It's fair to say I'm obsessed with skincare.
When I started Blogging at 19 coming up 2 years ago, my skincare routine was non-existent and consisted of (dare I say it..) makeup wipes - so dehydrating to your skin and full of alcohol -and if I was lucky a Clarins moisturiser my friend got me for my birthday every year.
But yes, my 'skincare routine' then, was extremely poor.

When I fell in love with makeup and learnt how to apply makeup through reading blogs and watching YouTube Videos I realised how important skincare is and especially at my age (of what was then 19/20) how important it could be to me to prevent skin issues later on in life and if I started a very simple skincare routine now, it could be extremely beneficial to me.
My skincare obsession was born. 

Being a Blogger I try and text a lot of products, and am lucky enough to be sent many products too.
My skincare routine changes on a quarter year basis depending on the weather, my skins habits and the product availabilities with my available spend on skincare.

So I thought I share with you my current skincare routine and the products I rely on at the moment to keep my skin clear, fresh and hydrated.


Step 1:
Micellar water is an amazing product!
Whether you wear a lot of makeup or not, it's so easy and simple to quickly cleanse your skin with a couple of squirts on an oval cotton pad an swipe over your skin.
My favourite Micellar Water is Loreal's Skin Perfection Micellar Water however, it tends to be a couple of pounds more than the Garnier one, however it's the one I prefer as the product goes a longer way and you don't need much to cleanse your whole face and it's less drying than the Garnier Micellar Water.

Step 2:
This is a new product to my skincare routine as it wasn't working for my friend and she gave it to me.
This is a great product for dry to combination skin, and my skin is extremely prone to dry areas.
I fill my sink with warm water and have a face cloth at the ready damp my skin the add a small pump of this onto the tips of my fingers and rub together creating this foaming creamy mousse.
I apply that all over my skin and sometimes apply with my Magnitone Cleansing Brush (£70, FeelUnique) if I've been wearing a lot of makeup or feel like I need a deeper cleanse.
Then I rinse off and dry with a warm face cloth.

Step 3:
I was given this product at a Blogging Event to test out.
I love serum's, having dry skin using a serum is essentials to my skincare routine to hydrate the dry areas and essentials for wrinkle prevention.
This is a fabulous product, not only does it smell incredible like a citrus dream but it's so gentle to apply and cooling to the skin, it keeps my dry prone areas hydrated too.

Step 4:
I receive this product in a pack with my Eight Hour Cream and wasn't going to use it as the word 'intensive' sounded like something that wasn't going to work with my sensitive skin.
However I tried it on a small area and it's the most quick acting moisturiser I've ever used.
As soon as I notice a dry area appear I apply my serum and moisturiser and it's almost immediately improved.
This product would be amazing for all skin types from sensitive right through to ageing skin.

Step 5:
Now moving onto my prep for my daily makeup I start with my favourite Primer from Flint + Flint.
This primer is like non I've tried, it comes out in a light creamy consistency I apply this all over my face with my finger managing into the areas where I have larger pores.
It gives a light, soft, moisturising finish ready for you to apply your base makeup.

Step 6:
Normally I wouldn't include a foundation in a skincare routine, however this is a very unique foundation. I've used this foundation from Oxygenetix for a few months now and I've tried their normal Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation and now their Oxygenetix Breathable Acne Control version.
This is an incredible foundation is you have acne or blemish problems as it's kind to the skin, ageing skin if you're after a soft finish, or if you're after a natural glowing finish with your base makeup.
If you can spare the rather expensive cost of this foundation it's worth every penny and I would say it's a mixture of a  skincare product and a foundation.
Since using this, I have not had one spot at all.
Even on the day where I've been wearing a large amount of makeup and you can usually almost feel a spot brewing beneath to punish you for caking your face is too many products... I've never had this using Oxygenetix Foundations.
You leave the house confident with you 'face on' but feel like you're not wearing any due to it's light and bendable consistency.
I adore this product.

So, that is my current Skincare Routine!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe you've seen some new product to try out!
Let me know what your skincare routine is as I'd love to be introduced to some new products as well.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for reading,

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