So it's that time of year again where we all either dress up as bloody garish beings or clothesless bunnies, cats and in Means Girls case, Mice? 


My favourite thing about Halloween is that I get to experiment with dark makeup and mostly, as you all know how much I love a good mani, Halloween means I get to enjoy decorating my nails! 

I'm a lover of simple but effective nail art and I am quite an inpatient person I love nail art that is quick and simple to do but once complete, very effective!

My favourite Halloween nail art has to be drip designs, but not your usual bloody drips colourful drips with fun Halloween inspiration. 

For this years Halloween Mani I'm using my new polishes starting with Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking Pink which I just a great vibrant colour the perfect pop of colour to match accessories with but with a fashion neon Halloween influence which I bought from ASOS

My nails I'm wearing are Superdrug's Stiletto Nails that're currently on offer at £3.10 for a Set of 48 that last around a week and the box contains around 3 sets depending on which size nails you require.

I used my Barry M Shocking Pink Nail Paint as the base coat for my Halloween nails which is a F A B polish with great coverage and you only need 2 coats for a full finish. 

Barry M polishes are good beauty they have a great natural shine and a top coat isn't necessary for that added sheen. 

(Obviously if you're prone to chipping your nails a top coat is always good for extra protection)

When apply nail art if you don't have access to a nail art kit it's always good to have a range of polishes with different brushes and different brands have different brushes in thickness, length and width. For my desired nail are look I was after a black polish with a thin but long brush, so I sent my younger brother on his travels one evening to find my desired black Polish as my Rimmel black polishs' brush just wasn't right. 

And he returned with the perfect black polish with a thin and long brush which was £3.00 a Gel polish from George's beauty range at ASDA.  

The polish is perfect for simple nail art application as it have a great sheen, isn't gloopy but is the perfect thick consistently for added nail art such as my desired drips isn't doesn't need much more than 1 coat. 

So using the George polish brush shallowly coated in polish, with a steady hand delicately apply the drips and alternate in length, and size on the nails so the drips look more realistic not being identical on each nail. 

This look is so quick an easy and with the polishes I used they're fabulous that they dry so quickly so if you are impatient like myself, this simple yet extremely affection nail look is perfect for that pre party nail perfection look for your Hallowen evening that should take longer than 10 minutes!

If you're not confident with nails art the this is a great, perfect nail art look to try for the first time too as its not to fiddly and you don't require lots of polishes and lots of experience.  

So if you're inspired by my Halloween nail look, give it a go and please tag me on Twitter: @pallettBLOGGER and Instagram: @charliepallett please tag me in your photos!


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