I've been a huge Jo Malone fan for a while now however it's not always a accessible or affordable as you wish it could be. For me, the problem isn't the prices as I do spend money of good quality fragrances and candles, my issue is getting to a Jo Malone store.

I live in the Countryside and my nearest Jo Malone Store is Nottingham or Cambridge which are 50 Miles from where I live in the Rutland Countryside. Yes, you can buy Jo Malone online but it's not like buying a shirt that looks like the picture on the website, it's buying scents and you need to smell them to know what you like.

So recently I was in Cambridge and stumbled across a Jo Malone Store and obviously had to go in!

I went abroad earlier this years and when in the airport fell in love with the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Scent. I umm'd and ahh'd over buying the scent as it really was the most amazing fragrance I'd smelt, however decided I couldn't justify spending some of my holiday money before I'd ever let the country.

So when I stumbled across the Cambridge Store and rekindled my love for the Pomegranate Noir Cologne I knew I had to have it!

What I love about Jo Malone mostly is it makes spend what some people might think as 'crazy, huge amounts' on fragrances etc but with Jo Malone you really do get the Star Treatment.
With your chosen items boxed to perfection hand wrapped and ribboned and tissue spritzed with the cashiers chosen fragrance.

Not only did I just indulge in the Cologne though, I had to treat myself to the Pomegranate Noir Hand & Body Lotion too as it's just stunning. Spending your hard earn money in Jo Malone is very easy but it's also very rewarding and an enjoyable experience when you get such amazing customer service and your purchases presented so beautifully.

The Pomegranate Noir Scent is a mixture of Fruit and Spice, it's also the strongest scent Jo Malone do and I would go as far to say it's probably quite 'Marmite' for most people described as 'Dark and Enigmatic.' But I just absolutely adore it, it's like no fragrance I've smelt before.

The Cologne is available in a 100ml or 30ml at £85.00 for 100ml and £42.00 for 30ml.
Weighing it out with the amount you get for your money, how much I love the scent and the fact I have no Jo Malone Stores near me I had to go for the 100ml as I just love it so much, I want it to last for ages.

The Hand & Body Lotion is so hydrating and creamy and carries the Pomegranate Noir Scent strongly throughout which I just love as I can smell it almost all day.

The Hand & Body Lotion is £38.00 which might send some of you into panic (and them me emphasis this was a treat) but you get a 250ml Bottle of my favourite Pomegranate Noir scent that absorbs into the skin so quietly that conditions and hydrates whilst the fragrance aspect defuses from the skin. When worn with the Cologne too just creates to ora of Pomegranate Noir Perfection.

Once I'd returned home from my Jo Malone splurge, I was discussing my purchases with my Boyfriend Friends to have her give me an unwanted gift of a Jo Malone Soap in my favourite scent ever, Pomegranate Noir.

The Soap - like the Hand Lotion - is very highly scented and really is the perfect gift and completes my Pomegranate Noir Collection. The Soap is £14.00 for a 100g Bar which foams when used, cleaning and subtly scenting the skin.

The perfect Cologne Companion. 

If you're thinking of indulging in some Jo Malone products I'd recommend popping into a store and testing and trying out some of the products as they really are amazing.
The Staff will happily give you some samples to try and help you find the scent for you, so please let me know how you get on!

I love Jo Malone for unique scents, amazing product range and the pure quality of each item from scent and formula to design and feel. They make the perfect treat or gift.

I hope you enjoyed my little Jo Malone Haul and if you're not a Jo Malone addict i've introduced you to the brand and products.

Thanks for reading!

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