Formally a Little Chef, the Country Lounge Café Bar opened in July 2015. You cannot compare it to its former self, and no longer look anything like the tired Little Chef that once was.

I've been to the Country Lounge many times, and even spent New Years Eve there last year.
However, more recently I'm aware it's had a change of hands as well as a few changes and renovations. So, on our way to pumpkin picking the other day we stopped in for lunch, and it's the first time I've eaten there since the change of management.

The decor of the Country Lounge is divine and totally up my street with rustic decor, mix/match chairs and tables, varied seating and amazing hand drawn wall art and quirky light features.

The Menu is great and staff are so welcoming, there really is something for everyone on the massive A3 double sided menu. Most of the food is Italian style with the odd English dish thrown in there.

Seated service is quick and kind with very happy and welcoming staff members. However, once our drink order was taken we waited a really, really long time for our drinks and our meal order wasn't taken for a painful amount of time, despite trying to get staff member attentions.
Eventually we had to take ourselves up to the bar to place our order.

Once our order was finally taken, food took an average amount of time but was worth the wait.

My partner ordered a lasagna and I ordered a Pizza, as they the Country Lounge have a huge pizza oven and I'm a pizza fanatic.

Tom polished off his lasagna in no time and said it was delicious. As was my olive and onion pizza, which took me straight back to Rome and was the most similar pizza to the ones I'd eaten there last year when visiting Italy.

Overall the Country Lounge is a great place to visit for lunch or dinner and being on the A47 is a great stop of for travellers with loads of parking and plenty of seating too.

The only thing I think the Country Lounge need to address is the order times, as it was quite awkward. We were on our way to Chesterton and decided to stop off at the Country Lounge last minute but the stop took a lot, lot longer than we had hope due to the staff being a little slow.

The food though, is fantastic and the selection is fab. Prices are reasonable and portions are great for what you pay for each dish and drink. The Country Lounge is a great place to take the whole family, and you can be confident everyone will find something they fancy.

It's the little things that impress me about the Country Lounge, especially the attention to detail with the decor and sweet little ideas like displaying and selling local produce and giftware that really gives the restaurant the unusual edge that is very memorable.

I would highly recommend trying out the Country Lounge Café Bar on A47 near Morcott in Rutland. But my only tip would be leave a little extra time depending on staff service that day.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo
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