I love buying gifts, and I've got pretty good at it I'm told!
My gift buying tip is don't feel like you have to save up a fortune, some of the best gifts I've ever bought have been under £5.
But that's not saying don't treat your loved one this Valentine's Day, it's saying do it well!

So, here's my Valentine's Day Gift Guide for all kinds of budgets!

Gypsophilia Flowers
Every girl loves flowers.
They're so nice to brighten up a room, give that fresh happy home feeling and they're just beautiful. 
I'm not a fan of the predictable rose or the bunch of arranged flowers, I like different flowers. My favourite flowers are Sunflowers I love how bright they are, tall and summery! But at the moment I'm obsessed with buying Gypsophilia
It's so gorgeous, subtle but beautiful and reminds me of winter with the subtle small white buds and I just think they're gorgeous, and they last longer than normal flowers too. 
It's nice to get a bunch of flowers that has been thought about, that's not a predictable Valentine's Rose... 
You can get Gypsophilia from any florist, but I buy mine from ASDA for £1.50 a bunch. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll know I'm currently obsessed with my new Colin Leslie Retro Specs.
They so unique and different, they're 100% Eco and made from Bamboo
They're the coolest glasses designs I've seen in years and I love them!
I met Colin himself the other day and to someone with such a unique design style is so refreshing. 
Designs are available in Glasses or Sunglasses and I think they're just amazing, and would make the most amazing gift to anyone who wears glasses, or the fashion conscious!
This Valentine's get 30% OFF with Discount Code: LOVE30

Don't Buy Ray's, Buy Colin's!

Vivienne Westwood
Anything Westwood is the best gift ever. 
I'm Vivienne Westwood obsessed
I have so, so much of her jewellery as well as a handbag and purse. 
I love how her signature Orb is across all her designs and it's great because they make amazing gifts because the orb is her signature you can build up a collection over time and wear everything together still, whereas other items from other brands bought on different occasions or different seasons rarely match and you kind of have to get everything at the same time. 
Another great thing about Vivienne Westwood's products is the prices vary from anything from £20 to £500+ so whatever your budget, there's always a gorgeous Westwood Gift for you!

I'm starting to become a bit obsessed with Perfumes.
I have built up quite a collection. But recently I was asked to be a Brand Ambassador for a New Frangrance Company and their scents are so unique and so beautiful!
I wear Signature Fragrances Lurre Scent which is very sweet with a warming scent to it that is so unique a I get compliments all the time too! 
It's so nice as a gift to get someone a fragrance you can almost rely that no one around will be wearing the same as you as that makes Signature Fragrances amazing because they're new and unique!
See my blog post here.

Recently I bought my boyfriend and I Personalised Towels as gift for him passing one of his exams as a little treat as we absolutely love things like that! 
So I searched and searched until I found some amazing ones on eBay that has a great range of colours, fonts and are 100% Egyptian Cotton which is how I love my towels!
We're always getting our towels mixed up and we've recently redecorated our bedroom so I thought what a nice way to brighten up the bathroom with some personalised towels!
They're really great and he loves them too! It's such a sweet unique gift idea that be used, and used every single day! 

Nikki Strark Jewellery
I recently came across Jewellery Designer Nikki Stark and her designs are exquisite! 
Jewellery gifts are always perfect for Valentine's because they're feminine and can be kept forever. Nikki Stark's jewellery is so unique and perfect, I love her rings and necklaces. To get a jewellery gift from a brand you or your partner might not be familiar with at first is great because jewellery is so special to a person and to receive a gift of jewellery you've never seen before makes it so much more special.
See my blog post here.

Pug Items - Home Bargains
I love Pugs.
Pugs are huge at the moment and theirs Pug related gifts around and I snap them up, mainly because I can't resist! 
Home Bargains have an adorable selection of Pug Gifts from Mugs to Makeup Bags, and yes I bought them all! 
Mugs are great gifts because they can be kept and used forever and having cute ones is always nice, and even nicer when they're covered in Pugs!

