So it's that time of year again where we all either dress up as bloody garish beings or clothesless bunnies, cats and in Means Girls case, Mice? 


My favourite thing about Halloween is that I get to experiment with dark makeup and mostly, as you all know how much I love a good mani, Halloween means I get to enjoy decorating my nails! 

I'm a lover of simple but effective nail art and I am quite an inpatient person I love nail art that is quick and simple to do but once complete, very effective!

My favourite Halloween nail art has to be drip designs, but not your usual bloody drips colourful drips with fun Halloween inspiration. 

For this years Halloween Mani I'm using my new polishes starting with Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking Pink which I just a great vibrant colour the perfect pop of colour to match accessories with but with a fashion neon Halloween influence which I bought from ASOS

My nails I'm wearing are Superdrug's Stiletto Nails that're currently on offer at £3.10 for a Set of 48 that last around a week and the box contains around 3 sets depending on which size nails you require.

I used my Barry M Shocking Pink Nail Paint as the base coat for my Halloween nails which is a F A B polish with great coverage and you only need 2 coats for a full finish. 

Barry M polishes are good beauty they have a great natural shine and a top coat isn't necessary for that added sheen. 

(Obviously if you're prone to chipping your nails a top coat is always good for extra protection)

When apply nail art if you don't have access to a nail art kit it's always good to have a range of polishes with different brushes and different brands have different brushes in thickness, length and width. For my desired nail are look I was after a black polish with a thin but long brush, so I sent my younger brother on his travels one evening to find my desired black Polish as my Rimmel black polishs' brush just wasn't right. 

And he returned with the perfect black polish with a thin and long brush which was £3.00 a Gel polish from George's beauty range at ASDA.  

The polish is perfect for simple nail art application as it have a great sheen, isn't gloopy but is the perfect thick consistently for added nail art such as my desired drips isn't doesn't need much more than 1 coat. 

So using the George polish brush shallowly coated in polish, with a steady hand delicately apply the drips and alternate in length, and size on the nails so the drips look more realistic not being identical on each nail. 

This look is so quick an easy and with the polishes I used they're fabulous that they dry so quickly so if you are impatient like myself, this simple yet extremely affection nail look is perfect for that pre party nail perfection look for your Hallowen evening that should take longer than 10 minutes!

If you're not confident with nails art the this is a great, perfect nail art look to try for the first time too as its not to fiddly and you don't require lots of polishes and lots of experience.  

So if you're inspired by my Halloween nail look, give it a go and please tag me on Twitter: @pallettBLOGGER and Instagram: @charliepallett please tag me in your photos!



As my absolute favourite seasons just around the corner, and my favourite season of fashion is hitting the shelves my challenge of finding the perfect winter essentials begins! 

Year on year as the summer ends I get more and more excited for the winter and the gorgeous winter items and most of all Christmas

I find that each there their are 6 main things thatre essential to find for the winter months; a fur coat, pair of gloves, oversized scarf and the essential pair of slippers

When I can across the amazing brand Bedroom Athletics (which I'm sure you're all familiar with), my slipper issue was solved

Bedroom Athletics put and end to those 'novelty slipper' gives that you love for 5 minutes then you instantly wish you have a more versatile, comfy and ultimately warm pair that're actually going to last you for winters to come. 

So after being unable to find the perfect pair of slippers since my first pair of Bedroom Athletics Slipper Boots I was bought years ago by my Dad, it's come that I know need a new pair of slippers I can rely on. 

I've been obsessed with fluffy Mule Slippers this year and have been searching for the best pair for the best price. I bought a pair of camel coloured ones from Primark but for £4 unfortunately you get what you pay for. Which unfortunately was a pair of slippers that were good for only a week, but the low quality fur used in them became limp, lifeless and looses its fluff from being worn and they don't fit the expectations at all, and soon found themselves at the bottom of my shoe box... 

