It feels like 2016 is drifting away before our eyes and it's already February.
February has been an up and down month for me but full of exciting celebrations too!
Check out my Weekly Vlogs to check what I've been up to!
So, it's time for my February Favourites!

As you saw on my blog, I mentioned my new Zoeva Brush Collection, which I've been adoring this month. The Zoeva brushes are amazing quality so soft and gentle with gorgeous packaging which allows you to blend so effortlessly.
My Luxe Prime Collection is full of all the essentials you need to apply your makeup and it's such a great brush investment.
I'll be using these brushes for many, many more months to come!
My favourite brushes yet.

If you watch my Weekly Vlog's you'll know I had to change me Vlogging camera this months as my Panasonic Vlog Camera decided to die on me, so I replaced it with the Nikon S9900 Camera!
It's amazing. The quality of the images as well as the HD video recording is amazing.
I've been carrying this camera around with me every day in my handbag and it allows me to capture some great vlogging clips as well as take some amazing high quality photography.

Last month I wore my ASDA Parka non-stop, however Tom has claimed that this month.
So I nipped backed to my parents house to collect some thing to move to the new house.
I found my amazing Cashmere Blend Faux Fur Cape which I haven't taken off all month.
I bought this at the beginning of last year with a voucher I got for Christmas.
It's so warm and stylish at the same time and I can't get enough it!

This handbag was a present from Tom last Christmas and this month I dug it out of my handbag collect to use this month instead of my Mulberry for a change.
I also have the matching purse which  is always lovely to have a set and it's so lightweight, goes with everything as can carry a little or a lot.
This combo has been a bit love this February.

I've never been a mint scent fan, but have been looking for the perfect defuser and candle to scent my kitchen. I didn't want a foodie scent that would interfere with my cooking and didn't want something floral either so when I found this Garden Mint duo in Sainsbury's on SALE I knew it was perfect!
My kitchen smells so fresh and gentle with that hint of refreshing mint, I just love it!
Pop into your local Sainsbury's now and grab some before they sell out.

For Valentine's Day whilst at Ragdale Hall (see blog post) for our 4th Anniversary Tom bought me a selection of Spa Find Skincare.
I've used Spa Find while at Ragdale hall a couple of time and it's an amazing brand full of really amazing products for all skin types.
I'm been obsessed with using the toner and moisturiser this month which is a dream combo.
After cleansing my face in the morning and the evening I spritz to toner on my face followed by the moisturiser which you only need a small amount that goes a long way and my skin has felt so incredible, hydrated and healthy this month thanks to these two products.

Another couple of items I mentioned in my Weekly Vlogs throughout Feb was Andrew Barton's Hair Care from ASDA. I've been particularly enjoying using the shampoo and condition which has left my hair feeling amazing.
I'm going through a stage of long hair for the first time since I was 12 as at 13 I cut it short and continued to go shorter and shorter.
So haircare is coming into my daily routine for the first time really and I really love the Andrew Barton Collection.
(Read full review in my Valentine's Gift Guide)

Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Collection is one of my favourite skincare collections.
I've been using the Body Cleanser in the shower this month and it's left my body feeling not only clean but hydrated and soothed.

As well as the Andrew Barton products, I also got a few other products sent to me from ASDA and in the mix was George's Brow Tamer.
I've only every used a clear brow gel before and Maybelline's Brow Drama, however I didn't rate it.
George's very quirky packaged Brow Tamer Brow Gel is really amazing, and might surprise you being from George.
I'm a huge brow fan but have actually been wearing my brows naked since getting HD Brows at Ragdale Hall and just using the Brow Tamer to pick up all the hairs and set it in place, I'd highly recommend it.
For the majority of the month I lost my makeup bag containing my favourite mascara combo; Better Than Sex from Too Faced and The Organic Glam Mascara.
So I reached for the Maybelline Lash Sensation this month from my makeup collection and rekindled my love for it!
My favourite thing about this drugstore mascara is the brush with different sides, and I actually prefer the shorter ended side that allows you to get right from the tip to the base of your lashes for a lengthened and natural look.

My favourite TV Show has graced our screens once again this Feb and I couldn't help but mention it in my favourites post as if you love DIY and interior design it's the best hour of TV that's on 3/4 times a week.
I can't get enough of it!

I finally found my Apple Watch charger after our manic move and have rekindled my love for my poor neglected Apple Watch this month and I just love the notification features so much.
To receive calls, texts, emails, social media notifications and more at your wrist is so simple and quick without having to frantically search through your never ending bag to find your phone so much easier.