Silhouette Signs
I recently started a New Venture designing Personalised Giftware in the form of Prints called Silhouette.
Designed for you with your Name on or favourite quote, special date which makes them the perfect special and sentimental gift
The design are even more unique because they're personalised with a Silhouette too. We have so many template designs ready to be personalised with Family Prints, Love Prints, Pet Prints, Quote Prints and Valentine's Designs too! 
They're a great Valentine's Gift because they're love related, personalised with your anniversary date, favourite saying etc and they're unique to you! 
You can browse our collection or enquire and order at our Facebook Page:

Tangle Attack, Make Up Gallery & Jess Nail Polishes - Poundland
This may surprise you, but Poundland have some truly amazing gifts!
I'm a bargain hunter as you all know, and I love Poundland!
They have great gifts from chocolate boxes, hair accessories, jewellery, beauty products, photo frames, DVDs, books and so much more!
I love Poundland's Beauty Section. They've recently launched their own Beauty Line called Make Up Gallery, and the products I've tried are really good! I bought their Matte and Glittery Bronzers and they're really good, build able and £1! I use the Matte Bronzer daily and I really, really love it!
They also have anther range of Nail Polishes called Jess. I mentioned these on my YouTube Channel throughout Blogmas and they really are great! There must be around 50 shades from glittery to you favourite every day plains, they have a great brush and yes £1!
In Poundland earlier this week I found the best dupe I've ever come across Poundland's own Tangle Teezer called the Tangle Attack. I've been trying to find a Tangle Teezer on sale for ages after really craving one, but really didn't want to spend unto £12.99 on a handy hairbrush for my handbag, but Poundland have answered all my questions with their Tangle Attack brush. It's fabulous!
In a range of colours from Pink, Blue and Purple with a case so you it doesn't collect any 'friends' in your handbag keeping the brush clean, it's £1 and I love it!
Poundland is great because you can get a basket full of £1 goodies and create a gorgeous Valentine's Goody Box for your loved one on a budget but full of some gorgeous items that they will love!

Siberian Chic Boots
It's very much winter in England at the moment, with snow coming and going every week at the moment! I've found the perfect winter companion in my New Boots, and they really are  #Boots4Life.
They're all weather boots and insanely fashionable! With the most gorgeous fur and hair exterior with  a perfectly cosy sheepskin interior, they are amazing!
Bye, bye Uggs - Theres no more slipping over in the snow and ice.
They're a great gift for anyone who likes a winter walk, fashionable boots, skiing or just a really trusty pair of  #Boots4Life.
Check out my blog post here.
Get 25% OFF your Siberian Chic order with Discount Code: CHARLIESC

Paul's Boutique launched their beauty line last year and I love it!
They have an amazing Beauty Collection with everything from makeup bags, eyelashes, compacts, false nails, transfers and much more.
But, I really, really love their Brushes!
I have the Powder Brush, Blusher Brush, Foundation Brush and Eyeshadow Brush and they really are fabulous. They're so soft and do what you want out of brushes, they're pretty too so look gorgeous in your makeup bag.
Paul's Boutique is a great place to head for gifts from handbags, purses, scarves and now all your beauty needs! Girls love all this beauty and I think a New Selection of Makeup Brushes from Paul's Boutique is a gorgeous gift idea!
Check out Paul's Boutique's amazing collections if you're not familiar with their New Direction which I'm a HUGE fan of (which I launched on my Blog last year read the Blog Post here) and be sure to have a browse at their amazing Beauty Collection

Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr
I'm a huge fan of Tanya Burr and have been for a number of months, I love her products and her YouTube Videos and I really, really adore her New Book, Love Tanya.
It's the perfect book for every girl, and would make the perfect gift!
Every girl loves reading a good old girly book, however this is one with a twist. The beginning with a bit of Auto Biography about the lovely Tanya and her upbringing to chapters about beauty, hair, skincare and makeup full of recommendations too, and even a baking chapter!
It's a great book you can keep forever, and return to when you need advice, or a good beauty recommendation!
I had to pre-order it because I could wait, but if you've not got it already, definitely add it to your Valentine's Gift List!


  1. Love all these ideas! Especially the Tangle Attack from poundland, can't believe I ever contemplated forking out £13 pound on one!

    R x

    1. Thank you!

      The Tangle Attack is amazing and nothing's better than saving money on a dupe purchase, especially when it's over a £12 saving! :)

      Check out my latest blog post with more new gift ideas from my new business venture :)


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