I recently received the cutest delivery containing these adorable scrunchies from Obtain, handmade by the lovely Frankie.  

I'm such a fan on handmade items, they're always better and more unique than high street or mass manufactured items, you just definitely feel the love more. How someone's put time, money and effort into something, always makes me appreciate the product more.

I've not been able to use a hair bobble let alone wear a scrunchie for years, due to my short hair habit! 

See my 'New Hair, Don't Care' blog post here

So now with my new hair, and new found love for the bob, it's F A B to be able to finally wear a cutesy scrunchie again! Because I literally haven't worn this 90's trend, since the 90's

Obtain have the cutest scrunchie designs and fabrics and also sell handmade co-ord's too! 

Wearing my Daisy Necklace from Rosey Bowtique

You can buy your Obtain handmade scrunchies in a huge variety of fabrics and designs here from £2.50, or view the range and other handmade designs via Instagram here

My favourite is my tartan scrunchie, tartan is one of my favourite fashion comeback's to date, and have a cute little tartan scrunchie to wear is just too cute

I'm so excited to finally be able to wear scrunchies again, and what better choice than these three cuties

Cannot wait to cutesy up my new bob and rock the 90's look in a casual comeback look. 

Be sure to head over to Obtain's Depop and Instagram and keep updated with their latest designs for such affordable handmade prices

Wearing my Daisy Necklace from Rosey Bowtique



Some of you may know of my obsession with changing my hair, and how many different hairstyles I've had over the years; from short to long, shaved to extensions, undercuts to glue-ins... I've had them all

With my very random ability to grow hair quickly, I've been lucky enough to be in the position of changing my hair quite often but with high hairdressers bills! So it's not all happy go lucky

When I was 11 I was bored of being call 'Bin Man Pal' and blending in with the crowd, with my long and to knotted hair and decided that I needed to take that 'secondary school step' and have that grown up change, and decided to get a Bob. From then on, I went shorter and shorter and shorter when at 14 I ended up with an asymmetric bob with short back and sides. However, after having this hair cut for a few years the 'Frankie' craze came in and everyone starter to get the confidence to go shorter and my hair was no longer unique. 

So after much deliberation of me deciding what the hell to do with my hair I decided to get a hair cut I knew no one would have, let alone have the courage to get... So I went to the hairdressers and yes, I asked for a Mushroom

With a asymmetric fringe, with a mushroom top dyed auburn, and shaved with a blade 4 on the the dark brown back and sides.. My Mushroom hair took place. 

No one was mad enough to get this!

After having my beloved Mushroom for a year or so I grew out my undercut and started to just rock the short haired look for ages. So after being a college for a year I started to like standing out from the crowd less and less, and had the hair breakdown I thought I'd never have.... Extensions

Why oh why? It still baffles me to this day. 

I then made the very regretful mistake of getting glue in extensions - don't do it! - and had the joyful experience of them practically destroying my natural hair and scalp, I was forced to result to Clip Ins, which I'd highly recommend, despite them making me look horrific now I look back on pictures. It's nice to be able to have the choice of switching up natural hair and long, thick, full extensions. 

Once I'd finally realised I'm most definitely not a long, long hair person I decided to go back to my short hair decided to just grow it all out to same length, and then out of no where reappeared my 11 year old bob

This utter idiot that I am then cut it all off again, to realise only afterwards I actually did want a bob... 

Then it all grew again and I just wasn't at all satisfied with blending in with the generic bob so back to the drawing board I went with 'how can I have an interesting hairstyle I'll like, and keep?'... Then came about the ombré which I was fan of but didn't like how quickly it took off, and that everyone and his uncle had it! 

I decided, that I'd always wanted the be a mixture of brunette and blonde, and have the excuse to blame my clumsiness and ditziness on my blonde areas, and my random shines of intelligence on my brunette areas, which I thought was quite amusing

So then out came the dye, my favourite mobile hairdresser which resulted in my version of the ombré.. The Harsh Ombré.

I liked the idea of having two colours on my hair but didn't want it to be the ever so popular normal ombré.. So I decided not to gradually descend from brunette to blonde, but to harshly skip from brunette to blonde

This ended up being one of my longest styles that I kept for 9 months without getting bored. But then it struck again, my hair boredom. But I knew I wanted to keep that kind of length, as well as the colour. But where to go from there?

