I recently attended #BloggersFestival in London earlier this months where I met the lovely and very talented Makeup Artists from Nanshy.

Nanshy are a Makeup Tool Brand with all your must have brushes all in one place.
I was lucky enough to leave the event with some New Nanshy Brushes to try which are the Top Brush Picks of Barrie Griffith, one of Nanshy's Makeup Artists.

The Pencil Brush is not something I would say is an essentials in a Brush Collections if you're more of an every day makeup kind of girl. However, it's a very handy multi use tool.
Perfect for smudging liner or adding your favourite shadow under your lover lash line, and would also make a great lip brush if you're after a less precise look.

I love Contouring. I have a very round face so contouring is a daily essentials for me.
An angled fluffy brush is perfect for defining your cheekbones with your favourite bronzing powder.

I'm forever struggling to perfect my eyeliner, and that's because I've never found a brush thin enough to avoid extremely unattractive uneven lines.
The Bent Eyeliner Brush allows you to precisely create your eyeliner line allowing you to apply as thin or thick as you like.
I'll also be using my Precise Eyeliner Brush for the perfect lip look with my Dark Matte MAC Lipsticks to get the perfectly defined cupids bow.

A Base Buffing Brush is essentials in your makeup kit.
Use it to apply your foundation for a flawless look!
Ideal for blending cream contour too.

Your Eyebrow Essentials.
Thin and soft to allow you to create the perfect brow with either your gel or powder product for the perfect arch and finish.

The finishing friend.
Love Blush and Highlight?
You need a stippling brush!
However, I'll also use my brush for foundation for a light and perfect finish which I got as a tip from Harry Makes It Up on YouTube.

I hope this has given you some information on Makeup Brushes if you're a makeup brush newbie!
Or maybe it's introduced you to Nanshy as a Makeup Tool Brand
I adore their super, super soft, sleek and stylish design with metalic white handle with chrome top detailing embossed with the Nanshy Logo.

Thanks for reading!

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