I can't quite believe another months of 2015 has already flown by.

But it's fine, because that means another Monthly Favourites Blog!

This is my new favourite face combo and both Drugstore!
I love the Matte finish of the L'oreal Infalliable Foundation. It's such a light weight foundation and easy to blend and build, and It works amazing with my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

Ring Holder - Poundland
I love my rings, they are so special to me and I hate just popping them into a box, or into a jewellery case. I worry about them.
So when I stumbled across this Ring Holder in Poundland the others day, it was the perfect match!
Available in Black and White and a £1 Bargain.

Pomegranate Candle - The White Company
This month I've become obsessed with The White Company and especially, The White Company Candles.
This month I purchased the Pomegranate Candle and it really is worth every single penny, it's nearly gone.
Pomegranate is quite a strong scent but they have everything from orange to flowers. 

Leather Snake Skin iPhone 6 Plus Case - Zero Gravity
I love my phone cases, and using different cases and changing them up regularly.
I especially love Zero Gravity's iPhone Cases, they're so unique and different, you really can't find any like them anywhere in the amazing Zero Gravity quality.

Cleansing Balm - Emma Hardie
I'm obsessed with Emma Hardie Skincare, it really is fantastic.
I've been using the Luxurious Cleanser for around 2 months and have been dying to try the Cleansing Balm after hearing it raved about everywhere!
So I managed to pick up a pot on eBay to try, and I'm obsessed its perfect.
I use it after taking my makeup off every night, my skin has been clear and soft ever since.
If you're contemplating trying/buying Emma Hardie Skincare, do it!

This year i've really fell in love with serums, they seem to really work with my skin.
I've been after the perfect eye serum for a while, as I use my Flint + Flint Serum for my full face, and it's incredible but I need a plumping  serum for my eye area and this Emma Hardie Serum is really amazing, amazing, amazing.

Julianne's Red Lipstick by L'oreal
I'm usually only a MAC Lipstick girl, but I recently tried this L'oreal Lipstick in Julianne's Red and it's my new favourite go-to shade.
It's the most gorgeous shade in a reddish coral in a shade similar to MAC Satin, it's not Matte, but it's not Glossy.
It's definitely worth the try, they also have lots of new shades too from J-Lo's Nude to Blake's Red.

Gin - Harvey Nichols
I'm a Gin lover. 
But usually only a Bombay Sapphire Gin girl.
However, for Christmas my friend bought me a bottle of Gin from Harvey Nichols, and it's so, so lush!

I love lip colours, and I love trying out new trends.
I've never tried a coloured lip balm before and these Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm's are so great!
I've got the shades Ellusive Insaisissable which is a nude pink shades perfect for every day, and Audacious Audacieuse which is a coral orange and such a great shade for day or night, and they're peppermint flavoured too!

As you all know by now I've got a small little area at where I sell Signs, Bags and now Handmade Pom Pom Keyrings!
The perfect keyrings or bag charms available in loads of sizes!
I've also made Pom Pom Earrings too!
Check everything out here

Terramundi Money Box - Home Bargains
My boyfriend and I are currently saving for a house and I'm in love with our new little savings Terramundi from Home Bargains!
They also have Baby Fund, and Wedding, and Shoes Fund Terramundi's too, and they're only £2.99!

Blemish StickAustralian Body Care Tea Tree 
This month I was introduced to Australian Body Care, and this month I was Blemish-Stick-less and this Australian Body Care Blemish Stick came to my rescue, with tea tree oil it's just amazing.

Brush Shampoo - Elf Cosmetics
I adore my Real Techniques Makeup Brushes but I've never used a brush shampoo to clean them, but I've found love in Elf Cosmetics recently and especially with their brush shampoo.
It makes that tedious job of cleaning your brushes that so much easier, I also use it to clean my Emma Hardie Buffing Cloth too.

False Lashes - Amazing Shine
I've never been good at applying false lashes, in fact I was useless.
But this month I realised it was because I never had the right lashes with a thin, weightless hairline and I never had the right glue.
Until when watching Pixiwoo's YouTube Videos decided to try Amazing Shine's Lashes which are so inexpensive and easy to get hold of in so many styles, I grabbed mine from eBay!

