This autumn I am obsessed with fragrance. From home fragrance to self fragrance, anything with a delightful smell I'm loving this season! 

My followers will know, I'm currently loving candles too as well as purchasing many, many, many perfumes too recently and properly stocking up for the new year.

So when I came across Signature Fragrances and they offered to send me a sample I was intrigued and excited to hear about a new brand, and excited to receive a sample of a completely new fragrance. 

Signature sent me their Lurre Fragrance Oil which undeniably smells beautiful

Signature Frangrances' Lurre scent is pungently stunning and said to be "Golden, Fruits, Subtle, Modern and Unforgetable".

The thing that took me by surprise was as I first opened the sample tube I was shocked that it brought back a sharp and clean memory for me of my childhood of when my best friend as I use to go shopping at the weekends and spend our entire pocket money and all of the day in LUSH. The Signature Lurre Frangrance reminded me of those weekends instantly but has that subtle 'grown up' edge to it and actually is like LUSH in a bottle as a frangrance.. And when something reminds you of something special or memorable, you can't (and don't want to) stop smelling it! 

Not that I need anymore frangrances really... With my current 8 bottle stash, but why not switch it up a bit? 

I would love to get Lurre as a bottled fragrance and I would use it like I do my Burberry frangrances for evenings and weekends as everyone has that day time and evening scent they switch up for occasions, Lurre is that perfect evening addition to your collection. 

Writing this I'm still smelling Lurre lingering, and that the best bit. It's a long lasting fragrance perfect for those shawls and jackets for your evening and weekends that the scent will hold onto, I really, really do love this scent. 

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