In recent years I've fallen in love with Halloween as I got older. Which is something quite fun as you'd think you grow away from dressing up for Halloween however I now do it every year, more than I did as a child or teenager.

Check out my 9 favourite unique makeup looks for Halloween.
Year on year, my best friend and her boyfriend host a Halloween Party and it's always epic.
Tom and I always dress up for the occasion of course, however Tom hasn't been a fan of dressing up until this year, where we are both going all out with Halloween makeup looks instead of costumes.
So I thought I'd share with you 9 Unique Halloween Makeup Looks you could try this Halloween!

1. Cracked Doll
I'm a big fan of these cracked and broken looks this year and I think they are so effective.
Especially when it's done with the 2-faces-in-1 effect like this makeup look, with a glamorous side and makeup free side.

Picture Source: Pinterest
2. White Sugar Skull
Sugar Skulls looks have been hot for a couple of years for Halloween but this unique white take on the traditional idea is so awesome. Imagine it paired with a black wig and black dress - wicked.

Picture Source: Pinterest
3. Mermaid Goals
Mermaid hair has been a big thing on Instagram and on social media recently, with loads of mermaid inspired homeware hitting the shelves too. But when I think of mermaids, I think of Sophie Hannah Richardson. Sophie completely nails mermaid makeup and if you're after a slightly more girly and unique look this Halloween then why not try this bedazzled mermaid makeup.

Picture Source: Pinterest / @sophiehannahrichardson
4. Little Red Riding Hood
Similar to my chosen costume last year, I love this take on the childhood classic, Little Red Riding Hood. If you've seen Once Upon a Time on Netflix then this is going to be your favourite Red look with an evil edge, perfect for Halloween with some fake scares and cuts, easily make with latex kits.

Picture Source: Pinterest
5. The Bearded Lady
A lover of illusion makeup I think this bearded lady makeup idea is perfect for Halloween and a unique costume you can almost guarantee no one else will come as!

Picture Source: Pinterest
6. The Cheshire Cat
Why not take the childhood favourite costume of a cat to the next level this Halloween and channel your inner Cheshire cat from Alice and Wonderland with a cheeky smile and purple stripes.

Picture Source: Pinterest
7. Pinocchio
Dolls are a great choice for Halloween but I'm particularly fond of this clever makeup trick to create the look of a wooden doll I think is so effective.

Picture Source: Pinterest
8. Face Swap
No the same as your favourite Snapchat filter but how amazing and creepy is this half-and-half makeup look which will confuse everyone this Halloween.
I can't stop looking at it...

Picture Source: Pinterest
9. The Joker
Grab the green hair chalk this Halloween and your favourite villain outfit and do you makeup messy for once and become a super sexy female Joker.
I want green hair.

Picture Source: Pinterest

What are you going as this Halloween?
Which of these makeup looks is your favourite?
Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

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