In recent years I've fallen in love with Halloween as I got older. Which is something quite fun as you'd think you grow away from dressing up for Halloween however I now do it every year, more than I did as a child or teenager.

Check out my 9 favourite unique makeup looks for Halloween.
Year on year, my best friend and her boyfriend host a Halloween Party and it's always epic.
Tom and I always dress up for the occasion of course, however Tom hasn't been a fan of dressing up until this year, where we are both going all out with Halloween makeup looks instead of costumes.
So I thought I'd share with you 9 Unique Halloween Makeup Looks you could try this Halloween!

1. Cracked Doll
I'm a big fan of these cracked and broken looks this year and I think they are so effective.
Especially when it's done with the 2-faces-in-1 effect like this makeup look, with a glamorous side and makeup free side.

Picture Source: Pinterest
2. White Sugar Skull
Sugar Skulls looks have been hot for a couple of years for Halloween but this unique white take on the traditional idea is so awesome. Imagine it paired with a black wig and black dress - wicked.

Picture Source: Pinterest
3. Mermaid Goals
Mermaid hair has been a big thing on Instagram and on social media recently, with loads of mermaid inspired homeware hitting the shelves too. But when I think of mermaids, I think of Sophie Hannah Richardson. Sophie completely nails mermaid makeup and if you're after a slightly more girly and unique look this Halloween then why not try this bedazzled mermaid makeup.

Picture Source: Pinterest / @sophiehannahrichardson
4. Little Red Riding Hood
Similar to my chosen costume last year, I love this take on the childhood classic, Little Red Riding Hood. If you've seen Once Upon a Time on Netflix then this is going to be your favourite Red look with an evil edge, perfect for Halloween with some fake scares and cuts, easily make with latex kits.

Picture Source: Pinterest
5. The Bearded Lady
A lover of illusion makeup I think this bearded lady makeup idea is perfect for Halloween and a unique costume you can almost guarantee no one else will come as!

Picture Source: Pinterest
6. The Cheshire Cat
Why not take the childhood favourite costume of a cat to the next level this Halloween and channel your inner Cheshire cat from Alice and Wonderland with a cheeky smile and purple stripes.

Picture Source: Pinterest
7. Pinocchio
Dolls are a great choice for Halloween but I'm particularly fond of this clever makeup trick to create the look of a wooden doll I think is so effective.

Picture Source: Pinterest
8. Face Swap
No the same as your favourite Snapchat filter but how amazing and creepy is this half-and-half makeup look which will confuse everyone this Halloween.
I can't stop looking at it...

Picture Source: Pinterest
9. The Joker
Grab the green hair chalk this Halloween and your favourite villain outfit and do you makeup messy for once and become a super sexy female Joker.
I want green hair.

Picture Source: Pinterest

What are you going as this Halloween?
Which of these makeup looks is your favourite?
Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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I love candles and I love Christmas, so you can imagine what I'm like with Christmas scented candles - a nightmare. I collect far to many every years and I've already started my collection this year.

I'm not a huge fan of food candle scents and I much prefer floral or fresh scents when it comes to burning them in my home. However, recently on a trip to Home Bargains I came across a huge selection of Wickford & Co Christmas Candles for only £2.99 and fell in love with a Gingerbread Candle!

 Gingerbread in a candle = Heaven.
They're the same size as the Yankee Candle large jars and for only £2.99 are an amazing dupe for Yankee Candles. Although they have less burning hours, you save nearly £20 per candle when buying the Wickford & Co ones instead. What a saving!!

They have Christmas scents in mulled Wine, Gingerbread and Christmas Spice all for only £2.99 each! Fragrance wise they're as strong as Yankee Candle as from the ones I smelt are on point with their flavourings and scent selections.

These Pickford & Co large years have a 95 hour burning time which is around 50 or so less hour than the Yankee Candle large jars, but you can't even buy a Yankee Candle small jar for under £7!

If you're a candle enthusiast (yes, I do consider that a thing) too, then I highly recommend popping to Home Bargains and checking out their candle selection as I also picked up a Halloween Candle for 69p as well as two more candles I'll be Blogging about very soon which are alcohol flavoured - yes, yes I know! Eek!

Let me know you favourite candle and if you've tried Wickford & Co Candles before and if you rate them for the price!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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For me, Autumn and Winter is the time of year where I focus on my home decor more and concentrate on making my rooms cosy and homely ready to spend night in the colder seasons.

I've had a good response on social media at the moment about my home decor and style, so I thought I'd do a mini house tour of my kitchen and living room.

Scroll down to see my Top 3 Tips to 'Cosy' your home for Winter.
I have a rustic/eclectic interiors style which I'm quite adventurous with but it's not to every ones taste.
I designed my kitchen in December last year (which you can read more about here) where I chose modern kitchen units in a green/beige colour, made to look more rustic with the addition of pewter cup handles and a rustic solid oak top for a more rustic look.
I love the unique style of my kitchen as it's not the style you see every day.

I designed my kitchen with a rustic theme in mind in keeping with my Victorian cottage.
Continuing the rustic/eclectic style through to my living room, sticking to the age of our 1890's Victorian cottage with original doors and flooring. I love leather, antiques and all things vintage which is why my living room is full of, including my collection of decanters and bar area which can't be seen in this photo.

My furniture is all vintage or antique with my bureau which I picked up for £35 from British Heart Foundation and my vintage oak coffee table I got from Newark Antiques Fair for £40.

