I'm so excited to share with you guys my new favourite product in my makeup bag that is the amazing 3D Fibre Lash Mascara Kit from Younique that is now available to purchase in the UK! 

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I wasn't really familiar with Fibre Mascaras and hadn't heard of any before until I came across Younique's 3D Fibre Lash Mascara Kit which I was so excited and intrigued to use. 

So when my 3D Fibre Kit from Younique arrived in a gorgeous quilted black box embossed with the stunning unique logo, my excitement grew! 

What better than an adorable box to keep your new partner in crime in? 

Your 3D Fibre Lash Mascara Kit from Younique comes with 2 products, what look like 2 Mascaras at first look. 

However your larger of the products is your Younique Mascara Gel and the second and slightly smaller product is your Lash Fibres

Which comes together in a gorgeous box with little straps to hold them in place that is perfect to keep in your handbag, like I do! 

As I've only ever used standard Mascaras before I was intrigued about how Younique's 3D Fibre Lash would work, but mostly how do I apply it? 

"Do I put the Gel on first? Or do I apply to Fibres first?"

Well after reading the amazing application guide giving with your Younique Fibre Lash Kit with their easy 4 step instructions, the love began! 

1. Apply your makeup and normal mascara as you usually would on a daily basis.

2. Once your usual daily mascara has dried, take your Younique Lash Gel and apply on top your mascara (Prepare to be amazed even at this stage).

3. Then immediately apply the second product, your Younique Fibres in the middle to ends of your lashes and watch the magic happen! 

4. Finally seal the Fibres with one last coat of the Younique Lash Gel and your new Younique lashes are complete

I'm so incredibly in love with this product that is so, so quick to apply that gives you lashes that're just like getting extensions or wearing false lashes. 

I now no longer wear false lashes and my Younique 3D Fibre Lash Kit gives me the lashes I've always dreamt of that I can use daily. 

Before using my Younique Lash Kit I wouldn't of even thought about that fibres would make any difference, however I was so shocked and so impressed with how easy and simple it is with one product to achieve these amazing before and afters. 

Left: Before - Using my normal daily mascara. 

Right: After - Using my Younique 3D Fibre Lash Kit on top on my normal daily mascara taking the steps above. 

You can now buy Younique in the UK as on 1st November here, which is great and I expect this product is going to take the makeup industry by storm in no time. 

I'm not a huge makeup geek and am still learning about how to apply makeup and still experimenting, I was always a bit shy to try with makeup as I wasn't sure how to achieve certain looks, but with this Younique 3D Fibre Lash Kit you don't need to be a makeup artist or makeup genius to apply it, but you achieve makeup artist, makeup genius worthy lashes

You can buy Younique's 3D Fibre Lash Kit here and any other Younique Products, and if you need any further information about the Unique range you can contact Ingryd here on Twitter for anything you need to know you Younique and their amazing products. 


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