So when I can across Bedroom Athletics huge range of Mule Slippers in all colours and styles from your traditional sand, chocolate and camel colour fur mules to brightly coloured Mules too, but what makes Bedroom Athletics' Mules the best is their amazing fluffiness which is from their Genuine SheepSkin which is throughout the slipper, outside, inside, top, and bottom giving your feet the perfect kennel for winter, and I'm obsessed

Bedroom Athletics have the most amazing ranges from Fluffy Slipper Boots, Moccasin Slippers, Balerina Slippers, Slipper Socks and one of my favourites is their collaboration with Harris Tweed to create the most amazing range of Mule and Moccasin Slippers in the most desirable range of Harris Tweeds and Tartans. They even offer direct types of Mules with or without fur lips and adorable Moccasins with bows and boat shoe style rims.

Bedroom Athletics don't just do the most amazing range of Indoor Footwear but they do gorgeous Loungewear too

From Vest and Short Sets, Lightweight Fitted Onesies to Slouchy and even Furry and Fluffy Onesies too, the perfect selection of year round Pyjamas and Loungwear in amazing quality, styles and the best selection

Their Loungewear ranges from Fleeces Ponchos to Fleeced Hoodies and Track Pants, to Dressing Gowns and Check Lounge Pants and Shorts as well as Leggings and T Shirts too. 

I'm honestly obsessed with the amount of fleeced options, and keep dreaming of Christmasy Mornings in a Fleeced Onesies, Ponchos and Fleeced Lounge Hoodies and Lounge Pants Set.. Heaven!  

The amazing quality and fit of my Coral Molly Mules is amazing and they turn my cold feet into little furry pieces of heaven.

Since having my Bedroom Athletics Slipper I've tried comparing them with my old pairs of slippers and nothing compares. The structure and quality manufacturing of them are just divine and I can tell they're going to last me a very long, long time

So if you're after that perfect pair of slippers, pyjamas or Loungwear to get your through the typical English weather and cold mornings and nights I really highly recommend that you check the amazing selection of quality perfection at Bedroom Athletcis



So excited to show you all my favourite new accessory

My stunning 100% Silk Square Cut Scarves from the desirable Scarves By My with the most stunning, intriguing, unique print that in absolutely obsessed with, and the style and print means it's such a versatile piece that can be used in your every day style too. 

My By My scarf is the unique Pop!Corn style that I fell in love with. The print features unique collages of Popcorn, stone cuts, crystals in the most beautiful arrangement of subtle stunning shapes, colours and designs. The design mean the colours can be matched with nearly any colouring with the autumnal tones and pop of colours allows the gorgeous Pop!Corn scarf to be paired with any and every outfit worn in many ways. 

The Pop!Corn is the softed and most delicate and desirable material that at the touch mean you don't want to put it down, and the versatile style and size makes it the perfect statement piece to brighten up any outfit or accessory. 

Your By My scarf arrives in adorable branded packaging and a little protection case for your delicate new best friend, with all the By My design beauty too. 

By My have a range of scarf in all styles, colours, designs and sizes to fit every personality and style. If you a geometric lover theirs try By My Gem Scarf, if you're more of a girly girl there's the By My Wild Yonder Scarf with more pastel tones or if you're into more earthly colouring your By My match would be the By My Grassy Skull Scarf, cute polka dots with the By My Drunk & Disorderly Scarf, or finally the stunning stone and crystal print with the By My Crystal Pins Scarf

There's a By My Scarf for everyone, for every personality and style which is why I think these luxury and heavenly design pieces are a must for the Christmas list this year and the perfect gift as there is one to suit everyone. 

My By My match is definitely the Pop!Corn Scarf with its autumnal tones, perfect for me to pair with my monochrome style and to add that perfect subtle pop of pattern, colour and style to my look worn around my neck in a vintage style or as a bow tie, or even attached to my handbag as a scarf attachment to add that statement partner to my accessories, or even worn as the cutest bracelet on the wrist to add colour and texture to your favourite winter knit. 

However my favourite way to wear my By My Scarf as a head scarf as the autumnal tones with my blonde and brunette hair look lovely as is such an attractive way to wear your hair different especially if you have short hair like me and can't tie it up, it looks fabulous tied back with the gorgeous Pop!Corn scarf tied in a vintage style. 

