I'm obsessed with my iPhone!
I've had an iPhone since the iPhone 3G and my favourite iPhone yet is my current phone the iPhone 6 Plus!

I bought the  iPhone 6 Plus when it first came out and bought the larger sized iPhone without even seeing it.. But as I blog and use social media all day every day I thought the best option would be to go for the larger phone.

I'm so glad I did!
It makes such a difference if you're a social media addict, blogger or keen photographer like me the iPhone 6 Plus is amazing. But not just because of the larger screen but because of the larger size of the iPhone you actually get a larger battery and longer battery life, and for us social media addicts that is extremely helpful!

So, I thought I'd share with you 'What's on my iPhone 6 Plus'!
You can see what Apps and features I love and maybe introduce you to some new apps to check out!


I've been a Facebook user since I was 12 (I think..), definitely since the early days of secondary school in 2006/2007 anyway, and it's fair to say it's changed a lot.
Then it was all about having a pet, farmville, creating your pets a profile and message each other through your facebook 'walls', or maybe that's because we didn't know how to use it properly!
Now Facebook is something we use every day because it's cemented into our lives.
Although it drives me crazy most of the time with all the ads, annoying pages and fake profiles I can't help but check in everyday and keep up to date with all my friends, family and people I maybe used to know from school or college.

My favourite social media platform.
I think I've had Instagram since it was created maybe 4 years ago? (I might be wrong)
I was one of the first of my friends to have a Instagram profile and have been addicted to it ever since.
I like to have a theme on my Instagram and make it flow aesthetically like a mini portfolio, its definitely one of my most well used apps.

Twitter is a hugely important app for me.
It means I can stay connected to my blogger friends, promote my blog, youtube and blog posts, keep up with trends and breaking news and it somewhere I love to spend a lot of my time.

I love eBay.
I've used it for years and use it nearly every day.
Whether that's buying something or searching for something I pretty much use eBay all the time.
I started using eBay to buy and sell clothes but now I mainly use it to buy furniture, phone cases and other random things!
I'm known as a bit of an eBay Bargain Hunter amongst my friends and am regularly set the task of finding the perfect thing at the best price for them.
I even sourced my SMEG Fridge from eBay and saved over £800!

As I have a huge hobby and love for interior design Pinterest is an app I adore.
Whether it's searching for new ideas for my home or getting ideas for new upcycle project and creations, or maybe just for some inspiration!
I can spend hours and hours scroll Pinterest which usually ends up in me having a serious increase in 'saved photos' on my camera roll at the end of it.

When Apple Music was released my boyfriend and I were a but dubious whether it would be a hit or not and whether it was worth the money or not.
But even after the 3 month free trial period we both instantly signed up full time.
£9.99 might sound like a lot for a monthly subscription of music but unlike Spotify you can use it anywhere, and every piece of music you could even want (mostly) is there for you to steam when and where you want!
I save a lot the songs of my Apply Music to a playlist so I can use it on and offline.
I also love to use the 'New' Feature to listen to 'Hot Tracks' and 'Top Charts'.

You may know this game, or not either way download it now!
We play this so much especially in a big group as it's so funny and can be played by all ages.
Heads Up is your modern version of charades where you can choose categories and act them out.
You play it by choosing a category and placing your phone on your forehead (yes it sounds stupid I know, but trust me!), then on the screen shows what the other person has to act out and you tilt the phone down is you guess it right, and tilt it up if you want to pass.
We have endless fun with this app and it's the perfect thing ti resort to on a drunken night or family gathering.

The ASOS app is the best clothing retailer app out there with everything you need for your wardrobe there in your hand with a few clicks you'll always find what you're after without the stress of mall shopping.
The best thing about ASOS is their amazing sales and outlet area where you can always bag a bargain.

I love photography and take a huge amounts of photos which is why I ended up getting the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus because I never used to have enough storage!
I'm a bit of a wizz on Photoshop and when I found out about the PS (Photoshop) Express App for the iPhone I was so excited!
A (extremely) simplified and quick version of Photoshop but so quick and easy to edit your pictures on your phone on the go.
It's the only photo editing app I use on my phone and I've never tried any other as good as PS Express.