So I called Jade Newman, my local - and amazing - mobile hairdresser explaining I have yet another crazy hair idea, and decided I wanted my bob re-dyed with a brighter, harsher blonde all the way round at about eyebrow height, as well as having my hair cut straight at the ends, no chopping or blending, just straight

And Jade being the amazing visionary she is understood my exact vision, and I absolutely could not be happier

The bob, apparently making a huge comeback this season (just my luck!) saw The Emmy's, Venice Film Festival and the VMA's red carpet's supporting extremely stunning bob hairstyles from the like of Emma Stone, Jordan Dunn, Kristen Wiig, Kerry Washington and Giuliana Rancic.

Got to love short hair!

So from harsh coloured bob, to harsh colour and harsh cut bob, I love the change - even if it's possible my least completely drastic change - I love how just a difference in finish creates a whole new look completely

Here's the before and after

Tidy, neat and chic.

What's fab about my new style is how it can be worn casually as well with the cute straight ends looking boho and festival fitting with my natural waves giving it a straight, cute, casual and girly finish. 

So if you're thinking of changing your hairstyle, maybe you haven't before or maybe your an addict like me! 

Take the plunge. Why not? 

My biggest advice would be don't feel like you have to be complete certain on exactly what you want before you book the appointment, trust the hairdresser their job is to embrace your vision, surprise yourself

Lots of people have asked about my new hair, and for my hairdressers details.
She's Rutland based, mobile and f a b ulous

Click here, to view her Facebook with price list and all her information. 



On Monday evening I was lucky enough to attend Bloggers Fashion Week Pre Party in Leicester Square, London. I travelled down from the Midlands to the Pre Party as a Photographer as well as a Blogger which I felt very privileged to be invited too. 

The event was held by Bloggers Love who invited and offered registrations for Blogger to attend the Pre Party Event. 

I met and attended the event with some new Fashion and Beauty Blogger friends who's Blogs and Vlogs you really should check out:

Bloggers Love invited brands showcasing their latest collections ranging from handmade jewellery designers to print designers as well as handmade couture gowns

It was lovely to meet the brands and see their latest collections and fabulous unique designs, to try on and think of styling tips and ideas.

See my #BLFW Pre Party outfit here.

The #BLFW Pre Party was held in Leicester Square, London opposite M&M world, so it was easy enough to find. Climbing the 7 flights of stairs - as some other clumsy Bloggers as I walked straight past the lift - to be welcomed by a stunning suite with gorgeous views over London to Big Ben and the London Eye. 

We were greeted with marshmallow drinks and heart shaped balloons with the brands and designers scattered about the suite with their rails of stunning designs and items.

Bloggers Love had put on a gorgeous spread with a huge candy bar with sweets galore for us to pick and nibble at in-between brand networking and photographing. 

Seating was arranged in booth-like arrangements such as a 'Blogger Speed Dating' booths for Bloggers and Photographers to get to know one another, discuss their Blogs, specialist areas and share Blogging knowledge.

The setting was stunning, and not being from London myself was obviously very interesting and appreciated on my part, if only the weather behaved itself more we would've been able to see for miles. 

I loved the Candy Bar feature to the event central in the room being the little centre piece and bonding point for Bloggers over some adorable delights. 

The arrangement of seating and areas was perfect for Blogger Bonding discussing the BLFW brands items, what to wear for next weeks BLFW 2 Day Event and learning from and advising one another on Blogging.

I met and attended the event with some new Fashion and Beauty Blogger friends who's Blogs and Vlogs you really should check out:

Dippy Writes

Copper Garden

Lauren Marie Reveries

It was lovely to meet the girls and chat about BloggingVlogging and share fashion and beauty ideas and tips over a glass of wine at Yates, Leicester Square and I've been inspired to possibly start a Vlog - What do you think?

The first brand and company I visited at the BLFW Pre Party was Vania Couture with their stunning handmade designs and exquisite pieces of Couture Fashion from layered red lace gowns to feather and sequin embellished designs that're just amazing to view, imagine wearing one.. WOW.

Vania-Couture was born in 2014. It all started when I was planning my wedding and trying to find my perfect dress. Trawling from dress shop to dress shop, I felt that nothing fitted my style and budget and every dress made feel less like a special bride.

So I decided to create a bespokebridal couture dress where I could choose every detail, from the style of dress to the type of fabric and embroidery” 

-  Vania Alves

The second brand I mingled with at the BLFW Pre Party was Syreeta Badu, the very talented Plus Size designer with her unique styles and gorgeous printed fabrics.

