I love autumn because it means we're closer to my favourite season, winter.
Christmas and Halloween are definitely my favourite holidays of the year and I've always dreamt of going to a pumpkin farm after seeing loads of pictures of them in America, I didn't realise I had one right on my doorstep, Hill Farm in Chesterton near Peterborough.

Check out Hill Farm here.
This weekend Tom, Chloe, James and I headed to the farm to pick our own pumpkins from the most amazing sight that was a field full of pumpkins. I was quite worried there wouldn't be any left after watching Zoella's pumpkin picking vlog which was a bit of a disaster. However I couldn't believe my eyes to find a field of colour with hundreds and hundred of pumpkins!

I turned into an excitable 7 year old again, running about getting extremely enthusiastic about pumpkins, and before you paint a picture of me being a crazy Halloween fanatic, it's completely acceptable to enjoy walking around a field of pumpkins.. Ok?

Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, all different varieties and you can choose your own.
We all got instantly quite attached to our pumpkins and Tom and I ended up taking 5 home.
It was such an amazing experience that I will definitely do every year from now on as I enjoyed it so much.

Hill Farm runs all year round selling every kind of produce you could need from berries to fruit and veg, and pumpkins at Halloween obviously. It's a great place for all the family with refreshments available and even a play area for the kiddy-winks too.
I'd highly recommend it as a family location, or for a crazy Halloween fan like me!

The experience was so fun I couldn't stop taking pictures, so I thought I'd share them with you.
Enjoy :-)

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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