As depressing as it now is that winter is closely upon us with the recent weather across the country, but what's fabulous about it is that Winter Fashion is closely upon us! 

With most AW14 Collections now available from our high street and designer brand it's so exciting to see this years AW trends

My favourite AW trend to take my fancy not only this year but every year, is Fur

I'm loving the amount of fur coats, Gilets and accessories available this season is just FUR-ulous

Referring to a previous post where I created a a DIY bargain in the form of the 2014 Fluffy Toe Court trend using Marabou Feather trimmings to create a DIY budget version of the must have shoe.

See here

My favourite find of AW14 so far has to be my absolutely amazing Marabou Feather Trimmed Jumper from ASOS, and my favourite thing about it was the SALE price.,

This stunning jumper trimmed and hemmed with gorgeous white marabou feathers is so on trend this AW14 season and for £14.00? Is a Styled by Charlie AW14 Style Steal Favoruite!  

Monochrome is my style and my wardrobe consists of a lot of monochrome pieces perfect to be paired with my new favourite winter jumper. 

I styled by Marabou Black Knit Jumper from ASOS (SALE £14.00) with my favoruite pair of ASOS High Waisted Jeans (£32.00) worn with my new Monochrome Clutch from New Look (SALE £10.00) and of course, with my DIY Marabou Court Heel, a match made in heaven. 

My favourite aspect to the this look is the Marabou cuffs to the jumper, they're so cute and delicate, they remind me of Christmas festivities and it's such a fun, unique wardrobe piece. 

I ordered the jumper in a larger size (size 14) to allow a baggy effect so the jumper hangs elegantly and sleek on the torso as it's slightly cropped so it looks great with high waist leggings, jeans or a skater skirt too. 

Pairing the jumper with cute monochrome accessories really gives this look the extra fashionable edge. My monochrome check clutch bag from New Look was in the end of summer Sale (recent) for only £10. It's a F A B size where I can fit all my essentials, as well as my boyfriends too inside so it's such a functional piece, yet on trend and so versatile to mix with any look, colour and trend. 

The jumper being oversized means it hangs loosely at the hem over my jeans which add a casual edge too and make the look not too OTT with the denim casual aspect. 

With the break of the high waisted denim between the marabou hem and my adorable DIY Marabou courts makes the look so high end for many occasions and I could really see this look as a Celeb style

My Stiletto Nails from Superdrug (Pack of 48 for £3.10) really add to the edge of this look. They're painted in Superdrug's B. Complete Quartz shade in 065 (SALE £1.49) finished with Gold Glitter top coat to add to the festive idea of the look too, matching the gold claps of the clutch and my gold belt buckle too, just bring the final details together and completing the look as a whole. 

The marabou heels are just adorable, the cutest shoe in my collection for sure and a high fashion look shoe with stunning detailing and ankle straps completed on  DIY for under £15.00 just makes them so much more special

So, if you're thinking about your Winter Wardrobe already don't always count on the new trends being released for you new piece for your seasonal wardrobe, have trust in the sales and don't be afraid to still root through to find those must have items perfect for AW that've just been forgotten about lost between the summer stock. 

I highly recommend ASOS' Sale that updated daily if I'm not mistaken with latest stock from budget brands to designer stock, it's a great sale with great service right to your door. 

I love winter fashion and if you love it too, don't be afraid to jazz up one of your old jumpers with some Marabou trimming if you can't find a bargain sale alternative to my magical marabou knit on the market, don't before afraid to indulge into some Fashion Vevamp DIY


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