As I don't have any children and last year was lucky enough to buy my first house and get my little puppy bundle, Arla the Pug, Christmas is exciting for me but in a different way to many...

Tom and I class Arla as our child (ridiculous? I know - give us a break) so yes, we do celebrate her birthday, and yes she will receive Christmas presents. But I'm not alone in my obsessed with my dog as crazy as it might sound. We're a country of animal lovers and many households have at least 1 dog in their lives, so why not celebrate Christmas with them?

I popped into Sainsbury's last week excited to see their Pet Christmas stock hitting the shelves from the 'Good Boy' brand, so... I bought it all!

The range of stock doesn't just have the most adorable packaging but the attention to detail on the designs and flavours for pets at Christmas time is just so amazing!
There's almost everything we would eat at our festive dinner that your dog can nibble on too!

I know, so amazing right?

They even have the range of Christmas toys like Arla's Ronnie the Reindeer, too which are just so adorable with gingerbread men, snowmen, reindeer's and more! 

They even have this adorable 'Dog Treats Tin' full of biscuits that will last for ages, in a cute festive treats tin you can reuse afterwards to store your fur-baby's cheeky treats in!

The branding on all these new releases are so adorable, they could even be mistaken for human food - but I wouldn't recommend give them a nibble...

They look so health and pure that you can see they're make from good ingredients and are the ideal gift to pop in your dogs stocking this Christmas to keep them occupied and away from the wrapping paper and all the chocolate!

Arla has been enjoying all the treats and particularly likes the Turkey Sticks and Giant Candy Cane!

I think cute seasonal and festive ideas for pets is a sweet touch especially for those - like me! - obsessed with their dog and opening spoil them rotten - why not?

If you've found any brands already releasing their Christmas stocks for pets, let me know in the comments and I just have to have it all!

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