I've always been a lover of Uggs but I'm starting think that's because I wasn't really aware of any other warm, winter boot alternative to Uggs. 

Now on my 4th Pair of Uggs I've had enough. I'm fed up of their 12 month lifespan for a £130-170 pair of boots where it seems to me that almost directly after 12 months, they fall to pieces! 

They get holes in the ends, the soles fade away and they become limp and lifeless, not to mention their utter uselessness in the snow and ice. They have no grip and I'm always falling and slipping over, so I've had enough. 

But fear not! 
There's a new, stunning winter boot on the scene from Siberian Chic!

And yes, they are Chic, and sassy, stunning, cosy, furry and toasty and not to mention extremely functional, long lasting and they have grippy soles, so no more falling over and over!

Thank god for Siberian Chic

These stunning hand crafted boots score so many fashion points and congratulations from me. With fashionable and function being a rare pairing with footwear and not usually used in the same sentence my Siberian Chic Whistlers are just that, the perfect balance between Fashion & Functional Fabulousness

With Genuine Sheep Skin Interiors and Soles and Natural Furs & Skins on the exterior keep your feet warm, dry in the Winter and cool in the Autumn and Spring, also they're so incredibly comfortable! (and not forgetting insanely fashionable!). 

The Siberian Chic Boots have additional shape holding thermo materials with insulating materials hell the boot keep its shape and looking their best for a lifetime with the comfort, style and shape maintained for a number of years, so gone are those year old saggy, sorry Ugg days! 

Leather Toe Box is made with natural hair and combined with sheepskin to provide the ultimate protection against dirt, moisture and damage

My favourite thing about my Whistler's from Siberian Chic is of course the unique fashion and functional style but also the amazing ways you can clean you boots! 

With a natural fur and hair on the entire exterior of the boot you'd think getting these muddy on your winter walks would ruin them or at would at least effect the fur and hair, however they're the most simple, quick and easy thing to clean no matter how dirty you get them!

With a simple damp cloth just wipe the mud off your boots in a flash they're good as new

The fur/hair hasn't matted or become uneven like they would of other furry footwear, they look identical as before! They're the perfect Country Companion for all year round! 

You're new Best Friend in the Snow. 

Produced in Italy the patented grippy genius sole is perfect for all weather conditions and surfaces for year round protection everywhere you go! 

The sheepskin is amazing quality naturally resilient and long lasting ensuring your new boots are a companion for years, not months. 

Siberian Chic's Boots have been named one of the Best Snow & All Weather Boots by The Guadian and The Independant

They're so durable, as well as waterproof, wind proof and slip proof such a trustworthy pair of boots you can rely on to keep you warm, comfy, fashionable and on two feet. 

I never take mine off! 
I held off on writing this post because I wanted to try my boots out in every weather condition and all occasions for you guys so I can let you know what I really think of my Whistler's from Siberian Chic...

I cannot fault them! 

They're so amazing!  
They're sturdy, soft and convenient, practical and perfect for all ages! With their range of colours as well as 31 Different Styles for Women and 3 Different Style for Men, and 8 Different Styles for Children

I've taken my boots on long winter walks, I've gotten them muddy to test how they clean, I've worn them to work every day to test their durability and how they are with your feet after being on them for a day at work from 9 - 5.. 
I've tested them to the max, and they really, really are worth every single penny

Check out Siberian Chic's Collections from The Whistler to The St Moritz indulge in utter footwear fabulousness

I really have found a pair of boots you really can have confidence in purchasing and you can rely on for years to come that aren't only fashionable but the most functional footwear I've ever come across, and designed in intense detail to perfection to ensure that your purchase of Siberian Chic's #Boots4Life is the best footwear purchase for year round Footwear Friendship

Fancy 25% OFF?
Use Code: 'CHARLIESC' for 25% OFF your purchase of your new lifetime footwear companion at and check out their amazing styles, colours and fabulous footwear designs!

When purchasing order the size bigger than you normally would due to smaller sizing because of use of thick materials.


  1. Which length did you get and do you have a pic of them on...want to get an idea of where they fall on the leg and the width of the fur outside?

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  3. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with uggs. As an Australian, we usually view them as slippers, not outdoor shoes. They're rarely waterproofed, and often have a sole quite inappropriate for outdoor wear. They're generally not even seen as a high-fashion item - quite the opposite! It's pretty uncool to wear them in public, especially if you're trying to be 'fashionable'. So it was weird for Aussies to start seeing celebs wearing them out and about as high fashion a few years ago. But as slippers go, you can't beat them. Come home out of the cold and wet and slide your tired feet into gorgeous sheepskin, or spend a lazy Sunday in them. And trust me, they can and do last for years and years when worn as slippers.


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