We have a log store and log basket to store the wood for our log burner we use daily in the winter, completes the perfect cosy home.

My favourite piece in my living room is my vintage red leather chesterfield arm chair I bought when I was 19 from Newark Antiques Fair for £150.

My living room might not be every ones style but I love how cosy and homely it feels.
Winter is the season I like to make my home homely and cosy addition new items and changing decor. Here are my Top 3 Tips for How to 'cosy' your home for Winter:

1. Rugs
Rug change the look and style of a place so quickly and are an inexpensive way to update a room.
In our house, Tom and I change our rug probably 2 to 3 times a year, it just completely changes the look of the room. We bought our current rug (LOHALS Rug from IKEA £65.00) is a lovely lightweight and comfortable neutral textile perfect for summer and giving our living room some light.
For Winter we're looking for another Persian Rug which we adore or a Turkish Kilim Rug which we also have in our home.

2. Pictures and Photographs
We recently put all our photographs, pictures and shelving up on the walls. As the nights are getting darker and the winter closing in I was feeling that our house looked a little dark and bare without accessories on the walls. I was okay with this in the summer as it was light and airy.
Winter for me is the perfect time to fill your walls with sentimental photographs and unique art.

3. Blankets and Cushions
Essentials for Winter and keeping cosy, blanket and cushions are ideal for transforming your room into a seasonal haven of warmth. Try a combination of soft and textures fabrics to add dimension to your room with different colour combination in layers on your sofas and chairs with either matching or contrasting blanket you can cosy up in in the evening, draped over the sofa arm.

 They're my Top 3 Tips to 'cosy' your home for Winter!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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I love autumn because it means we're closer to my favourite season, winter.
Christmas and Halloween are definitely my favourite holidays of the year and I've always dreamt of going to a pumpkin farm after seeing loads of pictures of them in America, I didn't realise I had one right on my doorstep, Hill Farm in Chesterton near Peterborough.

Check out Hill Farm here.
This weekend Tom, Chloe, James and I headed to the farm to pick our own pumpkins from the most amazing sight that was a field full of pumpkins. I was quite worried there wouldn't be any left after watching Zoella's pumpkin picking vlog which was a bit of a disaster. However I couldn't believe my eyes to find a field of colour with hundreds and hundred of pumpkins!

I turned into an excitable 7 year old again, running about getting extremely enthusiastic about pumpkins, and before you paint a picture of me being a crazy Halloween fanatic, it's completely acceptable to enjoy walking around a field of pumpkins.. Ok?

Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, all different varieties and you can choose your own.
We all got instantly quite attached to our pumpkins and Tom and I ended up taking 5 home.
It was such an amazing experience that I will definitely do every year from now on as I enjoyed it so much.

Hill Farm runs all year round selling every kind of produce you could need from berries to fruit and veg, and pumpkins at Halloween obviously. It's a great place for all the family with refreshments available and even a play area for the kiddy-winks too.
I'd highly recommend it as a family location, or for a crazy Halloween fan like me!

The experience was so fun I couldn't stop taking pictures, so I thought I'd share them with you.
Enjoy :-)

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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When I was 18 I was lucky enough to go to New York on a business trip with my college. It was an amazing opportunity and a trip of a lifetime, but.. I'm going back!

Returning to my favourited city - Eek! | Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
Next month, Tom and I are heading to NYC for 5 days with friends Chloe and James. However, this time around we're not staying in a hostel, but in a gorgeous hotel. Eek!
From 24th to 28th November we'll be in New York City living the dream, so I thought I'd share some of my plans with you guys and hopefully those of you that have visited New York can give me some tips in the comments on where to go, and what to see!

We're flying with United Airlines from Heathrow Airport to Newark near NYC.
We chose to fly economy as the price difference even to go premium was quite ridiculous.
With flights and hotel it's costing us £700 per person, which I think is an amazing price for 4 nights in New York City at Christmas time, staying in a gorgeous hotel.

Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
Last time I stayed in the YMCA Vanderbilt Hostel on East 47th Street which was extremely affordable and in a great location, however it wasn't the nicest place to sleep or wash, to be honest.
This time, we're staying in the Hudson on West 58th Street near Central Park - my favourite place!

Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
Last time in NYC we did a lot. A lot in 4 days. So, this time, we want to do more unique things, and less of the site-seeing. Apart from re-doing 'Top of the Rock' because Tom missed out last time, and it really, really was the most amazing sight I've ever witnessed!
We've all got different things we want to see, but for me I'm desperate to walk the 'High Line' which I didn't know even existed until I watched Tanya Burr's Vlog. Chloe's dream is to watch The Lion King on Broadway so we're really hoping we can get tickets for that, as what an experience that would be?

Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
I've been doing some research into free things to do in New York, as sometimes the free and accessible attractions or locations are forgotten about, like the High Line because they're less promoted. For example, I've found places like;
• High Line

Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
I love New York for so many reason, it really did capture my heart when I visited the first time and it's a city where I feel incredibly safe and accepted which I think is important when travelling.
I love the food, I love the people and I love the architecture and history.
If you love cities or places with so much to do, then you'll love New York because there is something there for everyone whether you like shopping, art, history, food, anything! New York really is a really incredibly place I'm so glad I get to visit again.

I'll be sharing my New York plans on my Vlog, and I'll always be Vlogging the week on my YouTube Channel too! So, Subscribe if you want to see what we get up to.

I can't wait!
Please share your NYC tips and recommendations with my in the comments as I want to know what your favourite thing to do in New York are.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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