I was never a huge fan of Whatsapp I felt it was way to complicated and much preferred iMessage.
However, for family and friends without and iPhone group chat was difficult, so I use Whatsapp for that reason only but it's so handy to have group chats with family members or friends that you can go to anytime and send a quick message to everyone instead of sending many separate texts that take ages!
Also, if you don't have an iPhone and the amazing feature that is Facetime Audio, you can call your friends/family over Whatsapp and WIFI which is so handy too!

I'm relatively a Snapchat Newbie still and only started using it all the time last year, but now I'm hooked! Especially with the new face recognition fun features, and slow mo filters etc have me giggling to myself on a daily basis.
Such a quick and fun app!

YouTube is definitely one of my most used apps both on my iPhone and my Apple TV!
I could not live without YouTube now it's definitely something I really love and would call it a hobby.
The YouTube app is so simple and easy to use whether you're searching for a funny cat video or catching up on the recent videos to enter your subscription box!

As a Blogger this app is so helpful, but to you non-bloggers out there you'll probably be thinking I'm the most boring person out there!
I shorten my URL's all the time for Tweets, Instagram Bios, Facebook Links, YouTube Description Box Links or Links on my Blog!
It's so quick and handy.

We have an indoor security camera in our house for security reasons and to check up on our Pug Arla while we're out. Hubble is an app that allows us to view our camera live wherever we want from our iPhone, and we use it all the time!

To some I probably watch way to much TV and movies but Tom and I love watch films and TV.
I used the TV Guide app on a daily basis to check what to catch on my TV tonight and it's so helpful!
You can even watch certain channels from your phone.

I love a bit of mindful colouring and think it's something everyone should try, especially if you suffer with stress or anxiety.
I usually head to the Colorfy app at night before bed and do a bit of colouring on my phone.
Sounds crazy, but try it!
The Colorfy app has so many different style and templates to colour with filters and features to make a real piece of art out of some 'me-time' on your phone.

Want an app to get your giggling and to baffle your family members?
Get Face Swap LIVE.
So, so, so funny.
That is all.

When I travel to London a lot for Blogger Events I use the Train Line app to book my trains, check time and keep a copy of my ticket and booking reference at close hand.
It's the best travel and train booking app I've ever used and makes stressful travelling easy and calm.

My Vlogging/digital Camera is a Nikon Coolpix S9900 and has a Wifi feature which allows me to connect my phone to my camera anywhere and send pictures to and from.
Which for a blogger, keen photographer and Instagram addict makes taken amazing photos so, so easy.

I'm a sucker for a takeaway, especially one that's delivered!
We use the Just Eat App a lot at home and when we're at my parents and it makes weekend takeaways fun and easy to order as instead of that dreaded telephone conversation trying to order for 12 people, you can just pass the phone around and friends/family can choose and order their own, delivered straight to your door!

I find myself playing a game on my phone before bed which I find helps me switch off and makes me sleepy. My favourite camera at the moment is the Candy Crush Jelly app which is just so addictive it's annoying but I keep going back and it really helps me switch off before bed.

If you love photography, filming, vlogging or maybe you love a bit of vintage!
Check out VHS Cam app it'll take you back to your 90's home videos.

A new game to the App Store and a new game to my phone but I'm loving it!
I use to play a game very similar when I first got my MacBook, and the same when the Kim Kardashian Game came out but I'm really loving the Kendall & Kylie Game so far and if you're a Kardashian or role play game style fan, you should have a go!

So, that's 'What's on my iPhone 6 Plus'!
I hope you enjoyed the blog post and you've found some new apps to download!
Let me know what your most used apps are on your phone or if you have any recommendations for me to download!

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Brilliant blog hun, last time I had an iPhone was when the iPhone 5 came out. I have a Samsung galaxy now and had samsung galaxy'so for just under 4 years now. Brilliant apps to recommend too.
    Lisa XoX

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