Bye, bye to the first month of 2016. Already?
It's going to be one of those years I think.

But it means it's time for my first Favourites Post of 2016.
Here's my January Favourites!

I'm obsessed with ankle boots at the moment I've been living in my suede chelsea boots but wanted something a little bit more formal.
I popped into Primark a few months ago to pick up some winter essentials and came across these amazing taupe coloured heeled ankle boots for only £10.00 and had to have them!
They're a suede-ette material but look so high end with a chunky seventies style heel and just add that extra edge to a casual outfit.

I was sent the whole Fleur De Force Beauty Collection from Feel Unique and the pictures and hype online really don't do them justice. I've been constantly wearing 'Written in the stars' and 'Little star' which are really moisturising, non-sticky, soothing glosses with great pigmentation for a your lips but better shade.
A similar formulation to the Tanya Burr Glosses and another YouTuber Beauty Brand which is so affordable with designer quality.

I've dreamt of this collection for ages but just didn't have the spare cash to fork out £70.00 on a candle and defuser.. However my amazing Mum bought me the set for Christmas.
I have the defuser in my bathroom and the candle on my landing.
The scent is amazing, it's fresh, clean and floral and makes my home smell like a The White Company shop, what more could you want?

Back in May 2015 I feel in love with the Pomegranate Noir Collection in Stanstead Airport on our way to Spain, later that year in Cambridge I treated myself to the Hand & Body Lotion as well as the large Cologne too.
For Christmas my Mother topped up my Pomegranate Noir Collection with another new large cologne bottle, thank god!
I've been wearing both non stock this January and would highly recommend trying the collection is you haven't already. It's the strongest of the Jo Malone scents but warming and fruity, perfect for the colder months. However as it's my favourite perfume, I wear it all year round but if you're looking for a winter scent, definitely pop into Jo Malone and give it a try.
I love it!

First, you're probably thinking £55.00 on a foundation?! WHAT!
However, this is amazing and is one product that does what it says on the tin.
I've ran out of my trusty Double Wear Foundation and I have a few Oxygenetix Foundations to try.
I've used the standard Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation for a while now, however was sent the Acne Control version to try.
This isn't like any other foundation I've tried. It's a mixture between more of moisturiser, concealer and BB Cream. I apply it with the tips of my fingers and all you need is one small pump.
For a natural 'no makeup' makeup look with glowing skin but still revealing all your features and freckles with a fresh faced look.
I have not had one spot, blemish or skin issue whilst using this foundation and although it had a light, breathable finish you get the right amount of coverage and colour balance creating the most amazing natural finish.
If you can get a sample of this product and you suffer with any skin (dry skin conditions like me), acne problems or ageing skin definitely give Oxygenetix Foundations a try as they really are like no other.

I've had the iPhone 6 Plus in Gold since it was released and didn't feel like upgrading to the iPhone 6S Plus.
However, I found this amazing case on eBay which is exactly the same as the new back of the iPhone 6S Rose Gold shade and changes the whole look of my iPhone making me feel like I have the New iPhone 6S Plus in Rose Gold!
The quality of this extremely affordable case is amazing and at first glance you would think it was the actual iPhone.
I've been obsessed with this case this month!

This was always my dream lipstick for a very long time, but I couldn't justify spending £23.00.
My amazing friend Amanda Bootes came to stay this month and gave me my dream lipstick, what an amazing friend?!
Now I've tried it, I would definitely spend £23.00 on another Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick!
Although it's a Matte finish, it's moisturising and not drying with a creamy texture that feels amazing on the lips. Not the mention the stunning packaging that makes spending £23.00 on an amazing product a little easy as well when you can appreciate the product just by looking at the packaging.

This is a very precious piece of jewellery to me and it's what Tom bought me for my 21st Birthday.
This delicate adorable link locking necklace is just stunning and I wear it as much as I can.
I adore it. 