Like I said I've never used the right glue for applying eyelashes but I love this Lash Fix glue I tried from eBay, it really keeps the lashes on for hours, and hour even when I have busy travel trips to London.

Postcards - Audrey Krako Photography
My friend, model and photographer Audrey Krako has launched her own range of postcards sponsored by Portoliobox.
They're so handy to have in your desk or dressing table drawer to grab when you need that perfect and stylish item to scribble or white a short note to a business, client, friend or family member and these unique, colourful designs are gorgeous to keep and frame too, high quality and affordable.



I love 'What's in my Bag?' YouTube Videos, so I thought why not do a #StyledbyCharlie 'What's in my Bag?' Blog Post. 

I switch up my handbags all the time.
But I've been wanting a relaxed, slouchy leather or suede one for ages, and when I stumbled across my new stunning bag in Zara when in London the other day I had to have it. 

So this is my current Handbag from Zara.
It's cool and edgy with the leather look and buckled straps and relaxed shoulder strap if you want.
It's like a Mary Poppins bag, you can fit everything in it! I was so impressed when I found it in the Westfield London Store last week for only £29.99, it was purchased immediately. 

The next item in my handbag is possibly my favourite ever.
I've been a massive Westwood fan since a very young age and she's not only my favourite design but such a role model to me.
My dream was always to own a Vivienne Westwood Jasmine Snake Bag which I was lucky enough to purchase in Paris last year.
But before I bought my dream Westwood Bag my amazing boyfriend bought me my dream Westwood Snake Purse, knowing my love for Westwood but not knowing this was my dream design. 
It was a match made in heaven, and to be able to complete the package with the matching bag last April, they're just perfect!

Spring is finally here and with 2015 disappearing quickly already Summer is just around the corner, and a girl can never have to many pairs of sunglasses!
I carry two pairs of Sunglasses with me, one for my bag and one for my car.

Recently purchasing my newest pair of Sunglasses.
These stunning Calvin Klein Tortoiseshell Glasses from TK Maxx for £19.99 a bargain of their RRP £112.00.

The second pair I carry with me at all times is one of my all time favourite accessory purchases, my Céline Sunglasses
I fell in love with these glasses last year after stumbling across them in my local label agency Arch, and managed to grab these Kardashian Family Favourite Glasses for only £120, a fraction of their retail price. 
Seeing pictures of Kylie, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian in these Glasses all the time, makes wearing them even more exciting. 

Then, of course is my Makeup Bag.
This bag actually is a New Purchase from Kenneth Cole I picked up in TK Maxx for £7.99, as well a the matching Wash Bag with 'Inspire' type on for £9.99.
This Makeup Bag is the perfect size for all my daily makeup essentials and I just love the type, the brown leather look bottom and canvas from with the colour popping red zipper.

I also carry around with me my current read, #GirlBoss by Nasty Gal's Sophia Amorusa.
Such an inspiring book from something who made their millions from nothing.
It's lovely to read a book from one fashionista to another. 

You cannot forget a Perfume!
I recently purchases this gorgeous Zara White Eau de Toilette perfume in London last week and fell in love.
I have so many perfumes and I don't like carrying my expensive perfumes around in my handbag incase they break, but this £5.99 perfume from Zara isn't only inexpensive it's gorgeous!
The perfect day-to-day scent. 

On the go I love to catch up on some YouTube Videos and on the train or shopping you can't really play it loud for all to hear.
So I love to have my Bass Buds Headphones at hand just incase, and their so cute and fashionable with their bright white exterior and adorable crystals on the phones.

I have fallen in love with this Emma Hardie Hand Cream I managed to snap up from TK Maxx recently. 
Not only is it moisturising and smells amazing, it's also really repairing!
I have this one problem thumb which a cuticle that likes attention and this is the first hand cream i've used that instantly repairs.

Being organised, I always carry around my Business Cards from, just incase!
You never know who you might meet and when you might need one!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll know I live in my Colin Leslie Glasses.
They're with me at all times.
I love the edgy, retro look and I'm just in love with them. 

Replacing my trusty Clarins Lipstick is my New Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm in Elusive Insaisissable 205.
It's such a gorgeous every day pink shade with gorgeous pigmentation and so easy to apply and wear. 

