As you may or may not know, my blog was nominated for Best Designed Blog at the Beauty Blogger Awards at London Olympia this year, so on Sunday 2nd October my mother and I jumped on the train at Peterborough and headed down the awards to see if I'd won.

Leicester Square, London on a sunny Sunday afternoon
We headed down the Piccadilly line to Earl's Court to grab the district tube to Olympia - which if you didn't know is a confusing waiting game where you stand out in the cold for a while waiting and waiting... 

Luckily it was a huge wait this year but maybe that's because we know what we were doing this time!
The short train journey to Olympia is minutes long and we headed to the Pillar Hall to sign in to the Beauty Blogger Awards 2016!

Where my mother got extremely excited by the fact she got a badge and goody bag, which took minutes for her dissect and rummage through.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...
The awards itself didn't start until around 1.30pm, and next door being held in Olympia is the Olympia Beauty show which is full of all things beauty with fashion and accessories thrown in there too. There is some amazing brands and companies with established products and new products to the market also. It's a great place to wonder around, and it's also a place which is hugely tempting to the wallet also.
*No charlie.. No!*

The huge Olympia Beauty Show
Before the awards there are a number of talks and workshops for Bloggers and we sat and listened to a chat about Upping your Blog Photography game from Franny Mac which was very interested, followed by a chat from the hilarious Emma G - who is now one of my most favourite people ever when she elegantly fell of the stage and threw out joke and joke - legend.

I also sat next to Blogosphere Magazine's founder Alice Audley who is super lovely and even recognised me from one of my Instagram posts featuring their Lily Pebbles edition, which made my day a little!

Blogosphere Magazine featuring Victoria from In The Frow
Sadly, I didn't come away with a Beauty Blogger Award this year, but as I lost out last year too in the Outstanding Achievement Award category, I think I'm going to go for 3rd time lucky in 2017 - because I might as well!

After the awards we popped back onto the Piccadilly line and headed for one of my favourite places ever, Covent Garden to grab some food and do some Birthday shopping for Tom's 22nd Birthday next week!

I'd never been to a Jamie Olive restaurant before and as the weather was super lush on Sunday we decided to head to Jamie's restaurant 'Union Jacks' in the centre of Covent Garden for some wine and nibbles which turned into wine a pizza because I totally couldn't resist.

I had the 'Woodman' Pizza with mozzarella instead of cheddar and it was amazing! I love mushroom on pizza, and with glass of sauvignon, it went down a treat!

Yummy, scrummy Union Jacks
So although I didn't jump on the train home carry an award this time round, I had such a lovely day out with my mum and we laughed - nearly cried when I didn't win (lol) - so much and came home wishing we could stay in the city longer.

Thanks for a lovely day mum, we should do it more often!
What did you get up to at the weekend and who's your favourite person to travel to the city with?
Let me know in the comments. 

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