It's nearly that time of year to love or loathe.
To spend with the special loved on in your life or give your girls a call and organise the perfect Single's Meal or 'We don't need a Man' Night Out.

So if you do have a special lady or man in your life and fancy spending a small price on the perfect Valentine's Pamper Gift's this Valentine's you'll love this Gift Guide with everything from ASDA.

(Or maybe you want to anonymously send this Valentine's Gift Guide link to your man as a hint of what you'd like this Valentine's he can easily pick up from his local ASDA!)


From Lip Jelly to Conditioner, Mascara to Hair Oil, Body Mist to Eyebrow Gel.
This is the perfect gift guide for your perfect Pamper Princess this Valentine's!

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, products were supplied as PR Samples) 

£2.00 ASDA
Eyebrows are a girls new favourite feature.
We love to spend time doing our brows and showing them off!
However, eyebrow products can get on the pricey side but not with this Brow Gel from George.
The really cool and unique packaging is just one good thing about this product, I love the tiger effect.
The product is quite a thick consistency but sparse application by just scraping off the excess before use will help the longevity of the product too, so this will last you ages!
Also the brush as an applicator is really good!
It's quite large compared to most eyebrow brush applicators but you with brows getting bigger, there is nothing wrong with that! You can be as precise as you wish with it.

2. S.O.S Hair Repair Shampoo & Conditioner - ASDA
I've only ever treated myself to nice shampoo when I had bleached hair as I was determined to not let me 'never died on hair' get damaged by my crazy hair style choice.
But since I've not had my hair bleached I've been a naughty beauty blogger and bought the cheapest shampoo and condition on the shelf.
Bad, bad Blogger!
So when I was sent this Andrew Barton combo to try I was excited, and so I should've been!
As you'll see in my Weekly Vlog on Sunday I do a First Impression's of the shampoo and conditioner.
First the smell, oh my it's like your salon dream.
That 'salon' shampoo smell in your own shower feels so good!
The shampoo goes on like a dream, I needed to use a bit more shampoo than I normally would but it coated my hair so gently and left no - what I can only describe as: 'Squeaky' feel to my hair once washed off.
The conditioner wasn't a silicone consistency like most I use, instead it was creamy and felt gentle to my hair and light instead of thick and heavy.
I'm so pleased with this hair care combo and would highly recommend it as a new shampoo and conditioner to try out for only £2.50 a bottle.
Which would also make the perfect Pamper Gift addition with the Hair Oil (See Fig: 7).

I love using highlighter.
I've got quite a round face and using contour and highlight has change my life.
This adorably packaged highlighter from George is perfect wether you're a highlighting Queen or a beginner and don't want to splash out on your first highlighter incase you don't like it.
It constancy is creamy and really blendable for a strong or subtle effect, with a lipgloss style applicator so allows you to use a little or a lot.
It sits almost invisible on the skin until the light hits it as it reflects the most beautiful shine with a hint of glitter that is just stunning.

I'm not much of a lip balm girl, but I have so many friends that wouldn't leave the house without their trusty balm in their bag.
When I saw this adorable Fizzy Cherry Lip Jelly from George I thought of so many people that would go crazy for it! It really does have a jelly consistency and a little goes a huge way, so this really will last you ages.
It brings back childhood memories of 1p sweets and drinking cherryade at the park with it's childlike cherry scent, and the packaging, so cute!

Nspa is a brand I love and use regularly.
I love their skincare and body care but haven't tried their body mist.
Cherry is such a popular scent and it's nice to see such a favourite of the fruits used in a body mist.
Cherries are that scent that you love all year round as isn't seasonal like lemon or cinnamon, and just one spritz of this on your coat or scarf before you leave the house or over you body after your body cream post shower.
Such a sweet and different gift, and NSpa are such an amazing brand to try if you haven't already!

Around £3.00 (NEW)
The word 'fibre lash' has taken over the beauty industry in the past year and I own the Younique's 3D Fibre Lash but there is not hiding in saying that it's very pricey!
So when I read the title of George's new Rose Gold Mascara (which copper shades had already caught my eye!) I was intrigued to compare them base on quality and price.
The Mascara compared to the Younique 3D Fibre Lash is much easier to used with just one product for starters, theres no swapping between the two.
But the product works really well! You've got a standard mascara brush which again is nice to see a product without the fuss. Based of effect though, it works really well!
It's not a mascara you want to layer and layer or you'll end up with spider legs.
(Unless that's your thing of course! Not judging!)
I was so pleasantly surprised by this mascara and have added it straight to my makeup bag.
With the Rose Gold Packaging this would excite any special lady this Valentine's.

£2.50 - Andrew Barton
I've never used a hair oil before as I have greasy hair at the roots and never really thought about using hair oil to treat my damaged end from roots.
I've only used this once however am really excited to see over a few more uses how it works on my hair and damaged ends.
So for now I can't confidently recommend the product for its effect but only as a great Gift Trio with the S.O.S Shampoo & Conditioner from the Andrew Barton range for your hair loving GF.

So, that's my Valentine's Pamper Gift Guide from ASDA!
Have an amazing Valentine's Day with your guy or your girl(s)!
Lots of love!
Charlie xo

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  1. What a cute gift guide! I also love the idea of making valentines about self-care - it is easy to overlook on a daily basis and on a day that is supposed to be about love, why not give yourself some!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Whiskey Jars Blog xx

    1. Hi Alice,
      Thanks so much for your comment.
      It's easy to just think of the generic Valentine's Gifts and just 'go out on the lash' if you're single on Valentine's so why not sit in and give yourself some well needed pamper?
      Glad you loved the post!
      Charlie xo


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