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I'm obsessed with my iPhone!
I've had an iPhone since the iPhone 3G and my favourite iPhone yet is my current phone the iPhone 6 Plus!

I bought the  iPhone 6 Plus when it first came out and bought the larger sized iPhone without even seeing it.. But as I blog and use social media all day every day I thought the best option would be to go for the larger phone.

I'm so glad I did!
It makes such a difference if you're a social media addict, blogger or keen photographer like me the iPhone 6 Plus is amazing. But not just because of the larger screen but because of the larger size of the iPhone you actually get a larger battery and longer battery life, and for us social media addicts that is extremely helpful!

So, I thought I'd share with you 'What's on my iPhone 6 Plus'!
You can see what Apps and features I love and maybe introduce you to some new apps to check out!


I've been a Facebook user since I was 12 (I think..), definitely since the early days of secondary school in 2006/2007 anyway, and it's fair to say it's changed a lot.
Then it was all about having a pet, farmville, creating your pets a profile and message each other through your facebook 'walls', or maybe that's because we didn't know how to use it properly!
Now Facebook is something we use every day because it's cemented into our lives.
Although it drives me crazy most of the time with all the ads, annoying pages and fake profiles I can't help but check in everyday and keep up to date with all my friends, family and people I maybe used to know from school or college.

My favourite social media platform.
I think I've had Instagram since it was created maybe 4 years ago? (I might be wrong)
I was one of the first of my friends to have a Instagram profile and have been addicted to it ever since.
I like to have a theme on my Instagram and make it flow aesthetically like a mini portfolio, its definitely one of my most well used apps.

Twitter is a hugely important app for me.
It means I can stay connected to my blogger friends, promote my blog, youtube and blog posts, keep up with trends and breaking news and it somewhere I love to spend a lot of my time.

I love eBay.
I've used it for years and use it nearly every day.
Whether that's buying something or searching for something I pretty much use eBay all the time.
I started using eBay to buy and sell clothes but now I mainly use it to buy furniture, phone cases and other random things!
I'm known as a bit of an eBay Bargain Hunter amongst my friends and am regularly set the task of finding the perfect thing at the best price for them.
I even sourced my SMEG Fridge from eBay and saved over £800!

As I have a huge hobby and love for interior design Pinterest is an app I adore.
Whether it's searching for new ideas for my home or getting ideas for new upcycle project and creations, or maybe just for some inspiration!
I can spend hours and hours scroll Pinterest which usually ends up in me having a serious increase in 'saved photos' on my camera roll at the end of it.

When Apple Music was released my boyfriend and I were a but dubious whether it would be a hit or not and whether it was worth the money or not.
But even after the 3 month free trial period we both instantly signed up full time.
£9.99 might sound like a lot for a monthly subscription of music but unlike Spotify you can use it anywhere, and every piece of music you could even want (mostly) is there for you to steam when and where you want!
I save a lot the songs of my Apply Music to a playlist so I can use it on and offline.
I also love to use the 'New' Feature to listen to 'Hot Tracks' and 'Top Charts'.

You may know this game, or not either way download it now!
We play this so much especially in a big group as it's so funny and can be played by all ages.
Heads Up is your modern version of charades where you can choose categories and act them out.
You play it by choosing a category and placing your phone on your forehead (yes it sounds stupid I know, but trust me!), then on the screen shows what the other person has to act out and you tilt the phone down is you guess it right, and tilt it up if you want to pass.
We have endless fun with this app and it's the perfect thing ti resort to on a drunken night or family gathering.

The ASOS app is the best clothing retailer app out there with everything you need for your wardrobe there in your hand with a few clicks you'll always find what you're after without the stress of mall shopping.
The best thing about ASOS is their amazing sales and outlet area where you can always bag a bargain.

I love photography and take a huge amounts of photos which is why I ended up getting the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus because I never used to have enough storage!
I'm a bit of a wizz on Photoshop and when I found out about the PS (Photoshop) Express App for the iPhone I was so excited!
A (extremely) simplified and quick version of Photoshop but so quick and easy to edit your pictures on your phone on the go.
It's the only photo editing app I use on my phone and I've never tried any other as good as PS Express.

I was never a huge fan of Whatsapp I felt it was way to complicated and much preferred iMessage.
However, for family and friends without and iPhone group chat was difficult, so I use Whatsapp for that reason only but it's so handy to have group chats with family members or friends that you can go to anytime and send a quick message to everyone instead of sending many separate texts that take ages!
Also, if you don't have an iPhone and the amazing feature that is Facetime Audio, you can call your friends/family over Whatsapp and WIFI which is so handy too!