Another of my favourite things about By My and their amazing collection and designs is their amazing logo which I just love, that printed in the corner of your new favourite scarf I think the logo just says so much about the brand and their unique designs. 

I love attaching my by my scarf as a handbag accessory and a bracelet for the cold winter months, and save it as my essential neck accessory for that Vintage Chic look for the summer months with a gorgeous midi skater skirt and Bardot sleeve top and your favourite courts to create the cutest Sandra Dee style look or with your essential leather jacket in the winter months, your favourite boots and high waist jeans for the monochrome look with the perfect amount of colour and Pop! of statement

I currently have my Pop!Corn pal attached to my handbags to add that extra bit of colour and sass to my bag and add another statement area to my look that also give your bags a new look too! 

I'm obsessed with my Pop!Corn Scarf and I cannot wait for the summer months to add the adorable vintage look with my adorable, soft and unique By My must have accessory.

Be sure to check out the amazing By My designs and find your new partner in crime and find which By My Scarf you are?

Please let me know which ones you choose by commenting bellow!  

Don't forget!
As always I like to make sure my fabulous readers get the best style steals of the moment. So By My are offering a unique discount code for the Styled by Charlie readers.

Get 20% OFF your favourite By My accessory with the discount code 'STYLEDBYCHARLIE'

Be sure to tag me @pallettBLOGGER (Insta: @charliepallett) and @ScarvesMyBy in your By My purchase so I can see which gorgeous statement scarf you've gone for! 



Thank you to the lovely Albertine for this tag, so here we go... 

1. Which product do you still keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?
Well, it always used to be lipsticks, lipsticks, lipsticks. However currently, with my new found love for makeup and I know look forward to taking the time to do my makeup each day and becoming obsessed with Tanya Burr, her videos and products (especially Chic Gloss) my new favourite product is definitely Lipgloss

With Superdrug's 50th Anniversary offers across all their departments at the moment I now own nearly every B. lipgloss! But my favourite B. Glossy Lip Gloss is definitely a toss up between Jelly Bean & Hibiscus which are among the many B. products on offer at the moment both only £1.99

2. What’s the one product you couldn’t live without?
I couldn't live without my MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW18. It's my partner in crime and thr Queen of my makeup bag. Partnered with my second must have product MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW18 they're a match made in heaven for complete medium/full coverage.
When I first purchased MAC Studio Fix Foundation it was the first makeup product I ever purchased that secured my confidence in makeup. 
3. Favourite makeup brand?
MAC. I love MAC, I love the confidence that comes wit MAC's products. Their foundation, powder and lipsticks are just must haves. 
I love the price ranges in MAC, as they're not a budget brand, and they're not in the highest of makeup price ranges they sit in middle but I think the quality of their products are well up their with the higher/designer brand.
My favourite MAC products have to be: 
Matte Liptick in Russian Red, Velvet Teddy and Smoked Purple
Studio Fix Foundation and Studio Fix Powder in NW18

However, for budget high street makeup brands I've recently discovered and fell in love with the quality and affordability in Superdrug's B. Makeup Collection. Where I adore their Lipgloss' and their Skin Care too! 
(Which are all currently on offer with Superdrug's 50th Anniversary Sale)  
4. How big is your make-up collection?
I've only recently found an obsession with makeup, but it's recently and quickly grown! 
My foundation collection sits only with one bottle of MAC Studio Fix as well as my Powder collection too. 
My lipstick and gloss collection is probably the largest area of my makeup bag which I alternate daily! 
As for everything else in my makeup collection I'm working through each item figuring out which I'll repurchase and which I won't.
But if you have any makeup recomendations that you're currently loving, please let me know and comment below! 
5. And how do you like to store it?
My makeup is probably a small collection compared to many other Bloggers, but it all sits together happily split between my FYT & Co Wash Bag and my Sew Lomax Custom Lipstick Embroidered Makeup Bag

