For me, Autumn and Winter is the time of year where I focus on my home decor more and concentrate on making my rooms cosy and homely ready to spend night in the colder seasons.

I've had a good response on social media at the moment about my home decor and style, so I thought I'd do a mini house tour of my kitchen and living room.

Scroll down to see my Top 3 Tips to 'Cosy' your home for Winter.
I have a rustic/eclectic interiors style which I'm quite adventurous with but it's not to every ones taste.
I designed my kitchen in December last year (which you can read more about here) where I chose modern kitchen units in a green/beige colour, made to look more rustic with the addition of pewter cup handles and a rustic solid oak top for a more rustic look.
I love the unique style of my kitchen as it's not the style you see every day.

I designed my kitchen with a rustic theme in mind in keeping with my Victorian cottage.
Continuing the rustic/eclectic style through to my living room, sticking to the age of our 1890's Victorian cottage with original doors and flooring. I love leather, antiques and all things vintage which is why my living room is full of, including my collection of decanters and bar area which can't be seen in this photo.

My furniture is all vintage or antique with my bureau which I picked up for £35 from British Heart Foundation and my vintage oak coffee table I got from Newark Antiques Fair for £40.

We have a log store and log basket to store the wood for our log burner we use daily in the winter, completes the perfect cosy home.

My favourite piece in my living room is my vintage red leather chesterfield arm chair I bought when I was 19 from Newark Antiques Fair for £150.

My living room might not be every ones style but I love how cosy and homely it feels.
Winter is the season I like to make my home homely and cosy addition new items and changing decor. Here are my Top 3 Tips for How to 'cosy' your home for Winter:

1. Rugs
Rug change the look and style of a place so quickly and are an inexpensive way to update a room.
In our house, Tom and I change our rug probably 2 to 3 times a year, it just completely changes the look of the room. We bought our current rug (LOHALS Rug from IKEA £65.00) is a lovely lightweight and comfortable neutral textile perfect for summer and giving our living room some light.
For Winter we're looking for another Persian Rug which we adore or a Turkish Kilim Rug which we also have in our home.

2. Pictures and Photographs
We recently put all our photographs, pictures and shelving up on the walls. As the nights are getting darker and the winter closing in I was feeling that our house looked a little dark and bare without accessories on the walls. I was okay with this in the summer as it was light and airy.
Winter for me is the perfect time to fill your walls with sentimental photographs and unique art.

3. Blankets and Cushions
Essentials for Winter and keeping cosy, blanket and cushions are ideal for transforming your room into a seasonal haven of warmth. Try a combination of soft and textures fabrics to add dimension to your room with different colour combination in layers on your sofas and chairs with either matching or contrasting blanket you can cosy up in in the evening, draped over the sofa arm.

 They're my Top 3 Tips to 'cosy' your home for Winter!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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