a reduction in visibility in some stretch marks on my thighs.

What have I been eaten?
The average day has looked like:
Porridge with Raspberries and Blue Berries


Vegetable Soup

Almonds and Rasins

Wholegrain Pasta with a Homemade Tomato Sauce

Up to 8 Glass of Water

What exercise have I been doing?
My exercises haven't changed.
They're on a 2 Week Basis, so they're the same as the previous weeks.

For example:
21 Minute Interval Power Walk/Run
I'm doing this 3 Times a Week for the first 2 Weeks.
2 Minutes Fast Power Walk and 1 Minute Jog/Run.
Repeating 7 Times.
(My plan suggested a Fast Power Walk followed by an Extra Fast Power Walk. However I found this a little to easy as I wasn't getting out of breath or feeling the burn as much so I upped the Extra Power Walk to a Run/Jog)

3 Times a Week.
This is one of Lucy's handy Toning Workout Videos you can watch here.
A combination of But and Thigh exercise Toning Workouts from squats to star jumps all made enjoyable by Lucy's unique workout style, quirky exercise names and short, sharp intervals separated by 20 Seconds of Cardio.
What I love about it is how easy it is to find 5 Minutes out of your day to do a workout to tone problem areas.

3 Times a Week.
This is such a hardcore workout but made so much more doable by being 4 Minutes long.
Short, sharp and intense but over quickly which makes it an easy workout whatever your lifestyle.
Finding 4 Minutes of your busy day to get fitter is easier than you think!

Have I seen any changes since last week?
I've lost another 2lbs!
4lbs in 2 Weeks eating yummy food, with quick and simple exercises. I feel great!
I've already noticed a reduction in the visibility of my stretch marks on my legs.
As well as feeling smaller at my waist

Thigh: No Change Since Last Week
Calf: No Change Since Last Week
Arm: No Change Since Last Week
Waist: -0.5 inches
Hips: No Change Since Last Week
Bust:No Change Since Last Week
Boobs: No Change Since Last Week
Last Weeks Loss: -3.5 inches
Total Loss: 4 inches

Losing at total of 4 inches in 2 Weeks has made me so happy, even happier that it's noticeable.
 I'm so, so pleased. Having comments from friends and family saying they can notice differences already is incredible, not to mention motivating.

What's Next?
Being Week 3 Tomorrow with a New Food Plan and a New Fitness Plan!

Example Monday:
21 Minute Interval Power Walk/Run

5 Minute Standing Ab Workout

Porridge with Water and Peanut Butter

Kiwi and Sunflower Seeds

Quinoa with Peas and Chilli Flakes

Banana Slices with Honey

Ratatouille with Toasted Sesame Seeds

I cannot wait to see how Week 3 goes with New Workouts and New Food Plan.
I'm excited to say the least! Hoping I can keep up losing 2lbs a Week.
Fingers Crossed!

See you next week for #TransformationTuesday Week 3!

Thanks for reading!

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