Since getting our offer accepted on the house everything has been pretty manic, but exciting!
We've been buying lots of home essentials and I thought I'd share them with you so you've an idea of what you can buy if you're planning your move!


Breville Impressions Kettle
I'm really fussy with kettles and toasters as I think they're usually really bulky and unattractive.
I'm very style conscious and want everything in my home to be as pretty as possible.
So when I found this Breville Kettle I fell in love!
Perfectly Retro and matches our kitchen.

Breville Impressions Toaster
With the Kettle came a matching toaster which obviously I couldn't resist either.
It's a 4 Toast Toaster which is perfect as theres nothing worse than 2 slices getting cold while you're waiting for the rest to pop up!

Kenwood Dual Fuel Range Cooker
I was always worried about getting a cooker as I'm really fussy and particular with what I want in the house. Which to some might sound ridiculous but to me is really important.
I didn't want a huge bulky ugly cooker to take over my kitchen that didn't look nice.
Then we found this Kenwood Dual Fuel Range in Currys and I fell in love!
It's the standard size of a Range Cooker but with a huge solo door which is perfect for my baking and I just can't wait to get in my kitchen and get cooking now!

SMEG Fridge
A Smeg is something I've always dreamt of in my dream home and luckily we managed to pick one up for a 3rd of the price from eBay and it's utterly perfect!
I wanted the one door size which is ideal for all your fresh fridge food with fab compartment drawers and racks for everything you could possibly need.
Included a drinks/wine rack which just topped it off for me!
But also has a freezer section at the top for your freezer essentials.

18 Piece Dinner Set
I find dinnerware fun to shop for, I'm forever buying plate and bowls.
So picking a set so everything matches for the home was quite fun!
Sad I know!
We decided to go for this off white/beige set from IKEA which was only £20 for a Set of 18.

Chopping Board
I'm always cooking, forever making sauces and chopping veg.
This huge chopping board from IKEA was impossible to walk away from.
I can't wait to have it set up on my worktop and use it every day!


The White Company Towels
As a huge The White Company fan I know I wanted TWC Towels in our house.
Soft and amazing quality so they'll last years.
The White Company recently had a sale on and I managed to grab a whole set of towels for a bargain price. I'm so pleased I managed to get them on sale and can't wait to use them for the first time!

Roll Top Bath
Our house is really traditional as was build in 1800's so it seemed only right to buy a Roll Top Bath for the bathroom.
We had a Roll Top Bath in our first ever home where I was born and it seemed a cute memorable addition for my first home that Tom and I bought.


Duck Feather and Down Duvet
We've upgraded to a Super King Bed as Tom is over 6ft and we're both bed/duvet hogger's so it was the smartest decision!
I knew I wanted a Feather and Down Duvet for our new house having had them in several hotels, however was thrown back by them being around £100 for a Super King size.
But when in Dunelm last weekend we managed to find the perfect one on half price for £32.00.

Quilted Wing Queen Bed
I've had so many beds. I get board of them so quickly.
I've had 4 different beds in the past 4 years.
So when choosing a New Super King Bed for our New Home I wanted something I've always dreamt of, a Statement Headboard.
We fell completely in love with this Winged Quilted Statement Bed and can't wait to pop it in situ. 


Henry Hoover
One of my biggest pet hates in the world is hoovering.
So choosing a hoover was difficult for me.
As our house is scattered across 4 floors I thought a Henry was the perfect option.
A compact, easy to carry (and very cute) hoover that's not going to break my back carrying up and down the stairs all the time.

Door Mat
Our house is on a Street called 'Orange Street' so when I came across this fun striped door mat in IKEA for only £6 I had to pop it in my basket!
Too cute!

I hope you enjoyed this different king of post!
I can't wait to share more of our home happenings with you as our journey continues.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Yay for henry the hoover =] I've got one


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