There's nothing better in the New Year than New Year Love.

Be it with a human, a new pet, a new winter coat.. For me this New Year it's definitely Love with my Nikki Stark Jewellery

Nikki's inspiration is varied but her creations are divine and Nikki loves leaving space for others to give their own interpretation to her pieces.
Nikki's Stella Rings are flying saucers, seed pods, smarties. Her Anastasia charms are Christmas baubles, pendulums, sweets, or to one girl she met at a fair, spinning tops in the Istanbul market she visited with her father as a child. Everyone has their own interpretations of these exquisite designs. 
Nikki works generally on a small scale. Delicate, almost fragile in appearance. They don't make a huge statement, but her designs tell a story, and I love that
Nikki Stark's pieces are intended to be lived with for many years, to be a small statement of individuality, something that's adore for time. 
Her designs are available in Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold, and in 18ct via special order.
All pieces are made by Nikki to order, slight differences from piece to piece, but that's what makes her creations even more unique, as Natural stones can vary hugely in colour too, and sometimes in shape. 
Her creative design options are endless, send Nikki an email if you have something specific in mind too! 

Nikki's designs arrived in gorgeous boxes, stunning packaging and really gorgeous photo post cards too

In the first box I opened from from Nikki Stark, I was greeted by the most amazing subtle statement ring, her Silver Sally Ring

So unique in design with gorgeous waves and carves, so elegant and perfect

I love rings as it is and I love wearing lots of rings, but not so much thick, heavy, bulky ones I much prefer a delicate subtle statement ring that has such unique beauty and is a manageable size so it can we work for all occasions, smart or casual, day or night and this is where my little Silver Sally is just perfect

In the second perfect little box of January Jewellery Goodness, was Nikki Stark's Skinny Midi Ring and Wishbone Midi Ring Pair that look absolutely beautiful stacked slightly separately on the same finger giving a cool abstract feel, so fresh and on trend.

The Rings are just stunning, dainty but such quality and are lovely mixed and match with other jewellery too and even more perfect on a statement nail polishes finger.  

In the final box of beauty was the most beautiful silver necklace, her name is Anastasia (No. 3 to be exact) and she has added a new life to my necklace collection! 

I love switching between statement necklaces and dainty necklaces for different outfits, styles and occasions but I always find it difficult to find a dainty necklace I fall in love with, and I definitely, definitely fell in love with Anastatia III

Reminding me of orchid buds and spring is such a nice interpretation to style up in the winter reminding me of snowdrops and the warmer months, and with beautiful shiny silver tones is a gorgeous, gorgeous necklace charm that I love wearing with a plain tshirt and my fur jacket exposing Anastasia's subtle but undeniable beauty.  

As I mention, my Ananstasia Necklace is No. 3, and she's available in other sizes too! (No. 1 and No. 2)

Her sisters vary in size from a slightly bigger double bud to a triple bud charm which allows you to choose between the more subtle or more statement of the sisters, and they're also available in Silver or Gold too, so whichever your preference she's available. 

Nikki's designs are just stunning. It's rare to find jewellery so unique that has so much character but that your not scared to wear, and to get such unique pieces that aren't offensively expensive. 

Nikki's designs are the perfect treat for jewellery you'll treasure forever, they're also the perfect pieces for gifts

Every girlfriend, mum, Nana or sister loves jewellery, and what's a better gift than a stunning unique piece that you can't buy just anywhere. Nothing is better than a sentimental gift, and nothing's better than a sentimental gift of jewellery.

Be sure to check out Nikki Stark's Website ( where you can view and purchase all her unique jewellery collection, and begin you interpretations of her incredible jewellery talents and her amazing designs and fall in love, just like I have. 

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