Some of you may know of my obsession with changing my hair, and how many different hairstyles I've had over the years; from short to long, shaved to extensions, undercuts to glue-ins... I've had them all

With my very random ability to grow hair quickly, I've been lucky enough to be in the position of changing my hair quite often but with high hairdressers bills! So it's not all happy go lucky

When I was 11 I was bored of being call 'Bin Man Pal' and blending in with the crowd, with my long and to knotted hair and decided that I needed to take that 'secondary school step' and have that grown up change, and decided to get a Bob. From then on, I went shorter and shorter and shorter when at 14 I ended up with an asymmetric bob with short back and sides. However, after having this hair cut for a few years the 'Frankie' craze came in and everyone starter to get the confidence to go shorter and my hair was no longer unique. 

So after much deliberation of me deciding what the hell to do with my hair I decided to get a hair cut I knew no one would have, let alone have the courage to get... So I went to the hairdressers and yes, I asked for a Mushroom

With a asymmetric fringe, with a mushroom top dyed auburn, and shaved with a blade 4 on the the dark brown back and sides.. My Mushroom hair took place. 

No one was mad enough to get this!

After having my beloved Mushroom for a year or so I grew out my undercut and started to just rock the short haired look for ages. So after being a college for a year I started to like standing out from the crowd less and less, and had the hair breakdown I thought I'd never have.... Extensions

Why oh why? It still baffles me to this day. 

I then made the very regretful mistake of getting glue in extensions - don't do it! - and had the joyful experience of them practically destroying my natural hair and scalp, I was forced to result to Clip Ins, which I'd highly recommend, despite them making me look horrific now I look back on pictures. It's nice to be able to have the choice of switching up natural hair and long, thick, full extensions. 

Once I'd finally realised I'm most definitely not a long, long hair person I decided to go back to my short hair decided to just grow it all out to same length, and then out of no where reappeared my 11 year old bob

This utter idiot that I am then cut it all off again, to realise only afterwards I actually did want a bob... 

Then it all grew again and I just wasn't at all satisfied with blending in with the generic bob so back to the drawing board I went with 'how can I have an interesting hairstyle I'll like, and keep?'... Then came about the ombré which I was fan of but didn't like how quickly it took off, and that everyone and his uncle had it! 

I decided, that I'd always wanted the be a mixture of brunette and blonde, and have the excuse to blame my clumsiness and ditziness on my blonde areas, and my random shines of intelligence on my brunette areas, which I thought was quite amusing

So then out came the dye, my favourite mobile hairdresser which resulted in my version of the ombré.. The Harsh Ombré.

I liked the idea of having two colours on my hair but didn't want it to be the ever so popular normal ombré.. So I decided not to gradually descend from brunette to blonde, but to harshly skip from brunette to blonde

This ended up being one of my longest styles that I kept for 9 months without getting bored. But then it struck again, my hair boredom. But I knew I wanted to keep that kind of length, as well as the colour. But where to go from there?

So I called Jade Newman, my local - and amazing - mobile hairdresser explaining I have yet another crazy hair idea, and decided I wanted my bob re-dyed with a brighter, harsher blonde all the way round at about eyebrow height, as well as having my hair cut straight at the ends, no chopping or blending, just straight

And Jade being the amazing visionary she is understood my exact vision, and I absolutely could not be happier

The bob, apparently making a huge comeback this season (just my luck!) saw The Emmy's, Venice Film Festival and the VMA's red carpet's supporting extremely stunning bob hairstyles from the like of Emma Stone, Jordan Dunn, Kristen Wiig, Kerry Washington and Giuliana Rancic.

Got to love short hair!

So from harsh coloured bob, to harsh colour and harsh cut bob, I love the change - even if it's possible my least completely drastic change - I love how just a difference in finish creates a whole new look completely

Here's the before and after

Tidy, neat and chic.

What's fab about my new style is how it can be worn casually as well with the cute straight ends looking boho and festival fitting with my natural waves giving it a straight, cute, casual and girly finish. 

So if you're thinking of changing your hairstyle, maybe you haven't before or maybe your an addict like me! 

Take the plunge. Why not? 

My biggest advice would be don't feel like you have to be complete certain on exactly what you want before you book the appointment, trust the hairdresser their job is to embrace your vision, surprise yourself

Lots of people have asked about my new hair, and for my hairdressers details.
She's Rutland based, mobile and f a b ulous

Click here, to view her Facebook with price list and all her information. 


  1. Your hair looks lovely, I've seen so many articles about cutting your hair short because it's the fashion right now but I'm too much of a long hair girl!

    1. Everyone should be comfortable with this own unique style! I wish I suited long hair sometimes, but I just don't! Haha Short hair is just my thing. Embrace your locks! xxx

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