I watch a lot of YouTube Videos hearing amazing thing about Liz Earle's cleanse and polish cleanser.
For Christmas my friend bought me the Limited Edition Orange & Mint Cleanser and I'm blown away.
I have really sensitive skin and a skin condition my forehead and eyes for usually around 6 months of the year. This has balanced my skin and helped it stay calm and hydrated.
It's so easy and gentle to use, such a lovely product with gorgeous packaging too.

With the word intense on this product I was expecting this to be a strong moisturiser and not suitable for my sensitive skin.
However, I tried it on a small area and it felt amazing.
It's been amazing for my dry skin and rehydrated really dry areas with just one quite application and I'm so pleased with the quick effects and maintained effects of this products, how much a little goes a long way and I'll definitely be repurchasing.

I've always wanted to try the Anastasia Brow Pomade because I love brows, however was never going to fork out that kind of money for a brow product.
Then I found this Brow Pomade from Freedom in Superdrug for only £5.00 and thought it was definitely worth giving it a try.
It's incredible. Such great pigmentation and staying power for whatever brow look you desire.
Available in so many shades whatever you brow colour.
Definitely try this product if you're a brow gal.

Possibly my all time favourite skincare brand, Flint + Flint and definitely my favourite Primer brand.
Like a Primer/Moisturiser duo is the most amazing product for priming your skin pre makeup and lasts forever. You need the smallest amount to apply all over your skin before you begin your base makeup and maintains your base all day long.
You can't fault Flint + Flint products and I've been wearing this every day through January.

I've been trying and testing so many liquid eyeliners this month and actually have 2 in this favourites post. When in London a few months ago I picked up this Liner Pen from Primark and put in the my makeup box and forgot about it.
During my house move this month came across it again and decided to give it a try!
If you're new to eyeliner or on a tight budget and just want an easy, cheap, but actually really great quality liner get your paws on this from Primark.
It's jet black, easy to apply with a great felt tip applicator and lasts all day long.
It's better than so many drugstore liners I've tried.

Tom and I decided to get a Men's Size Small Coat from ASDA so we could share it for Dog Walks and this windy, rainy winter weather. We found this Faux Fur Hooded Waterproof Parka in ASDA and it was perfect for both of us!
It' so warm, with lots of pockets, waterproof material and a faux fur hood.
I've been wearing this dog walking, to work, on my days off etc practically all the time since we got it, I love it!

If liquid eyeliner is your enemy and you've still not nailed the perfect feline flick yet then I suggest you invest in this from NYX!
I thought I was more of a gimmick than a practical product, however using this and alternating between the Primark liner this month I've been able to perfect the perfect flick!
It really works.
It's easy to hold, the nib is flexible and easy to glide along the lid.
I love this product and so glad I didn't get swayed by it's gimmick looks.

I don't like coffee or hot chocolate, or any hot drinks.
However, I have a lot of family and friends that drink coffee and always wanted a coffee machine for the new house. Tom likes latte and hot chocolate so when I found this Dolce Gusto machine in Currys and found it they did Iced Tea capsules too I bought it immediately.
I'm obsessed with Iced Tea and my local cafe charges £3.60 for a Peach Iced Tea...
When I realised you get 16 Peach or Lemon Iced Tea Dolce Gusto Capsules for £3.99 I immediately placed an order.
This is amazing, whether you like tea, coffee, hot chocolate or iced tea!
I'm obsessed with this machine and got it for an absolute bargain in the Currys January Sales.
If you're after a coffee machine with low maintenance and cheap capsules, check out the Dolce Gusto!

Fur Pom Pom Bobble Hat & Headband - from £18.00, Amelia Jane London
If you watch my Weekly Vlog's you'll already know I've been living in my Amelia Jane London Headband and Pom Pom Hat on a daily basis.
I work in a very cold Interior Warehouse and in the winter months it gets absolutely freezing.
These too Amelia Jane Product have been my saviour this month keeping me warm and toasty, but still chic and stylish.

That is my first favourites post of 2016 complete, and hasn't it gone fast?
What have you been loving this New Year and are their any alternative items to above that you'd recommend I try?

Thanks for reading,

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