I'm relatively a Snapchat Newbie still and only started using it all the time last year, but now I'm hooked! Especially with the new face recognition fun features, and slow mo filters etc have me giggling to myself on a daily basis.
Such a quick and fun app!

YouTube is definitely one of my most used apps both on my iPhone and my Apple TV!
I could not live without YouTube now it's definitely something I really love and would call it a hobby.
The YouTube app is so simple and easy to use whether you're searching for a funny cat video or catching up on the recent videos to enter your subscription box!

As a Blogger this app is so helpful, but to you non-bloggers out there you'll probably be thinking I'm the most boring person out there!
I shorten my URL's all the time for Tweets, Instagram Bios, Facebook Links, YouTube Description Box Links or Links on my Blog!
It's so quick and handy.

We have an indoor security camera in our house for security reasons and to check up on our Pug Arla while we're out. Hubble is an app that allows us to view our camera live wherever we want from our iPhone, and we use it all the time!

To some I probably watch way to much TV and movies but Tom and I love watch films and TV.
I used the TV Guide app on a daily basis to check what to catch on my TV tonight and it's so helpful!
You can even watch certain channels from your phone.

I love a bit of mindful colouring and think it's something everyone should try, especially if you suffer with stress or anxiety.
I usually head to the Colorfy app at night before bed and do a bit of colouring on my phone.
Sounds crazy, but try it!
The Colorfy app has so many different style and templates to colour with filters and features to make a real piece of art out of some 'me-time' on your phone.

Want an app to get your giggling and to baffle your family members?
Get Face Swap LIVE.
So, so, so funny.
That is all.

When I travel to London a lot for Blogger Events I use the Train Line app to book my trains, check time and keep a copy of my ticket and booking reference at close hand.
It's the best travel and train booking app I've ever used and makes stressful travelling easy and calm.

My Vlogging/digital Camera is a Nikon Coolpix S9900 and has a Wifi feature which allows me to connect my phone to my camera anywhere and send pictures to and from.
Which for a blogger, keen photographer and Instagram addict makes taken amazing photos so, so easy.

I'm a sucker for a takeaway, especially one that's delivered!
We use the Just Eat App a lot at home and when we're at my parents and it makes weekend takeaways fun and easy to order as instead of that dreaded telephone conversation trying to order for 12 people, you can just pass the phone around and friends/family can choose and order their own, delivered straight to your door!

I find myself playing a game on my phone before bed which I find helps me switch off and makes me sleepy. My favourite camera at the moment is the Candy Crush Jelly app which is just so addictive it's annoying but I keep going back and it really helps me switch off before bed.

If you love photography, filming, vlogging or maybe you love a bit of vintage!
Check out VHS Cam app it'll take you back to your 90's home videos.

A new game to the App Store and a new game to my phone but I'm loving it!
I use to play a game very similar when I first got my MacBook, and the same when the Kim Kardashian Game came out but I'm really loving the Kendall & Kylie Game so far and if you're a Kardashian or role play game style fan, you should have a go!

So, that's 'What's on my iPhone 6 Plus'!
I hope you enjoyed the blog post and you've found some new apps to download!
Let me know what your most used apps are on your phone or if you have any recommendations for me to download!

Thanks for reading,

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I love being creative.
I've always been more of the type to have a pen and paper, needle and thread or piece of fabric in my hands than anything else.
Since we've moved into our new house I've been addicted to Pinterest and finding new idea to apply to our home.

I went to the charity shop this week and I found 4 Vintage Wooden Farmhouse Dining Chairs for £14.99, I had to have them!

I'm no stranger to a bit of DIY and couldn't wait to up-cycle these dining chairs to fit out home ands give them a new, refreshed lease of life.

So, I thought I'd share my quick and simple way to reupholster dining chair cushions so you can do it from your home too!


Step 1:
Source some chairs with seat cushions in need of some updating.

Step 2:
You will need:
• Fabric
• Padded Wadding
- Both used from Dunelm
• Hand Stapler
• Staples
• Scissors

Step 3:
Measure and cut your wadding before laying it out underneath the seat cushion and begin stapling it tightly to the wooden frame and repeat all the way round the cushion.
Remember: To evenly fold the corners like you would a xmas present so they're even and flat

Step 4:
Measure your fabric and cut around leaving enough to allow room to staple to the wooden frame.
Repeat instructions of Step 3.