I always have to keep my work keys in my bag otherwise I always forget them!
But recently, - and this is a #StyledbyCharlie Exclusive - I've attached all my lonely keys to my New Pom Pom Keyring designs Handmade by Me!
Which will soon be able to purchase from my Shop, and will come in a range of colours from lilac to orange and everything in-between!
So you can have that Pom Pom Comfort of knowing you'll never loose your keys again.

Finally is my Car Keys for my beloved bright yellow Beatle. 
On these I have my Giant Racoon Pom Pom Keyring from Poppy London, but I also have another fluffier Black Pom Pom Keyring from Amelia Jane London on my other pair of keyring.
You can never have enough Pom Pom's guys!

So I hope you enjoyed my 'What's in my Bag?' Post and don't forget to comment bellow on what else you would like to see from #StyledbyCharlie.

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Charlie xo



As Easter is just around the corner and it's time to practice those cutesy Easter Bakes!

I've joined in on the Stork Baking Spread #BakeSomeoneHappy Baking Challenge with my Eater Egg Nest Cupcakes!

You guys know I like to keep my Baking Recipes easy and simple to follow in 10 Simple Steps so whether you're a keen baker or a baking beginner, this recipe is perfect for you to create pretty little bakes easily.

What's a better Easter Bake than Egg Nest Chocolate Cupcakes?

150g Self Raising Flour
150g Caster Sugar
150g Butter
2 Large Eggs 
2 Tbsp of Coco Powder
1 Tsp of Baking Powder
1/2 Cup of Milk Chocolate Chips
1/2 Cup of White Chocolate Chips

For topping:
3 - 4 Cups of Cornflakes
2 Tbsp of Golden Syrup
5 Slabs of Milk/Dark Chocolate 
Decorations (optional

Pre heat Fan Oven to 180 Degrees Celsius 

Makes 12-24 Cupcakes.

1. Weight out ingredients into bowels, it keeps everything tidy and makes it easy to remember what is where, and what is next!

2. Get your cupcake baking tray and pop your cupcake cases into each section.

3. Pop the Flour and Sugar into a bowl and begin mixing.
Slowly add cubes of Butter, and then Cocoa Powder.

4. Add the Eggs and mix.
Followed by Baking Powder and the Chocolate Chips.

5. Mix until the mixture is all chocolaty and ready to pop into the cases.

6. Bake for around 15 Minutes checking regularly to make sure they're not over/under baked. 

7. Whilst your cupcakes are baking, take the Chocolate for the topping and break into cubes and put in a bowl with the Golden Syrup and place into the Microwave for around 45 Seconds, remove and mix until smooth.

8. Pour the Chocolate Syrup Mixture over the Cornflakes and mix until all the cornflakes are covered with the Chocolate Syrup.

9. Take Cupcakes out of the Oven once cooked through and leave to cool before spooning the Chocolate Cornflakes in to Nests on the top of the Cupcakes and finishing with a Mini Egg to complete the Nests, and decorate with sprinkles etc if you wish.

10. Eat and Enjoy!

Don't Forget!
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I #NestNominate my friend Nicola Bayliss, and Blogging Mummy June Olsen to #BakeSomeoneHappy with her Daughter this Easter.



On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the Top Secret Interview with Nip + Fab President Maria Hatzistefanis and Nip + Fab's New Brand Ambassador Kylie Jenner in a Top Secret London Location. 

As it was a very exclusive event, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write the interview up for you guys, so you felt like you could've been there too!

So, here's the Exclusive Interview with MTV presenter and Nip + Fab Interview host Becca Dudley, Nip + Fab President Maria Hatzistefanis and the one and only Kylie Jenner..

Maria, Can you tell us why you chose the amazing Kylie Jenner to be the Brand Ambassador for Nip + Fab?

It was a really easy choice for me. Kylie is cool, edgy and really Chic, she's exactly what Nip + Fab is all about.
When she Instagram'd our product 9 months ago, our fans went crazy! So it really was an easy choice.
I spent some time with Kylie last night, we went to the London Eye and had lots of fun.
She is looking gorgeous, and she has travelled all the way from LA to come and meet her fans.
So are you guys ready for Kylie?

All right then! Lets do It!
Lets introduce her!
Everyone please make as much noise as you can for the new Nip + Fab Ambassador Kylie Jenner!
Hello Kylie, hello, hello.
Hi Kylie, Welcome you look amazing!

