Since getting our offer accepted on the house everything has been pretty manic, but exciting!
We've been buying lots of home essentials and I thought I'd share them with you so you've an idea of what you can buy if you're planning your move!


Breville Impressions Kettle
I'm really fussy with kettles and toasters as I think they're usually really bulky and unattractive.
I'm very style conscious and want everything in my home to be as pretty as possible.
So when I found this Breville Kettle I fell in love!
Perfectly Retro and matches our kitchen.

Breville Impressions Toaster
With the Kettle came a matching toaster which obviously I couldn't resist either.
It's a 4 Toast Toaster which is perfect as theres nothing worse than 2 slices getting cold while you're waiting for the rest to pop up!

Kenwood Dual Fuel Range Cooker
I was always worried about getting a cooker as I'm really fussy and particular with what I want in the house. Which to some might sound ridiculous but to me is really important.
I didn't want a huge bulky ugly cooker to take over my kitchen that didn't look nice.
Then we found this Kenwood Dual Fuel Range in Currys and I fell in love!
It's the standard size of a Range Cooker but with a huge solo door which is perfect for my baking and I just can't wait to get in my kitchen and get cooking now!

SMEG Fridge
A Smeg is something I've always dreamt of in my dream home and luckily we managed to pick one up for a 3rd of the price from eBay and it's utterly perfect!
I wanted the one door size which is ideal for all your fresh fridge food with fab compartment drawers and racks for everything you could possibly need.
Included a drinks/wine rack which just topped it off for me!
But also has a freezer section at the top for your freezer essentials.

18 Piece Dinner Set
I find dinnerware fun to shop for, I'm forever buying plate and bowls.
So picking a set so everything matches for the home was quite fun!
Sad I know!
We decided to go for this off white/beige set from IKEA which was only £20 for a Set of 18.

Chopping Board
I'm always cooking, forever making sauces and chopping veg.
This huge chopping board from IKEA was impossible to walk away from.
I can't wait to have it set up on my worktop and use it every day!


The White Company Towels
As a huge The White Company fan I know I wanted TWC Towels in our house.
Soft and amazing quality so they'll last years.
The White Company recently had a sale on and I managed to grab a whole set of towels for a bargain price. I'm so pleased I managed to get them on sale and can't wait to use them for the first time!

Roll Top Bath
Our house is really traditional as was build in 1800's so it seemed only right to buy a Roll Top Bath for the bathroom.
We had a Roll Top Bath in our first ever home where I was born and it seemed a cute memorable addition for my first home that Tom and I bought.


Duck Feather and Down Duvet
We've upgraded to a Super King Bed as Tom is over 6ft and we're both bed/duvet hogger's so it was the smartest decision!
I knew I wanted a Feather and Down Duvet for our new house having had them in several hotels, however was thrown back by them being around £100 for a Super King size.
But when in Dunelm last weekend we managed to find the perfect one on half price for £32.00.

Quilted Wing Queen Bed
I've had so many beds. I get board of them so quickly.
I've had 4 different beds in the past 4 years.
So when choosing a New Super King Bed for our New Home I wanted something I've always dreamt of, a Statement Headboard.
We fell completely in love with this Winged Quilted Statement Bed and can't wait to pop it in situ. 


Henry Hoover
One of my biggest pet hates in the world is hoovering.
So choosing a hoover was difficult for me.
As our house is scattered across 4 floors I thought a Henry was the perfect option.
A compact, easy to carry (and very cute) hoover that's not going to break my back carrying up and down the stairs all the time.

Door Mat
Our house is on a Street called 'Orange Street' so when I came across this fun striped door mat in IKEA for only £6 I had to pop it in my basket!
Too cute!

I hope you enjoyed this different king of post!
I can't wait to share more of our home happenings with you as our journey continues.

Thanks for reading,

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25.10.15 London, UK

Firstly, much apologies for my absense this past week!
My life has become insanely crazy yet very exciting, very quickly!
Tom and I have bought our first house together and were sent away last week on a surprise trip to Rome for our joint 21st Birthday.
So, life has been manic and amazing.

In Rome we stayed in  the most stunning area of Via del Corso surround by every high-end shop imaginable, street performers and beautiful picturesque side streets.
Our Hotel - Grand Hotel Plaza - was outstanding. I felt like a Princess.
We had the most amazing relaxing break that we needed away from the stress and excitement of the move.

But, don't worry!
We still did a bit of shopping (obviously),
'When in Rome' and all!

I love Italian Leather.
So when I spotted a Shop on Via del Corso selling only Italian Leather Handbags I knew where the last of my Euros were going! I drove Tom crazy spending way to long in there but I was completely spoilt for choice!

I bought two...
I know, naughty naughty!
But they are so beautiful, amazing quality and very Mulberry, Chloe and Chanel Inspired. They we're around 40€ each which I thought was a no brainer for an Italian Leather Handbag.
So, yes. I bought two.

The first I decided on was a Quilted Tan (Chanel Inspired) Leather Shoulder
Body BagI love the unique colouring of the leather which shouted Italy to me.