Step 5:
Ensure your fabric and wadding is even throughout as well as tightly secured, and there you have updated, perfect and unique seat cushions for your home!

Next: To tackle the chairs themselves! 
Blog Post Coming Soon...

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Last week Tom and I stayed for a 2 night/3 Day break at Ragdale Hall Spa.
I've been to Ragdale a number of times but we wanted to find somewhere special to celebrate our 4th Anniversary and what better than the ultimate relaxation location of a Spa?

I love Ragdale.
The calm atmosphere, attention to detail of care and providing complete luxury, the incredible food, amazing spa and array of fabulous treatment options.

Tom and I both love a pamper and the option to chill, relax and switch off which is what we both needed, and Ragdale gave us both the time, space and luxury to do just that.

We arrived at 3pm, we checked in our bags were taken to our room and our car parked while we were welcomed with a complimentary drink at the Garden Bar.
Once we arrived at our room I was blown away!
I've only ever stayed in the Economy Rooms at Ragdale and as it was a special occasion Tom and I booked the Superior Double Room which was amazing.
A Superking Bed, the same size we have a home. A huge bathroom with his and hers sinks, bath/shower, toilet and a bidet.
As well as a seating area, large desk and large wardrobe.

Our first day consisted of checking out the pool, showing Tom around and enjoying relaxing, followed by an amazing dinner.

Day 2 started with the most amazing breakfast in bed followed by back massages and facials, the most delicious buffet lunch and afternoon in the spa, and a Pedicure where I had my feet pampered and painted in OPI's Black Cherry Chutney.

Day 3 after breakfast in bed we made our way to check out and grab a day locker for our belongings, then I had my HD Brows done which now look amazing!
Tom had a Fresh Feet Pedicure treatment we made our way round the spa and spent a long time in our favourite spa room, The Candle Pool.

We had the most amazing time of ultimate relaxation, we both felt refreshed and revived and can't wait for our next stay!
What a break, and an amazing way to spend our Anniversary.

Thanks for reading,

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It's fair to say I'm obsessed with skincare.
When I started Blogging at 19 coming up 2 years ago, my skincare routine was non-existent and consisted of (dare I say it..) makeup wipes - so dehydrating to your skin and full of alcohol -and if I was lucky a Clarins moisturiser my friend got me for my birthday every year.
But yes, my 'skincare routine' then, was extremely poor.

When I fell in love with makeup and learnt how to apply makeup through reading blogs and watching YouTube Videos I realised how important skincare is and especially at my age (of what was then 19/20) how important it could be to me to prevent skin issues later on in life and if I started a very simple skincare routine now, it could be extremely beneficial to me.
My skincare obsession was born. 

Being a Blogger I try and text a lot of products, and am lucky enough to be sent many products too.
My skincare routine changes on a quarter year basis depending on the weather, my skins habits and the product availabilities with my available spend on skincare.

So I thought I share with you my current skincare routine and the products I rely on at the moment to keep my skin clear, fresh and hydrated.


Step 1:
Micellar water is an amazing product!
Whether you wear a lot of makeup or not, it's so easy and simple to quickly cleanse your skin with a couple of squirts on an oval cotton pad an swipe over your skin.
My favourite Micellar Water is Loreal's Skin Perfection Micellar Water however, it tends to be a couple of pounds more than the Garnier one, however it's the one I prefer as the product goes a longer way and you don't need much to cleanse your whole face and it's less drying than the Garnier Micellar Water.

Step 2:
This is a new product to my skincare routine as it wasn't working for my friend and she gave it to me.
This is a great product for dry to combination skin, and my skin is extremely prone to dry areas.
I fill my sink with warm water and have a face cloth at the ready damp my skin the add a small pump of this onto the tips of my fingers and rub together creating this foaming creamy mousse.
I apply that all over my skin and sometimes apply with my Magnitone Cleansing Brush (£70, FeelUnique) if I've been wearing a lot of makeup or feel like I need a deeper cleanse.
Then I rinse off and dry with a warm face cloth.

Step 3:
I was given this product at a Blogging Event to test out.
I love serum's, having dry skin using a serum is essentials to my skincare routine to hydrate the dry areas and essentials for wrinkle prevention.
This is a fabulous product, not only does it smell incredible like a citrus dream but it's so gentle to apply and cooling to the skin, it keeps my dry prone areas hydrated too.

