When I was 18 I was lucky enough to go to New York on a business trip with my college. It was an amazing opportunity and a trip of a lifetime, but.. I'm going back!

Returning to my favourited city - Eek! | Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
Next month, Tom and I are heading to NYC for 5 days with friends Chloe and James. However, this time around we're not staying in a hostel, but in a gorgeous hotel. Eek!
From 24th to 28th November we'll be in New York City living the dream, so I thought I'd share some of my plans with you guys and hopefully those of you that have visited New York can give me some tips in the comments on where to go, and what to see!

We're flying with United Airlines from Heathrow Airport to Newark near NYC.
We chose to fly economy as the price difference even to go premium was quite ridiculous.
With flights and hotel it's costing us £700 per person, which I think is an amazing price for 4 nights in New York City at Christmas time, staying in a gorgeous hotel.

Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
Last time I stayed in the YMCA Vanderbilt Hostel on East 47th Street which was extremely affordable and in a great location, however it wasn't the nicest place to sleep or wash, to be honest.
This time, we're staying in the Hudson on West 58th Street near Central Park - my favourite place!

Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
Last time in NYC we did a lot. A lot in 4 days. So, this time, we want to do more unique things, and less of the site-seeing. Apart from re-doing 'Top of the Rock' because Tom missed out last time, and it really, really was the most amazing sight I've ever witnessed!
We've all got different things we want to see, but for me I'm desperate to walk the 'High Line' which I didn't know even existed until I watched Tanya Burr's Vlog. Chloe's dream is to watch The Lion King on Broadway so we're really hoping we can get tickets for that, as what an experience that would be?

Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
I've been doing some research into free things to do in New York, as sometimes the free and accessible attractions or locations are forgotten about, like the High Line because they're less promoted. For example, I've found places like;
• High Line

Photo Taken by myself in March 2013
I love New York for so many reason, it really did capture my heart when I visited the first time and it's a city where I feel incredibly safe and accepted which I think is important when travelling.
I love the food, I love the people and I love the architecture and history.
If you love cities or places with so much to do, then you'll love New York because there is something there for everyone whether you like shopping, art, history, food, anything! New York really is a really incredibly place I'm so glad I get to visit again.

I'll be sharing my New York plans on my Vlog, and I'll always be Vlogging the week on my YouTube Channel too! So, Subscribe if you want to see what we get up to.

I can't wait!
Please share your NYC tips and recommendations with my in the comments as I want to know what your favourite thing to do in New York are.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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