There's nothing better when the festive season is upon us than to grab your favourite apron and conjure up a new recipe

I love baking! I'm not much of a sweet eater but I do love baking, which my boyfriend adores as my bakes are usually left all to him! 

I love experimenting with bakes and ingredients and love challenging my baking knowledge without a recipe and instead, making my own! 

So today, with cookies in mind to congratulate my man on his new job, I grabbed my mixing bowl and the challenge began! 

My Giant Christmas Chocolate Cookies

Charlie's Giant Choccy Cookies! 


(To make 8 - 10 Giant Cookies)  

300g 'Selfie' Flour (Self Raising) 
200g Butter
300g Sugar
1 Egg
1 Large Table Spoon of Cocoa Powder
Splash of Milk  
8 Bourbon Biscuits (Crushed)
1 and a half Tablespoons of Ground Almonds
Handful of Nesquik Chocolate Balls (Optional)

What's great about this recipe is I didn't have to go to the shops, all these ingredients were handily in my trusty baking cupboards and (an easy to remember) only 10 steps to the recipe

So here we go! 

Step 1: Measure out all your ingredients and Preheat your Fan Oven to 200 degrees Celsius

Step 2: Add your Butter and Sugar together until they form a smooth consistancy. 

Step 3: Add your Egg and mixed together with your Sugar and Butter mix until smooth

Step 4: Take your 8 Bourbons and place in a tea towel wrapped tight. Use a rolling pin (or another utensil) to bash the Bourbons until crushed

Step 5: Add Ground Almonds, Self Raising Flour, Cocoa Powder and splash of Milk together until it has no clumps and is smooth

Optional Step 6: To add texture and surprise to your cookies, take a handful of some extra chocolaty goodies

I've chosen to add some Nesquik Cereal Chocolate Balls to my mixture and a handful is enough. 

Step 7: Mix everything together until mixed thoroughly and you're nearly there

Step 8: Spoon 8 - 10 large dollops (or small if you want smaller cookies and double the quantity) of the mixture on a foiled baking tray and space as apart as possible. 

Step 9: Place trays in the oven for approximately 15-20 minutes (Fan Oven at 200 Degrees Celcius) checking regularly as everyone's oven varies

You're cookies won't look completely cooked when you take them out but that insures the desired perfect cookie middle!

If you've chosen to make smaller cookies they'll take less time! 

Step 10: Take your cookies out of the Oven. My cookies took 20 minutes in my oven to cook, move onto a cooling tray and leave them to cool for 20 - 30 minutes before delving in and idulging in my Giant Christmas Choccy Cookies

I hope you all enjoyed my first baking blog! I'd love to see if any of you try out my special baking recipe I've shared with you all so please, if you do bake my cookies tag me in your pictures on Twitter : @pallettBLOGGER or Instagram: @charliepallett and #StyledbyCharlieBaking.

Thank you!

Enjoy your cookies! 🍪❄️


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