As Easter is just around the corner and it's time to practice those cutesy Easter Bakes!

I've joined in on the Stork Baking Spread #BakeSomeoneHappy Baking Challenge with my Eater Egg Nest Cupcakes!

You guys know I like to keep my Baking Recipes easy and simple to follow in 10 Simple Steps so whether you're a keen baker or a baking beginner, this recipe is perfect for you to create pretty little bakes easily.

What's a better Easter Bake than Egg Nest Chocolate Cupcakes?

150g Self Raising Flour
150g Caster Sugar
150g Butter
2 Large Eggs 
2 Tbsp of Coco Powder
1 Tsp of Baking Powder
1/2 Cup of Milk Chocolate Chips
1/2 Cup of White Chocolate Chips

For topping:
3 - 4 Cups of Cornflakes
2 Tbsp of Golden Syrup
5 Slabs of Milk/Dark Chocolate 
Decorations (optional

Pre heat Fan Oven to 180 Degrees Celsius 

Makes 12-24 Cupcakes.

1. Weight out ingredients into bowels, it keeps everything tidy and makes it easy to remember what is where, and what is next!

2. Get your cupcake baking tray and pop your cupcake cases into each section.

3. Pop the Flour and Sugar into a bowl and begin mixing.
Slowly add cubes of Butter, and then Cocoa Powder.

4. Add the Eggs and mix.
Followed by Baking Powder and the Chocolate Chips.

5. Mix until the mixture is all chocolaty and ready to pop into the cases.

6. Bake for around 15 Minutes checking regularly to make sure they're not over/under baked. 

7. Whilst your cupcakes are baking, take the Chocolate for the topping and break into cubes and put in a bowl with the Golden Syrup and place into the Microwave for around 45 Seconds, remove and mix until smooth.

8. Pour the Chocolate Syrup Mixture over the Cornflakes and mix until all the cornflakes are covered with the Chocolate Syrup.

9. Take Cupcakes out of the Oven once cooked through and leave to cool before spooning the Chocolate Cornflakes in to Nests on the top of the Cupcakes and finishing with a Mini Egg to complete the Nests, and decorate with sprinkles etc if you wish.

10. Eat and Enjoy!

Don't Forget!
Share your Easter Nest Bakes with me on Twitter and Instagram #StyledbyCharlieBaking and join in the Easter Baking with Stork Baking Spread and #BakeSomeoneHappy this Easter and #NestNominate your friends to join in the Easter Baking!

I #NestNominate my friend Nicola Bayliss, and Blogging Mummy June Olsen to #BakeSomeoneHappy with her Daughter this Easter.


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