I've had Arla (@ArlaThePug) for 3 months now and have been trying and testing a lot of dog food for her. As she's a pug and can get overweight easily, I really wanted to stick to healthy, grain-free and natural foods.

I've recently been trying Arla on Pooch & Mutt's food!
So I thought that I'd share with you the Pooch & Mutt foods I've been feeding Arla on at the moment and she loves it, and if you're a pup or doggy owner I hope this comes in useful!

First is their Health & Digestion Dry Food which is a premium grain free, complete dog food for dogs that have poor or sensitive digestive systems and made with Scottish salmon, sweet potato as a digestion-aiding fibre.
It also contains parsley as a natural deodoriser, probiotics and probiotics to support your dog’s sensitive digestion, charcoal which absorbs gasses in the stomach and psyllium which promotes firm stools.

It smell awful but that's because I can't stand fishy smells, but I'm not eating it!
Area seems to love it! It's the perfect size for her small mouth that means she slows down whilst eating it and is brilliant for her teeth.
I feel Arla twice a day with a handful of the Health & Digestion pellets each meal with the Lily's Kitchen grain-free wet food too, so she gets wet and dry healthy, natural food twice a day.

Next is Pooch & Mutt's treat selection!
Arla has never been into treats and would usually much prefer a fuss, however since I've given her these Pooch & Mutt treats she's loved them which has main training a lot easier too!

First she tried their Puppy Development Pocket Packets which are amazing for popping in your pocket on a walk and keeping them fresh and dry in the sealed pouch.
They are natural, low-calorie, gluten-free, hand-baked mini-bones, and Arla loves them!
They have chicken, linseed and chicory in them, as well as omega 3, which is essential for brain growth, memory and trainability.

I also have two of their Hand Baked Treat Tubes, more of the Puppy Development Treats and the Brain & Train Treat Tube too.
The brain train treats are also low-calorie, gluten-free and hand-baked.
 They also include chicken but additionally ginkgo biloba and coconut oil.
Ginkgo biloba is traditionally used as a memory and concentration aid.
These are perfect for both dogs in training and elderly dogs.

If you're looking to try some new healthy products for your pooch or fancy trying your dog on grain-free natural foods I highly recommend trying out Pooch & Mutt.
Arla is staying active and maintaining a healthy weight for a 5 Months Old Pug Puppy, growing and learning new tricks daily.
You can pick up Pooch & Mutt Products in Waitrose, Pets at Home and on Amazon.

Let me know if you have any other natural dog food brands that you feed your pup on as I'd love to know what your favourite food to feel your dog on is!
But at the minute I'm definitely sticking with my Pooch & Mutt and Lily's Kitchen combination for Arla as it seems to be the best combo I've tried her on yet!

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