On Monday evening I was lucky enough to attend Bloggers Fashion Week Pre Party in Leicester Square, London. I travelled down from the Midlands to the Pre Party as a Photographer as well as a Blogger which I felt very privileged to be invited too. 

The event was held by Bloggers Love who invited and offered registrations for Blogger to attend the Pre Party Event. 

I met and attended the event with some new Fashion and Beauty Blogger friends who's Blogs and Vlogs you really should check out:

Bloggers Love invited brands showcasing their latest collections ranging from handmade jewellery designers to print designers as well as handmade couture gowns

It was lovely to meet the brands and see their latest collections and fabulous unique designs, to try on and think of styling tips and ideas.

See my #BLFW Pre Party outfit here.

The #BLFW Pre Party was held in Leicester Square, London opposite M&M world, so it was easy enough to find. Climbing the 7 flights of stairs - as some other clumsy Bloggers as I walked straight past the lift - to be welcomed by a stunning suite with gorgeous views over London to Big Ben and the London Eye. 

We were greeted with marshmallow drinks and heart shaped balloons with the brands and designers scattered about the suite with their rails of stunning designs and items.

Bloggers Love had put on a gorgeous spread with a huge candy bar with sweets galore for us to pick and nibble at in-between brand networking and photographing. 

Seating was arranged in booth-like arrangements such as a 'Blogger Speed Dating' booths for Bloggers and Photographers to get to know one another, discuss their Blogs, specialist areas and share Blogging knowledge.

The setting was stunning, and not being from London myself was obviously very interesting and appreciated on my part, if only the weather behaved itself more we would've been able to see for miles. 

I loved the Candy Bar feature to the event central in the room being the little centre piece and bonding point for Bloggers over some adorable delights. 

The arrangement of seating and areas was perfect for Blogger Bonding discussing the BLFW brands items, what to wear for next weeks BLFW 2 Day Event and learning from and advising one another on Blogging.

I met and attended the event with some new Fashion and Beauty Blogger friends who's Blogs and Vlogs you really should check out:

Dippy Writes

Copper Garden

Lauren Marie Reveries

It was lovely to meet the girls and chat about BloggingVlogging and share fashion and beauty ideas and tips over a glass of wine at Yates, Leicester Square and I've been inspired to possibly start a Vlog - What do you think?

The first brand and company I visited at the BLFW Pre Party was Vania Couture with their stunning handmade designs and exquisite pieces of Couture Fashion from layered red lace gowns to feather and sequin embellished designs that're just amazing to view, imagine wearing one.. WOW.

Vania-Couture was born in 2014. It all started when I was planning my wedding and trying to find my perfect dress. Trawling from dress shop to dress shop, I felt that nothing fitted my style and budget and every dress made feel less like a special bride.

So I decided to create a bespokebridal couture dress where I could choose every detail, from the style of dress to the type of fabric and embroidery” 

-  Vania Alves

The second brand I mingled with at the BLFW Pre Party was Syreeta Badu, the very talented Plus Size designer with her unique styles and gorgeous printed fabrics.

Syreeta's collection 'Concrete Rose' has been featured in recognized newspapers and magazines such as The Curvy Fashionista, VOLUP2 The Grace Issue, Evolve Magazine and the Fashion Telegraph and Syreeta's 'Concrete Rose' Collection also featured at British Plus Size Fashion Weekend in 2013

What I adore about Syreeta's amazing collection is how her garments encourage confidence and ooze style, and reassures Plus Size Fashion Fearlessness and show's you can be fashionablefabulous and comfortable in your own skin.

Another thing I love about Syreeta's designs are how they're not just for Plus Size women, as a size 8/10 I love trying on Syreeta's versatile designs for an oversized, high fashionable look with their unique shoulder pad or african, floral and animal print incorporating styles and trends, they're just too F A B.