Kylie Jenner:
Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you so much for coming and chatting to us I think everyones really excited.
OMG, look how many phones there are out right now..

Kylie Jenner:
I'm all over everyones social media right now!

So you guys have been hanging out, you've been hanging out with Maria for the past 24 hours. What have you guys been up to and how're you finding London so far?

Kylie Jenner:
We went on the London Eye, I've never been so that was really cool. 

Did you go day or night?


Aw, I bet it was beautiful. 

I know, it really was, It was really fun.

Have you been on a night out yet in London?

We went to Mobu after that.
But I've only been in London once before.

Have you really only been to London once before?

Once before.

Oh wow!
Are you here for long?

No, its a busy day then I leave tomorrow morning. Crazy.

Wow okay, well lets talk a little bit about Nip + Fab.
So, how did you first come across the brand?

It was actually on a Photo Shoot someone was using the product, it was the Dragons Blood Fix and then I just found love.

Yeah, I've used that before it's pretty amazing!

It's really good!

Now, you're a massive style icon over here in the UK, I'm sure you know that. 
Theres a lot of attention on what you're wearing everyday, and your style.
How does that feel to have so much attention on what you're wearing?

It's a lot of pressure. It's definitely a lot of pressure. 
I've used the same stylist for like my whole life, Monica Rose. So I'm always with her like getting rid of all my clothes and starting over, so It's definitely a lot of pressure, but it's fun!

Do you feel like you can't really have any down days where you just nip to the shop?

Well every time that paparazzi or whatever catches me, I'm always straight out of bed in my sweats or anything so it's never good but, it's whatever.

You always look amazing so you're fine, you're fine!

Thank you!

Now I've always loved fashion and style, and I've always idolised someone like Kate Moss growing up someone that's sort of effortlessly cool and edgy and I feel like you guys (The Kardashian's) have that all going on as well.
But who have you idolised style wise growing up, and who's your style icon?

Style Icon now? 
To keep it in the family, I love Kim and Kayne's style like they definitely inspire me the most.
North probably inspires me the most. But Kim and Kanye their style, I'm obsessed. Kim's always in the latest and newest stuff so I always look to her for advice and stuff.

Amazing, pretty good family to have style wise?

I know!

How about you Maria do you have a style icon?


Aw, I like that.
Also, we've all kinda dressing black! We didn't plan this by the way! 

I know, red lips..

Yeah, yeah I know!
I'm feeling part of the crew!

We (Maria) have been talking shoes all morning!

Oh hello! I did not see those!
These are banging!

Thank you!

Feeling a bit out of place in my sneakers!
So, we were talking about style. Can you guys both tell me your definition of beauty?

Um, definition of beauty?
I mean I always think, outer wise when I see girls, I always think they're most beautiful when they're not really wearing anything. Like dewey skin, I always think like 'uh you're so pretty!'.
Like when there is a lot of makeup and stuff, like I'm obsessed with makeup so I'm not going to not wear any but I think it's really pretty when I see other girls wearing no makeup.

Like fresh face yeah.
How about you Maria?

Yeah I totally agree with Kylie. 
It's all about effortless beauty, glowing skin and a healthy lifestyle, just basics. 

So Kylie, can you tell us about your skincare routine.
Like I want to know everything. You know how long you spend on it at night, do you have a routine in the morning? 
Because you have such great skin! What's the secret?

Thank you!
1. Nip + Fab and they generously filled my hotel room with like every product so I've been on a craze using everything but I use a lot of scrubs, their Yoga Scrub is really amazing with lavender. I like to use it before bed because it calms me. 
But good moisturiser is good, and take your makeup off before you go to bed. 
Sun cream on your hands and face.

Oh is that a thing?
On your hands as well?

Because you know you can tell someones age by their hands?
Well Khloe my older sister always told me to put sun cream on my hands.

So how does having great skin make you feel?

I mean it makes me feel great! Doesn't everybody.
Who wants bad skin? You know.

It gives you confidence I suppose. 

For sure.

Do you think it's important to eat healthy to achieve that skin?

I think that is a huge part of it.
Drink a lot of water and stuff.
I always drink pressed juice, I drink a lot of pressed juice, like carrots and all that.

Yeah! I discovered this recently. I got a Nutri Bullet and I've noticed my skin looks so much better just from eating healthy and having healthy juices.