Syreeta's collection 'Concrete Rose' has been featured in recognized newspapers and magazines such as The Curvy Fashionista, VOLUP2 The Grace Issue, Evolve Magazine and the Fashion Telegraph and Syreeta's 'Concrete Rose' Collection also featured at British Plus Size Fashion Weekend in 2013

What I adore about Syreeta's amazing collection is how her garments encourage confidence and ooze style, and reassures Plus Size Fashion Fearlessness and show's you can be fashionablefabulous and comfortable in your own skin.

Another thing I love about Syreeta's designs are how they're not just for Plus Size women, as a size 8/10 I love trying on Syreeta's versatile designs for an oversized, high fashionable look with their unique shoulder pad or african, floral and animal print incorporating styles and trends, they're just too F A B.

But my favourite part of Syreeta Badu's collection and her f a b ulous creative mind is how she named her collection. 'Concrete Rose', named because it draws from the harshness of the way that the media and the public sometimes feel about a plus size womanThe Rose that blossomed through the concrete is the confidence in their own skin that women of today are happily starting to show off. 
Syreeta also carefully named each garment in her 2012 collection with descriptions of what she wishes for all women to feel like when wearing her clothing - How f a b ulous is that?

Blogger Lauren Marie Kelly with Designer, Syreeta Badu and with her favourite piece from the Concrete Rose Collection.

Also featured at BLFW at London's The Penthouse, Leicester Square was Tinkilove with their artistic and futuristic occasionwear combined with street, edgy and creative wear with the most amazing collection of fabrics combinations and unique, fun and playful styles.

Their rail had the most gorgeous array of colours from pastels to deep purples with fun and unique prints with items from kimonos, crop tops, high waist skirts to longline printed tshirts.

One of my favourite brand booths at BLFW was Ellie Air, with their amazing new collection 'Tesoro' - Italian for 'Treasure'; Wealth in the form of precious metals and jewels - handcrafted in silver, rose gold plate and semi precious stones. Ellie Air's Tesoro Collection is stunning, handcrafted together using exquisite techniques combining the metals and stones together where the stones act like hidden gems, hidden in unexpected areas across the collection themselves, Treasure

The whole collection is just outstandingly stunning. With unique styles and designs such as the Tesoro Earrings with their drop back feature with dangles effortlessly holding the Peridot and Moonstone jewels in place, a piece of art.

Another of my favourite pieces has to be the Tesoro Ring - available in Silver or Rose Gold Plate - a double featured ring with a midi ring connected by a tear drop jewellery and metal string that creates the most beautiful subtle statement ring

But my favourites in the Ellie Air Tesoro (Treasure) Collection have to be the Tube Collection, with their limited edition beauty and secret 'Hidden Gem' compartments are just attention to detail perfection

I admire designers and artists who use their talent as well as their talented creative mind to create hidden and meaningful aspects to their designs. Be it clothing, jewellery or music for example and they go to the effort of bring that artistic meaning to their work, I admired Ellie Air for bringing that into their Tesoro Collection

I would adore to own the Tube Necklace, Earrings and Ring set. They're exquisite

Lastly, the last designer and brand I got the pleasure on mingling with at BLFW was Eleanor Linden.

Eleanor Linden is stunning luxurious brand who offer a gorgeous range of styles who seek to embody styles of classic shapes, luxury fabrics, delicate details and stylish prints. They offer a gorgeous selection of classic twists with their Eleanor Printed Shirt, Tourmaline Longline Shirt Dress, Isla Classic Knit/Print Dress, Linden Open Back Blouse and their delicately stunning Topaz Printed Silk Scarf.

The Collection features some stunning designs with stunning subtle statements and such impeccable style at every touch with their gorgeous soft silk printed fabrics that're just beautiful

I adore their use of print and plain breaks within the pieces with printed collar and sleeves with plain body making the piece so flattering and unique

It was such a pleasure to meet and a photograph such a new yet impeccably designed brand with unique and recognisable pieces, that I'm sure will take the industry by storm with such scope and room to expand across their pieces and style. 

Feel so privileged to have been invited to the Bloggers Love Fashion Week Pre Party, I just can't wait for next weeks double day dose of Bloggers Fashion Week antics! 

Also don't miss my #BLFW Pre Party outfit here.

(Stay tuned to Styled by Charlie for write up of next weeks BLFW two day event and see my daily #OOTD post updates



Yesterday evening I attended Blogger Fashion Week Pre Party in Leciester Square, London

As I'm sure everyone had attending the event, I had every fashion lovers struggle of finding something to wear. 