 6. How many items of make-up have you got in your handbag at the moment?
Usually 3. I just keep my MAC Studio Fix Powder, my MAC Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick and either my Tanya Burr Chic Lipgloss or one of my many B. Glossy Lipglosses in my handbag daily for the essential top ups throughout the day. 
7. If you could raid another blogger’s stash, who would it be?
Tanya Burr. Tanya Burr. Tanya Burr. 
Her makeup collection in her videos always makes me so jealous. Her amazing brush collections and her eye palettes and lip glosses always inspire me.  
8. How long does your usual make-up routine take and how many products do you use?
I usually use around 10 products in my daily routine and it usually takes on average around 15 minutes as I'm not the most patient person in the world and have had to perfect quick makeup application in the morning before work. 
9. Have you ever bought make-up knowing you wouldn’t use it?
No. I'm a massive bargain hunter my boyfriend says I'm so tight I 'squeak when I walk'. 
I'll only buy a product if I know it's beneficial to my makeup collection. 
10. Tag a few other make-up addicts to do the tag!
I'm going to tag some of my beloved Blogger friends Chloe, Jess, Alisha



As depressing as it now is that winter is closely upon us with the recent weather across the country, but what's fabulous about it is that Winter Fashion is closely upon us! 

With most AW14 Collections now available from our high street and designer brand it's so exciting to see this years AW trends

My favourite AW trend to take my fancy not only this year but every year, is Fur

I'm loving the amount of fur coats, Gilets and accessories available this season is just FUR-ulous

Referring to a previous post where I created a a DIY bargain in the form of the 2014 Fluffy Toe Court trend using Marabou Feather trimmings to create a DIY budget version of the must have shoe.

See here

My favourite find of AW14 so far has to be my absolutely amazing Marabou Feather Trimmed Jumper from ASOS, and my favourite thing about it was the SALE price.,

This stunning jumper trimmed and hemmed with gorgeous white marabou feathers is so on trend this AW14 season and for £14.00? Is a Styled by Charlie AW14 Style Steal Favoruite!  

Monochrome is my style and my wardrobe consists of a lot of monochrome pieces perfect to be paired with my new favourite winter jumper. 

I styled by Marabou Black Knit Jumper from ASOS (SALE £14.00) with my favoruite pair of ASOS High Waisted Jeans (£32.00) worn with my new Monochrome Clutch from New Look (SALE £10.00) and of course, with my DIY Marabou Court Heel, a match made in heaven. 

My favourite aspect to the this look is the Marabou cuffs to the jumper, they're so cute and delicate, they remind me of Christmas festivities and it's such a fun, unique wardrobe piece. 

I ordered the jumper in a larger size (size 14) to allow a baggy effect so the jumper hangs elegantly and sleek on the torso as it's slightly cropped so it looks great with high waist leggings, jeans or a skater skirt too. 

Pairing the jumper with cute monochrome accessories really gives this look the extra fashionable edge. My monochrome check clutch bag from New Look was in the end of summer Sale (recent) for only £10. It's a F A B size where I can fit all my essentials, as well as my boyfriends too inside so it's such a functional piece, yet on trend and so versatile to mix with any look, colour and trend. 

The jumper being oversized means it hangs loosely at the hem over my jeans which add a casual edge too and make the look not too OTT with the denim casual aspect. 

With the break of the high waisted denim between the marabou hem and my adorable DIY Marabou courts makes the look so high end for many occasions and I could really see this look as a Celeb style

My Stiletto Nails from Superdrug (Pack of 48 for £3.10) really add to the edge of this look. They're painted in Superdrug's B. Complete Quartz shade in 065 (SALE £1.49) finished with Gold Glitter top coat to add to the festive idea of the look too, matching the gold claps of the clutch and my gold belt buckle too, just bring the final details together and completing the look as a whole. 

The marabou heels are just adorable, the cutest shoe in my collection for sure and a high fashion look shoe with stunning detailing and ankle straps completed on  DIY for under £15.00 just makes them so much more special

So, if you're thinking about your Winter Wardrobe already don't always count on the new trends being released for you new piece for your seasonal wardrobe, have trust in the sales and don't be afraid to still root through to find those must have items perfect for AW that've just been forgotten about lost between the summer stock. 

I highly recommend ASOS' Sale that updated daily if I'm not mistaken with latest stock from budget brands to designer stock, it's a great sale with great service right to your door. 