There was this article recently, about this girl who drank like an excessive amount of water for like a month straight or something, who never really drank water in her life, and she looks like 10 years younger.

Yeah, actually I did hear like 3 big litres of water a day is supposed to be amazing for you, but that's a lot of toilet trips..

That's so much water..

Maria, how do you maintain your luminous skin?

I eat a lot of protein, and fruit and vegetables. I love fish, and I'm mad about exfoliating.
I probably exfoliate around 3 times a day if I can, and I always use to Glycolic Fix Pads.
Morning, lunch and before I go to bed. 

Wow, that's really good! I'm going to do that as well!
I'm going to copy whatever you guys are doing basically!
So Kylie, today you look so glamorous, amazing makeup!
What's your favourite day-to-day look?

I usually always do like the same lip colour. 
Well everyone think I have like this one specific lip colour, but I have like 10 different nudes.
So probably like a nude lip colour and I can't live without my strip lashes, and that's probably it.

And do you have like a whole separate night time look, or do you try and keep it the same?

Kind of the same, but maybe with a bit of glitter.

I'm feeling the glitter, it looks awesome!
I can't stop looking at it!
So lets talk handbags!

My handbag isn't as neat as everyone probably thinks it is, but I have so many Lip Liners. I can't leave the house without Lip Liner, and currently I have the Dragons Blood Serum Hydrator, because I love moisturiser.

Because you travel a lot, so you must need to keep on top of you skin?

I always have sunglasses, just in case, and chapstick.

Essential, Essential!
How about you Maria?

I have about 10 Lip Balms in my bag, I'm obsessed with having a lip balm all the time.
I use the Rodial Glam Stick which has a great coconut flavour, as I tend to eat my lip balms.
I keep sunglasses all the time for indoors as well.
I also like to have something with me to hydrate and I've been recently using the Dragons Blood Fix Mask  if I have an emergency and it just plumps up the skin.

Lets talk Gym Bags as well so I don't know if you're a big gym go-er but is there something you automatically reach for after the gym?

I have no worked out a day in my life in like 2 years.

No way?

I know, I know it's really bag though, I'm going to start though for health reasons.
I feel like all the food I eat is catching up to me though!

I think you've got good genes so I think you'll be absolutely fine!
Believe it or not summer is around the corner bikini time is coming up!
What are you favourite holiday beauty must haves?
It's probably sunny all the time in LA though, over here we're like gearing up for our 20 Degrees.

I dye my hair lighter or something, but it's pretty much all the same in LA.

Is it literally hot all year round? I've never been to LA.

Yeah, it's only like 5 days out of the year that it rains.
It's really exciting!

Well at least it's not raining her in London this is a rarity.

It's not that cold here!

You've brought the sunshine with you Kylie!

Thank you.

So are you a festival go-er?

I do, I go to Coachella.
I've only been once so I'm not really a festival go-er, I've not got my badge.

Do you camp? Would you camp?

Oh no.

I had to ask!
So what are your festival essentials?

For this year, I want to do a crazy hairstyle or something, and then just like comfortable shoes!

Yeah, that is key!
Wet wipes, essential!
So finally, what's your ideal pampering day?

I love pampering days!
I usually just take a shower or a bath for like a couple of hours and just soak my whole body, get all my spray tan off. Then like, I dunno I love lotions! Again this whole Nip + Fab Yoga thing lotions are amazing! Then like masks, and I put my hair in coconut oil.

Do you get much time to sit back and chill?


Because it's quite a hectic life you lead.

Yeah it is kind of hectic but when I do it's nice!

Well I hope you get some more chill out time!
Before we go, let us know what're you up to next?

I have a lot of fun stuff coming up this year, so that's kind of cool.
I'm moving out in a second so that's awesome! It closed today, or yesterday.
So that is really exciting.
Other than that, I don't really know, you'll have to wait and see.

Thank you so much ladies and gentlemen!
Unfortunately that's all we have time for but it was awesome chatting to you.
Ladies and gentlemen give a big round of applause for the lovely Maria and the new Nip + Fab Ambassador, Kylie Jenner!

And that's the end of the Interview, it was short and sweet but a lot of Jenner/Kardashian info in there we've all been craving the answers too!



