I love candles and I love Christmas, so you can imagine what I'm like with Christmas scented candles - a nightmare. I collect far to many every years and I've already started my collection this year.

I'm not a huge fan of food candle scents and I much prefer floral or fresh scents when it comes to burning them in my home. However, recently on a trip to Home Bargains I came across a huge selection of Wickford & Co Christmas Candles for only £2.99 and fell in love with a Gingerbread Candle!

 Gingerbread in a candle = Heaven.
They're the same size as the Yankee Candle large jars and for only £2.99 are an amazing dupe for Yankee Candles. Although they have less burning hours, you save nearly £20 per candle when buying the Wickford & Co ones instead. What a saving!!

They have Christmas scents in mulled Wine, Gingerbread and Christmas Spice all for only £2.99 each! Fragrance wise they're as strong as Yankee Candle as from the ones I smelt are on point with their flavourings and scent selections.

These Pickford & Co large years have a 95 hour burning time which is around 50 or so less hour than the Yankee Candle large jars, but you can't even buy a Yankee Candle small jar for under £7!

If you're a candle enthusiast (yes, I do consider that a thing) too, then I highly recommend popping to Home Bargains and checking out their candle selection as I also picked up a Halloween Candle for 69p as well as two more candles I'll be Blogging about very soon which are alcohol flavoured - yes, yes I know! Eek!

Let me know you favourite candle and if you've tried Wickford & Co Candles before and if you rate them for the price!

Thanks for reading,

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