I love winter fashion and if you love it too, don't be afraid to jazz up one of your old jumpers with some Marabou trimming if you can't find a bargain sale alternative to my magical marabou knit on the market, don't before afraid to indulge into some Fashion Vevamp DIY



 This AW14 Season is full of fun textures, cosy knits, oversized coats and a lot of stunning fur

One of the items the top of my list in preparation for AW14 was a Fur Gilet. Last winter I bought a Faux Fur Longline Gilet from Forever21 for around £35, which is great but not amazing quality and the fur does feel like £35 worth of faux fur. So with Topshop's gorgeous fur gilet's and all the other fur items taking to stores this autumn I was searching for the perfect gilet with the perfect fur. 

The I was lucky enough to become the very proud owner of this Rosie Fur Gilet from Poppy London

Poppy London bring you all your desires for AW Fur Fashion with celebrities such as Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, Binky MIC, Louise MIC, Rosie MIC etc wearing Poppy London

Poppy London's amazing Rosie Fur Gilet in Black ended my search for the perfect AW fur piece and it's everything I'd dreamt of. The high quality Handmade Fur Gilet is the softest item in my wardrobe by far, and the one with the biggest personality too. 

Poppy London's Fur Gilets are so unique with the handmade aspect and the high quality fur at different textures and sewn into the main weft of the piece differently gives the piece such a statement with it's fluffy personality completing any outfit! 

I'm just in love with my Rosie Gilet. Wear it over a vest top and jeans, or over a long sleeved tshirt with leggings and knee high boots, layer up for AW over leather jackets, shirts, hoodies, cardigan etc create that perfect AW look that'll make all the celebrities jealous. 

At £90 the piece sounds expensive, but once you've compared the quality to Topshop's popular Gilet's that're £65 it's a no brainer. The quality, style and uniqueness of the Poppy London Gilet is like none of the high street alternate options and is just a must have piece for your Ultimate Winter Wardrobe and comparing to the current Gilet options that are on the high street that offer style as the gilet is a season must have, they're not offer quality long lasting pieces that will last for AW seasons in years to come, this is why Poppy London's Rosie Gilet is gilet for you and will be your AW Partner in Crime for winters to come, that will last and last and last and for £90 you'll get more than get your moneys worth.

I style my Black Poppy London Rosie Gilet in many ways as a main statement piece to coordinate with black accessories and match my favourite black holdall bag. 

One of my favourite looks I styled by gilet with was my Cinema Attire outfit wearing my adorable Lace Sheer Peplum Blouse from  H&M, High Waisted White Ripped Knee Jeans from ASOS, Nude Courts from New Look and my favourite statement Chainmail Necklace from Rose and Storm

Another of my favourite gilet looks has to me my more countryfied look that I wore to Newark Antique Fair a couple of month ago with my H&M Fedora Hat, Zara A Line Canvas Top, my favourite essential Leggings from Primark and my gorgeous Over the Knee Leather ALDO Boots.

This look is gorgeous and just shouts AW with cosy essentials like my canvas top from Zara and my trusty £4 Primark leggings, brought together with the statement over the knee leather boots from ALDO with the Fur and Fedora just complete to perfect AW look we'll see everywhere this AW with mixing textures and style to create that perfect cosy, comfortable look that just mixing individual items to create the perfect AW style.

The Rosie Gilet is so unique with its tassel feature to the bottom of the piece that begin just bellow the waist and create another fun aspect and texture to the piece that elongate the torso too. 

The Gilet also has a fold over collar look too that creates different layers also showing the quality and design genius of the Rosie Gilet

I love the black shade essential for your all year round wardrobe as black is such a must have colour for you yearly wardrobe that matches anything and everything which makes this the perfect AW layering boss

I was so shocked about the stunning quality of the piece compared to the other AW high street items, as well as the style, designed to fit any body shape it's the piece made for AW14

So ladies, - as hard as it is - don't be drawn into the high street gilet temptations this season and pay over the odds for a low quality item, check out what Poppy London has to offer in their amazing range of gilet's that for me, are my Must Have AW14 Piece, and join my Furry Gilet Addiction

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