On Thursday I attended BirchBox X Habitat's Event in London where they launch BirchBox's Collaboration with Habitat and showcasing this months Habitat X BirchBox as well as Habitiat's beautiful new Beauty Storage Collection featuring unique Beauty Storage Boxes and Cases to stunning New Dressing Table designs, #BringingBacktheDressingTable.

The Event was held at Habitat's stunning Kings Road, London store in Chelsea, where we were led by an adorable trail of BirchBox's to the Event location.

BirchBox aren't only collaborating with Habitat but with Benefit Cosmetics too!
Allowing you throughout March to select which of 3 Benefit Mascara's you want to sample in your BirchBox!

Choose from; They're Real, BADgal or the New Roller Lash.

The event was delightful.
Champagne flowing, the tastiest canapés I've ever had with some truly wonderful people to meet.
With 22 people attending with Beauty Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers and passionate BirchBox & Habitat employees, a truly wonderful set up with some lovely and inspiring people.

The event consisted of a meet and greet session initially for us all to chat and share tips and ideas with one another, also allowing us to mooch around the gorgeous new Habitat Beauty Storage and Dressing Table Collections as well as through BirchBox's amazing March Box and products. 

Followed by a stunning 3 course meals with amazing appetisers from pesto tomatoes, beetroot tart, couscous, chicken breast and chocolate tart for desert. 

An absolutely gorgeous set up,  and wonderful setting to meet such like minded people.

I was a huge fan of the amazing basil pesto pastry canapés, which were just to die for. 

Not to mention the stunning dressing tables in 3 times less designs from Habitat

The event was bar far the best I've attended yet and it was so nice and refreshing to meet new Bloggers too!

The lovely Millie from She Hearts the High Street, Natalie from The Fash Feed, Teri from The Lovely Drawer, June from Nostalgiecat and many, many others. 

We we're lucky enough to be gifted with a Habitat X BirchBox March Box with all 3 Benefit Marascara to try (which I'll review for you further on in the post, sharing my favourite!), as well as this stunning Storage Box from Habitat's New Beauty Storage Collection which is just perfect!

With a removable stacking top section with four sectioned quarters for you to separate your beauty products, tools or accessories. Revealing a bottom section for all your essentials to keep them neat and tidy in a gorgeous grey and orange box to brighten up any room. 

I now feel like I need the whole Habitat Beauty Storage Collection for my beauty products.

As for the Benefit Mascaras...

Well, I've sene that the New Roller Lash is being talked about everywhere so I was really keen to try it with high expectations, and heres what I thought. 

My favourite of the 3 has to be BADgal Lash.
With its thick, volumising brush you expect clumpy lashes however I find it the perfect mascara.

Thickening, Volumising, Lengthening and Defining!

It's definitely my choice for the No. 1 Benefit Mascara.

In second place has to be They're Real from Benefit.

With a really interesting brush with defining bristles and a good end of brush gadget of what I can only describe and precise bristles perfect for those tricky corner lashes, and getting the perfect bottom lash mascara look.

I actually love using this mascara over my BAGgal Benefit Mascara to get that perfect defined and separated look

Lastly, unfortunately I just didn't get the Roller Lash hype, and wasn't blown away..

I didn't find it any different to using a basic, drugstore mascara and didn't really see any benefits at all.
It's a pretty bottle and I love the packaging however, I don't think it works for me and my lashes.

Practical and pretty containers to keep you favourite beauty and pampering products that aren't anything like the unattractive perspex uglyness you'd possibly be swayed towards, and fabulous value for money as well as a great selection of designs too.

(Find Habitat's Beauty Storage here)

 I'm a huge fan of BirchBox's service, I love that they introduce you to products you wouldn't have tried or selected yourself and that they introduce you to new loves from fragrances, beauty and skincare.

My favourite thing about BirchBox is how easy and simple it is and delivered to your door monthly, it's really something to look forward to and get excited about!

BirchBox is great value for money for only £10 a Month for your Box of products worth over £45  for you to try before you buy.

Go and check out BirchBox if you haven't before and get hold of their March Box and select which Benefit Mascara you want to try!

And head over to Habitat and check out their New Beauty Storage as well as their stunning Dressing Table Designs, and the rest of their truly amazing selection of stock.

Vlog of the Event with BirchBox X Habitat at
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