As my absolute favourite seasons just around the corner, and my favourite season of fashion is hitting the shelves my challenge of finding the perfect winter essentials begins! 

Year on year as the summer ends I get more and more excited for the winter and the gorgeous winter items and most of all Christmas

I find that each there their are 6 main things thatre essential to find for the winter months; a fur coat, pair of gloves, oversized scarf and the essential pair of slippers

When I can across the amazing brand Bedroom Athletics (which I'm sure you're all familiar with), my slipper issue was solved

Bedroom Athletics put and end to those 'novelty slipper' gives that you love for 5 minutes then you instantly wish you have a more versatile, comfy and ultimately warm pair that're actually going to last you for winters to come. 

So after being unable to find the perfect pair of slippers since my first pair of Bedroom Athletics Slipper Boots I was bought years ago by my Dad, it's come that I know need a new pair of slippers I can rely on. 

I've been obsessed with fluffy Mule Slippers this year and have been searching for the best pair for the best price. I bought a pair of camel coloured ones from Primark but for £4 unfortunately you get what you pay for. Which unfortunately was a pair of slippers that were good for only a week, but the low quality fur used in them became limp, lifeless and looses its fluff from being worn and they don't fit the expectations at all, and soon found themselves at the bottom of my shoe box... 

So when I can across Bedroom Athletics huge range of Mule Slippers in all colours and styles from your traditional sand, chocolate and camel colour fur mules to brightly coloured Mules too, but what makes Bedroom Athletics' Mules the best is their amazing fluffiness which is from their Genuine SheepSkin which is throughout the slipper, outside, inside, top, and bottom giving your feet the perfect kennel for winter, and I'm obsessed

Bedroom Athletics have the most amazing ranges from Fluffy Slipper Boots, Moccasin Slippers, Balerina Slippers, Slipper Socks and one of my favourites is their collaboration with Harris Tweed to create the most amazing range of Mule and Moccasin Slippers in the most desirable range of Harris Tweeds and Tartans. They even offer direct types of Mules with or without fur lips and adorable Moccasins with bows and boat shoe style rims.

Bedroom Athletics don't just do the most amazing range of Indoor Footwear but they do gorgeous Loungewear too

From Vest and Short Sets, Lightweight Fitted Onesies to Slouchy and even Furry and Fluffy Onesies too, the perfect selection of year round Pyjamas and Loungwear in amazing quality, styles and the best selection

Their Loungewear ranges from Fleeces Ponchos to Fleeced Hoodies and Track Pants, to Dressing Gowns and Check Lounge Pants and Shorts as well as Leggings and T Shirts too. 

I'm honestly obsessed with the amount of fleeced options, and keep dreaming of Christmasy Mornings in a Fleeced Onesies, Ponchos and Fleeced Lounge Hoodies and Lounge Pants Set.. Heaven!  

The amazing quality and fit of my Coral Molly Mules is amazing and they turn my cold feet into little furry pieces of heaven.

Since having my Bedroom Athletics Slipper I've tried comparing them with my old pairs of slippers and nothing compares. The structure and quality manufacturing of them are just divine and I can tell they're going to last me a very long, long time

So if you're after that perfect pair of slippers, pyjamas or Loungwear to get your through the typical English weather and cold mornings and nights I really highly recommend that you check the amazing selection of quality perfection at Bedroom Athletcis


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