Step 4:
I receive this product in a pack with my Eight Hour Cream and wasn't going to use it as the word 'intensive' sounded like something that wasn't going to work with my sensitive skin.
However I tried it on a small area and it's the most quick acting moisturiser I've ever used.
As soon as I notice a dry area appear I apply my serum and moisturiser and it's almost immediately improved.
This product would be amazing for all skin types from sensitive right through to ageing skin.

Step 5:
Now moving onto my prep for my daily makeup I start with my favourite Primer from Flint + Flint.
This primer is like non I've tried, it comes out in a light creamy consistency I apply this all over my face with my finger managing into the areas where I have larger pores.
It gives a light, soft, moisturising finish ready for you to apply your base makeup.

Step 6:
Normally I wouldn't include a foundation in a skincare routine, however this is a very unique foundation. I've used this foundation from Oxygenetix for a few months now and I've tried their normal Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation and now their Oxygenetix Breathable Acne Control version.
This is an incredible foundation is you have acne or blemish problems as it's kind to the skin, ageing skin if you're after a soft finish, or if you're after a natural glowing finish with your base makeup.
If you can spare the rather expensive cost of this foundation it's worth every penny and I would say it's a mixture of a  skincare product and a foundation.
Since using this, I have not had one spot at all.
Even on the day where I've been wearing a large amount of makeup and you can usually almost feel a spot brewing beneath to punish you for caking your face is too many products... I've never had this using Oxygenetix Foundations.
You leave the house confident with you 'face on' but feel like you're not wearing any due to it's light and bendable consistency.
I adore this product.

So, that is my current Skincare Routine!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe you've seen some new product to try out!
Let me know what your skincare routine is as I'd love to be introduced to some new products as well.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for reading,

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I've had Arla (@ArlaThePug) for 3 months now and have been trying and testing a lot of dog food for her. As she's a pug and can get overweight easily, I really wanted to stick to healthy, grain-free and natural foods.

I've recently been trying Arla on Pooch & Mutt's food!
So I thought that I'd share with you the Pooch & Mutt foods I've been feeding Arla on at the moment and she loves it, and if you're a pup or doggy owner I hope this comes in useful!

First is their Health & Digestion Dry Food which is a premium grain free, complete dog food for dogs that have poor or sensitive digestive systems and made with Scottish salmon, sweet potato as a digestion-aiding fibre.
It also contains parsley as a natural deodoriser, probiotics and probiotics to support your dog’s sensitive digestion, charcoal which absorbs gasses in the stomach and psyllium which promotes firm stools.

It smell awful but that's because I can't stand fishy smells, but I'm not eating it!
Area seems to love it! It's the perfect size for her small mouth that means she slows down whilst eating it and is brilliant for her teeth.
I feel Arla twice a day with a handful of the Health & Digestion pellets each meal with the Lily's Kitchen grain-free wet food too, so she gets wet and dry healthy, natural food twice a day.

Next is Pooch & Mutt's treat selection!
Arla has never been into treats and would usually much prefer a fuss, however since I've given her these Pooch & Mutt treats she's loved them which has main training a lot easier too!

First she tried their Puppy Development Pocket Packets which are amazing for popping in your pocket on a walk and keeping them fresh and dry in the sealed pouch.
They are natural, low-calorie, gluten-free, hand-baked mini-bones, and Arla loves them!
They have chicken, linseed and chicory in them, as well as omega 3, which is essential for brain growth, memory and trainability.

I also have two of their Hand Baked Treat Tubes, more of the Puppy Development Treats and the Brain & Train Treat Tube too.
The brain train treats are also low-calorie, gluten-free and hand-baked.
 They also include chicken but additionally ginkgo biloba and coconut oil.
Ginkgo biloba is traditionally used as a memory and concentration aid.
These are perfect for both dogs in training and elderly dogs.

If you're looking to try some new healthy products for your pooch or fancy trying your dog on grain-free natural foods I highly recommend trying out Pooch & Mutt.
Arla is staying active and maintaining a healthy weight for a 5 Months Old Pug Puppy, growing and learning new tricks daily.
You can pick up Pooch & Mutt Products in Waitrose, Pets at Home and on Amazon.

Let me know if you have any other natural dog food brands that you feed your pup on as I'd love to know what your favourite food to feel your dog on is!
But at the minute I'm definitely sticking with my Pooch & Mutt and Lily's Kitchen combination for Arla as it seems to be the best combo I've tried her on yet!

Thanks for reading,

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