I love being creative.
I've always been more of the type to have a pen and paper, needle and thread or piece of fabric in my hands than anything else.
Since we've moved into our new house I've been addicted to Pinterest and finding new idea to apply to our home.

I went to the charity shop this week and I found 4 Vintage Wooden Farmhouse Dining Chairs for £14.99, I had to have them!

I'm no stranger to a bit of DIY and couldn't wait to up-cycle these dining chairs to fit out home ands give them a new, refreshed lease of life.

So, I thought I'd share my quick and simple way to reupholster dining chair cushions so you can do it from your home too!


Step 1:
Source some chairs with seat cushions in need of some updating.

Step 2:
You will need:
• Fabric
• Padded Wadding
- Both used from Dunelm
• Hand Stapler
• Staples
• Scissors

Step 3:
Measure and cut your wadding before laying it out underneath the seat cushion and begin stapling it tightly to the wooden frame and repeat all the way round the cushion.
Remember: To evenly fold the corners like you would a xmas present so they're even and flat

Step 4:
Measure your fabric and cut around leaving enough to allow room to staple to the wooden frame.
Repeat instructions of Step 3.

Step 5:
Ensure your fabric and wadding is even throughout as well as tightly secured, and there you have updated, perfect and unique seat cushions for your home!

Next: To tackle the chairs themselves! 
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