I went through a number of options - as you do - but finalised on a Leather Luxe themed attire for the #BLFW Pre Party

My Leather Luxe look featured my gorgeous A-Line, High Waist Leather Skirt from Zara's latest AW14 Collection (£25.99), worn with my Boxy Tie Bottom Crop Top also from Zara (SALE £9.99), paired with my favourite Nude Courts from New Look (£17.99) and my favourite Chain Mail Statement Neckalce from Rose and Storm (£14.80).

I love this look! 

As I love black. Being a timeless colour in fashion and it's flattering shade on the figure I'd loved pairing it with my New Look Nude Courts to elongate my leg, as well as being such a fashionable and a must have shoe this season. 

Zara's gorgeous Boxy Crop with it's unique and flattering tie bottom for only £9.99 in the sale is definitely a Styled by Charlie Style Steal

Styling this look with my favourite jewellery accessory, my Rose and Storm Chain Mail Necklace that just adds that amazing statement dimention to a look, and it's thickness acts as a collar too. 

I am in love with the trends of AW14 coming in, lots of fur and lots of leather - the perfect combination

Zara have such a F A B new collection and if you've not seen it, get over to now and check it out. 

They're also focused on lots of very affordable ranges which is amazing, and not only in TRF. They're brought out an affordable collection shoes, that're just to die for! My leather skirt for only £25.99? Bargain! 

So don't forget to keep checking the lasts of the Summer Sales this month before all the AW14 collections come out as there are still some absolutely Style Steals to be had! 

Also, keep your eyes peeled for my Bloggers Fashion Week Blog Post on last night's #BLFW Pre Party



"ARK was born out of three clubbers love of music and fashion in the 90's rave scene. Who opened our first shop over 20 years ago in the Leeds Corn Exchange originally to sell tickets for the raves, but started to make merchandise for iconic club nights - becoming part of the Leeds fashion scene as well. Alongside ARK beanies and records, ARK began to stock more and more hard to find undergound brands and created their own clothing lines too with Cloak menswear and Hearts and Bows for women.
Now, along their in house designed brands Cloak and Hearts and Bows, ARK continue to bring you the very best streetwear brands including Fred Perry, Carhartt, Cheap Monday, Motel, Ginger Fizz, The Ragged Priest and more. ARK are about being the first to the biggest trends - whether that's a new shape or an undergound label that's coming up - They bring it to you on the highstreet before any one else."

ARK are one of those amazing brands that you can rely one for on trend, must have and new to the market items that really do get all the fashion lovers out there gidding to purchase. Their amazing selection of Mens and Womenswear, with regularly updated key trends with afforable fashion and amazing sales.

I'm so in love with ARK's Womens Gingham Collections that are so on trend with their gorgeous fabric and fresh styles.

In in awe of this ARK Hearts and Bows Pollianna Gingham Set with its cute girly style with stunning structured design and very figure flattering. The gorgeous textured fabric with its traditionally Gingham pink and white tones look stunning against the pink fabric waistline and adorable pockets.  

I'd style this look in two ways.

For a Festival Fashion look with an Amelia Jane London Flower Crown and a La Moda Vita Back Pack with a favourite pair of Hunter wells. 

For a more casual look i'd style this gorgoues Gingham Two Piece with my favourite pair of Prism Block New Look Heels and a Paul's Boutique Shock Colour Collection Annie Bag in Black with the gorgeous pop of pink in the tag to tie the two pieces together.

The second ARK Gingham Collection look I adore is their Hearts and Bows Lydia Argent Set which I just love the shock black trimming. 

I'd style my Lydia Argent Set with my black Fedora hat, these adorable Sling Back Zara Heels and another Paul's Boutique must have Hayley Moc Croc in Black and even throw on a Black Duster Coat to complete the perfect look. 
I'm so obsessed with this look its such a must have set that's such an adaptable look for every occasion as well as year round fashion.

The final look from ARK's Gingham Collection that I think is a Gingham MUST is their adorable Hearts and Bows Woven Co-ord.

I'm a lover of the peplum style, I think its a forever trend that so flattering adds such a interesting and eye catching dimention to a look be it a dress, a top, a two piece or a playsuit.
I'd style this look very simply as I believe the co-ord has enough to say for itself and it such a gorgeous stunning piece. 

I'd simply style this look with a Cleated Boot, White Socks and a gorgeous statement bag from Pauls Boutique of their gorgoeus statement White Heather Classic

This look is just to die for.

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