But my favourite part of Syreeta Badu's collection and her f a b ulous creative mind is how she named her collection. 'Concrete Rose', named because it draws from the harshness of the way that the media and the public sometimes feel about a plus size womanThe Rose that blossomed through the concrete is the confidence in their own skin that women of today are happily starting to show off. 
Syreeta also carefully named each garment in her 2012 collection with descriptions of what she wishes for all women to feel like when wearing her clothing - How f a b ulous is that?

Blogger Lauren Marie Kelly with Designer, Syreeta Badu and with her favourite piece from the Concrete Rose Collection.

Also featured at BLFW at London's The Penthouse, Leicester Square was Tinkilove with their artistic and futuristic occasionwear combined with street, edgy and creative wear with the most amazing collection of fabrics combinations and unique, fun and playful styles.

Their rail had the most gorgeous array of colours from pastels to deep purples with fun and unique prints with items from kimonos, crop tops, high waist skirts to longline printed tshirts.

One of my favourite brand booths at BLFW was Ellie Air, with their amazing new collection 'Tesoro' - Italian for 'Treasure'; Wealth in the form of precious metals and jewels - handcrafted in silver, rose gold plate and semi precious stones. Ellie Air's Tesoro Collection is stunning, handcrafted together using exquisite techniques combining the metals and stones together where the stones act like hidden gems, hidden in unexpected areas across the collection themselves, Treasure

The whole collection is just outstandingly stunning. With unique styles and designs such as the Tesoro Earrings with their drop back feature with dangles effortlessly holding the Peridot and Moonstone jewels in place, a piece of art.

Another of my favourite pieces has to be the Tesoro Ring - available in Silver or Rose Gold Plate - a double featured ring with a midi ring connected by a tear drop jewellery and metal string that creates the most beautiful subtle statement ring

But my favourites in the Ellie Air Tesoro (Treasure) Collection have to be the Tube Collection, with their limited edition beauty and secret 'Hidden Gem' compartments are just attention to detail perfection

I admire designers and artists who use their talent as well as their talented creative mind to create hidden and meaningful aspects to their designs. Be it clothing, jewellery or music for example and they go to the effort of bring that artistic meaning to their work, I admired Ellie Air for bringing that into their Tesoro Collection

I would adore to own the Tube Necklace, Earrings and Ring set. They're exquisite

Lastly, the last designer and brand I got the pleasure on mingling with at BLFW was Eleanor Linden.

Eleanor Linden is stunning luxurious brand who offer a gorgeous range of styles who seek to embody styles of classic shapes, luxury fabrics, delicate details and stylish prints. They offer a gorgeous selection of classic twists with their Eleanor Printed Shirt, Tourmaline Longline Shirt Dress, Isla Classic Knit/Print Dress, Linden Open Back Blouse and their delicately stunning Topaz Printed Silk Scarf.

The Collection features some stunning designs with stunning subtle statements and such impeccable style at every touch with their gorgeous soft silk printed fabrics that're just beautiful

I adore their use of print and plain breaks within the pieces with printed collar and sleeves with plain body making the piece so flattering and unique

It was such a pleasure to meet and a photograph such a new yet impeccably designed brand with unique and recognisable pieces, that I'm sure will take the industry by storm with such scope and room to expand across their pieces and style. 

Feel so privileged to have been invited to the Bloggers Love Fashion Week Pre Party, I just can't wait for next weeks double day dose of Bloggers Fashion Week antics! 

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(Stay tuned to Styled by Charlie for write up of next weeks BLFW two day event and see my daily #OOTD post updates


  1. Absolutely breathtaking! Kudos to you for being invited into such a chic event! Would never have guessed this was happening right above the chocolate-scented M&M's World. haha. It just seems so black-tie.

    And I think: Go all out on vlogging! It's a slightly different medium but if us bloggers have the passion, anything is is possible. Maybe you could even reel in a different demographic? Who knows!

    I hope to read more from you soon, I love the way you photographed everything and your writing is just so readable. =)

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary


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