I LOVE any excuse to get dressed up and put my creativity into something and with actual plans this Halloween, I got to put effort into dressing up again for the first time since I was at school! 

With the fact that the party I was attending would be full of Halloween sports all putting effort into their outfits in mind, I knew I needed to to dress up good in all my usual Styled by Charlie with a glamourous edge coordinating with my boyfriend. 

So, with pure Halloween inspiration in mind this year I fancied being a pairof Glamorous Vampires!

My glamourous vampire look started with a £2.50 Primark Large Men's tshirt which I customised with graduated cutouts to create a graduated crop top, which took around 5 minutes to make that can be kept for Halloweens on end to wear with a number of outfit and a number of themes! 

Then, (as my regular readers will know from my previous post) my favourite thing about Halloween is the fact I can theme my nails! 

So if you want to get my Halloween creepy drip nail look, read my previous post. 

I think themed looks and dressing up isn't just about the outfit from afar, effort comes from the little items and the cute accessories

I love adding simplistic accessories to complete a look and just ultimately top it off. 

This year I wanted to get cute, simple accessories that would really add to my look as a whole. 

So with my eBay search bar open I thought about how some vampire inspired earrings would be truly awesome to my look, and I came across these adorable fang set drop studs, that I love so much I'm going to wear more than once a year! 

I love pumpkins and think they're just adorable (for a vegetable) and such a cute thing to carve and celebrate with for an occasion, so with my eBay Halloween earring search in full force, I found this adorable single earring of a cute orange pumpkin to wear with my fang sets. 

With my love of bags and clutches and the amazing trend of furry bags on the scene at the moment I thought there was nothing better than a hairy bright pink bag to match my creepy nails to carry around my Halloween essentials in all night, and none other better than this amazing New Look fashion steal. 

Lastly, my favourite accessories to truly complete my Vampire look were a set of fangs and some awesome Halloween 'vampire scrap' war wounds!

The fangs are caps and from eBay and come with a dental adhesive moulding kit so you can wear the fangs on more than one occasion.

The wounds are transfer tattoos which I thought was an amazing hassle free, mess free was to achieve some really effective Halloween makeup looks for my boyfriend and I which is much quicker and simpler than applying supermarket's finest messy blood capsules. Achieving our scar look was as easy as a flannel of water.. 

So my Vampire Glam look was complete combining all my elements together and pairing my custom crop with my favourite leather Zara skirt, a trusty pair of black tights, platform heels, my new favourite Coin Necklace from Sparkling Jewellery, and a smokey eye makeup look just to top it off!  

So with a heavy smokey eye makeup look in mind, I was so pleased with the finished product using my Younique 3D Fibre Lash Kit, 120 Eyeshadow Pallette from eBay, my MAC foundation and MAC Smoked Purple lipstick

I had SO much fun creating this look, I'm so excited for next year and many more fancy dress parties to come!


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