The second a Mink Brown/Grey coloured Leather Shoulder Body Bag.
Which look so much like a Designer Bag I just had to have it!
Everything about it screams High-End.

I seriously lack small bags in my extensive handbag collection so I've been after a
small shoulder bag for a while, but desperately wanted something of quality and style.
They're both the perfect grab and go bag for all your complete essentials.
Day or Night and go with everything.
I'm in love with them.

The look, style and quality of both of them is just perfection.
Like so many high-end bags I've dreamt of for years and the smell of the leather
just completes them.

My New Perfect Companions and Essentials to my Bag Collection.

Thanks for reading,

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As you saw on Sunday, Tom and I have bought our first home together!
This is the most exciting time ever and I just cannot wait to get in our first home.

As I mentioned in Sunday's Blog Post I'm a bit of a perfectionist and love Interiors.
I thought this for this weeks blog post I'd share some of the Homeware Essentials I been sourcing since finding out the good news.

I'd been creating a Wish List/Moodboard/Portfolio of all the things I'm loving and cntenplating for the New Home using It's the perfect site to simply and quickly gather all your findings where you can quickly and easily pop back and reassess them whenever you need.

So, heres some of the things I'm been collecting on my Profile to buy for the New Home!

I fell in love with this amazing Cook Pot when scrolling the pages of Habitat and noticed a huge collection of attractive cookware that is so refreshing and unique that I just simply have to have!
The combination of tradition brown accents with fun monochrome patterns of stripes and spots.

I love all things Copper and I'm a messy Cook.
So when I saw this Copper Spoon Rest, it's as if it's made for me!
Forever getting food and cause everywhere when cooking the stunning copper spoon rest could solve a lot of messy cook symptoms.

I'm a massive Pug lover and collect everything Pug related.
These expensive but amazing Salt and Pepper Shakers are the perfect talking point and crazy satisfying addition to my kitchen-to-be.

As I mentioned I have an obsession with Copper things, when I saw these Copper Cutlery from Zara Home my Cutlery Budget rose immediately.
Christmas list me thinks?

Forever searching for a large Fur Rug, an not the tiny tacky £10 one from IKEA?
I think I found it. Well, I've actually I've found 2!
One 1.2m Rectangular Fur Rug from Wilko - £23.00 (here) and one Sheepskin 1.6m one from IKEA - £130.00 (here).
For me, both are a must.

I love statement lighting but I'm much more a fan of the industrial look myself.
When I found these Copper Cluster Lights I fell in love and can immediately imagine them in my New Living Room.

Pom-Pom Duvet Cover from Urban Outfitters
Love Pom-Poms? You'll need this.
What is more cute and perfect in life than Giant Pom-Pom Fringed Bedding?
Nothing. Thank god for Urban Outfitters.

Dreaming of my exposed wardrobe space perfected by Gold Coat Hangers, thanks to this amazing value 5 Pack from Zara Home.

I love Crinkle Linen, I think it looks so high end but rustic at the same time.
Which is why I fell in love with these Cushion Covers from H&M I can't wait to have on my New 6ft Bed!

I love unique crafts and this stunning hand crafted jewellery stand really caught my eye.
The perfect subtle bedroom accessory statement to hang your beloved jewels on.

Finding out we'll be in our New Home for Christmas really did pop the cherry and sprinkles on top for me and I began planning my Christmas theme already!

Whether you're a craft fanatic or minimalist lover (or both like me), you'll love these ceramic baubles with rustic string ties. Perfect for designing your own christmas designs on or simply just hanging from the tree for that plain, minimalist matte effect, I just need them.

Antler Tree Decoration from The Range
I love rustic finishes when Christmas Decorating and I definitely will be investing in a few of these unique Stag Antlers to pop on my tree, especially as they're only £1.29.

I think stockings are one of the cutest and most special parts of Christmas and I fell in love with these Rustic Hessian Stockings from Tesco for only £8.50.

That's just a few things I'm hoping to purchase for my move to my First Home!
I hope you enjoyed it! To keep up with the other things I've been loving make sure to follow me on social media and keep checking out my Profile for more recent interiors finds!

Thanks for reading,

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It’s been a whirlwind week of crazy decisions and exciting experiences. If you’re a Styled by Charlie regular you’ll be award that on Wednesday I missed a post for the first week in ages.
So this post is partly an apology and an explanation!

This week we got some crazily exciting news that we had an offer accepted on a house, meaning Tom and I are buying our first home together!

It’s the most exciting time and we’re so pleased about this huge exciting chapter of our lives and cannot wait to move in and begin decorating!

Being a perfectionist I’ve already began designs and ideas for decorating each room and an interiors theme for the house.
The house itself is an old semi detached cottage, built in 1890 with rooms over 4 floors including 2 cellars and a converted attic.
It’s everything we’ve ever dreamt of and is completely perfect.

On to interior design, a huge passion of mine. I work full time in an interior shop and enjoy decorating, up cycling and designing interiors as a hobby in my spare time.
So the fact that within a couple of weeks Tom and I will own a house of our own and be able to decorate and design it to our own taste and desires is super exciting.

