When I attended Bloggers Love Fashion Week a few months ago I was lucky enough to meet some amazing brands and one of those was the amazing and incredibly unique Gail's Vintage.

Gail's Vintage offers a hugely creative unique range of handmade jewellery using a range of materials, items, textured and colours all combined together to great her one off unique products. 

I was lucky enough to receive some exclusive Gail's Vintage products made especially for me, which I am so excited about! 

Gail's Vintage collection are perfect statement pieces with different colours and materials combined together they're such interested pieces and are more like art. 

Gail's jewellery isn't like you Topshop, ASOS, general high street jewellery each piece is a one off unique piece handmade, using items such as Keyring rings, large pins, pearls, tassels, metal chains, colourful plastic chains etc and many, many other unique materials that make Gail's piece so fabulous! 

I received a pair of black and blue tassel earrings, chain mail link necklace and chain mail bracelet. 

For this amazing unique handmade trio you need no other statement items in your #OOTD, Gail's pieces are such amazing statements you only need to wear a basic outfit such as a black plain, jeans and tshirt etc to let Gail's Vintage jewellery truly shine and take the outfit by storm and hold the outfit at one with the perfect statement by themselves. 

I LOVE my unique handmade Bracelet by Gail's Vintage that gorgeous chain mail and plastic coloured chained are all linked together with Keyring rings, clips, large pins with pearls and jewellery all together. 

The unique piece mean it's not like your usual bracelet, this can be opened in many places and worn on your wrist or even on a handbag as an accessory to add that statement aspect to your plain bag.  

My favourite bit about my Gail's Vintage bracelet is the large pin, I've always loved vintage accessories and this combination of modern and old accessories and materials combined together to create such unique pieces.

I adore how the pin contains some stunning mismatch jewels and pearls that work in absolute harmony with the other material accessories.

Each of Gail's jewellery designs come with an adorable engraved Gail's Vintage branded tag which is in a gorgeous heart shaped design which I just love! 

I wore my trio of stunning unique handmade statement pieces with my turtle neck dress from River Island that is a plain grey fabric which is the perfect time to let the statements make their perfect statement against the plain tone, taking the outfit to a whole new level which would be matched perfectly with a coloured court shoe and coloured clutch bag. 

The second piece I received from Gail's Vintage is these gorgeous black and blue tassel drop handmade earrings that are absolutely stunning!

I love the combination of black and blue as a lover of black and monochrome myself I always love adding a pop of colour to my outfits where these earrings are perfect to pair with a blue nail and blue shoe and even a blue tone eyeshadow for the evening look. 

The black diamond pattern design piece shouts 20's and 30's design era to me which makes me adore these earrings even more with their vintage feel and perfected with the blue tassel and gold ball aspect, they're the perfect statement earring to wear alone or with the other Gail's Vintage items. 

All Gail's items come with a Gail's Vintage  branded tag which has a handmade feel about it bringing all the pieces together and emphasising their handmade beginning. 

I love this trio as a jewellery set and think the little aspects in each that bring them together as a set is stunning and subtle enough for each as a statement piece to be worn together with the tassel aspects in the earrings and necklace and the chain mail links from bracelet to necklace mean they make the perfect set to brighten any outfit and add that unique fashionable edge

The third piece is my Gail's Vintage Necklace which I love as it 2 layers which is common in Gail's designs and make them recognisable and even more unique and true to her homemade unique brand. 

The necklace can be worn in so many different ways however you prefer it which is another reason I adore these unique pieces. 

I love anything with a tassel it brings out the 20's flapper in me from one of my favourite vintage eras and I think it's so clever how Gail's managed to find that happy medium between the old and new in her designs which make them such desirable piece for all tastes. 

These amazing handmade designs are just amazing and would make the perfect gift for Christmas too, such a unique set/piece that anyone would be grateful to receive that probably haven't come across such different designs before.

I love wearing mine as a set or piece by piece letting them make their own individual statement. These handmade design are so versatile and just perfect for so many peoples taste and bring tastes and desires together to with their mix of old and new. 

Gail's Vintage designs are perfect for that unique jewellery confidence boost with the bright pieces subtled by the various gold and silver tones from the different chains. Each time you look at your Gail's Vintage design you'll see something new you missed before, they're so special. 

Be sure to check out Gail's Vintage and their amazing range of unique handmade designs and one of pieces

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