As a girl who likes to plan, yes i have already made a moodpboard or two sorting out each room and each different space in the house. From the living room with original pine floors to the bathroom with wooden panelling wall features, everything about it is completely perfect.

My love for interior design means I have many favourites when it comes to eras and periods, a lot of love for different themes and unique pieces. So when it comes to designing and creating your own homely home, which you’ve got complete freedom to do whatever we want with it!

My kind of interiors style is very particular so brace yourself, ‘Scandinavian Rustic Vintage French Chic’.
I love the simplicity of the Scandinavian home and the rawness and country feel of rustic interiors with the old and beautiful aspects of french furniture from the colours to the detailed furniture designs and unique pieces, combined together making the perfect combination of interior eras and periods.

I’ll be documenting and sharing my purchases and ideas on my blog and my YouTube Channel through Blog Posts and Vlogs of our journey and experiences with our move.

Thanks to everyone for your support,

We’re super excited for this new chapter of our life together.

Thanks for reading,

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Through September I did a little bit of Beauty Shopping in Superdrug and TK Maxx!
So I thought I'd share the things I bought in a Blog Haul for you!

First I went to Superdrug!
I'm obsessed with Tanya Burr's New Released Products.
In a previous post I showed my New Tanya Burr Products, and this week I picked up the Lipgloss in 'Berry Picking'. All the Tanya Burr Lipgloss' are amazing. The packaging, the applicator and the formula in an affordable drugstore product is so refreshing, you can always rely on a Beauty YouTuber to create a amazing quality product.

'Berry Picking' is a stunning shade! I'll be wearing it over my MAC Nightmoth Lipliner and MAC Diva Lipstick Combo for the perfect glossy autumnal lip look. However the product is very pigmented so you could wear it on it's own very easily.

This is one of the newest products in the Tanya Burr Range that launched on the last week of September her New Cheek Palettes!
They come in 2 Shades; Peachy Glow & Rosy Flush including a Bronzer, Blush and Powder Highlight. The formula is amazing. So blend-able and pigmented for a strong or subtle look.
The Highlighter is beautiful with the perfect amount of shimmer. They pressed powders are embossed with Bronzer Stripes, Blusher Hearts and Highlight Stars.
So pretty!

Lottie London Top Coat in So Gel
I've been meaning to try Lottie London as a brand for a while, and since they now have a space in Superdrug it's much easier to get hold of!
I picked up the Top Coat Polish in So Gel. It's a Gel like finish to achieve the salon gel look at home.
It's brilliant! It's thick and glossy but dries quickly. Leaving the perfect Gloss Gel Finish with Salon perfect Nails from Home.
Highly recommended!

I've been searching for an Eye Primer for ages since my Elf Cosmetics one ran out.
I've heard amazing things about high end eye primers, but not much hype about any Drugstore alternatives. So I decided to try out the MUA Eye Primer as I love MUA products for their great drugstore quality and very affordable prices.
The Primer is fab for a Drugstore buy. It's creamy and sets the base soft and ready for eyeshadow application. This product is so affordable and accessible, it's definitely a Drugstore much have from me! 

Watching Lily Melrose's Videos on YouTube recently I noticed she used the Maybelline Pore Eraser daily and I'd never tried it. So when in Superdrug a couple of week ago I decided to give it a try!
It's the gel like consistency that I prefer in a Primer and does exactly what it says on the tube.
It's gel like formula glides over the skin evenly leaving a soft even finish perfect for apply a base to for a flawless look.

I've tried B. Skincare and Lipgloss' which are amazing!
But Superdrug's exclusive brand B. have recently launched a Brush Range with an affordable Brush Cleaner! This is such a handy product thats so travel friendly with a small bottle size and a pump spritz lid too. It's such a good product for brush cleaning making the tedious task quick and easy by spraying the product into your hand and swirling your dirty brushes around watching the dirt wash away.
Simple and easy.

I love Real Techniques Brushes I not sure there is a much better brush brand available on the high street. However, when in TK Maxx last month I noticed a selection of Real Techniques products in the Beauty Section, obviously cheaper than the drugstore! Is that possible?
So I popped the stippling brush in my basket as seeing Real Techniques Brushes at a bargain price, would be crazy to walk away without at least one!
(I then went in at a later date and picked up the Powder Brush and Blusher Blush too! Oops!)

The Balm Nude'tude Palette
So, this is kind of a cheat in the mix as The Balm products aren't really 'affordable/drugstore' however, TK Maxx have a selection of The Balm products in stock making them so affordable!
I picked up the The Balm Nude'tude Palette from TK Maxx for £16.99!
It's not only a pretty and fun palette it has the perfect everyday palette with darker shades for night looks. It's a combination of Mattes and Shimmers including a Black smokey shades and a White shimmer inner corner highlight shade.
This palette is incredible, and also comes with an amazing Eye Primer which is the best I've ever used!
I'd recommend popping into TK Maxx and picking up some amazing beauty bargains ASAP before they're gone!

That's my High Street Beauty Haul!
I hope you enjoyed it and it's given you new products to try.
Let me know if you've tried them I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading!

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