It's Week 3 of my #TransformationTuesday Fitness & Weightless Series.

How's it going?
This week has gone a bit slower than the other too, feeling like I've not had a minute to relax.
Fitness wise, I feel like this is probably going to be my least productive week in the series.
However, I've still managed to see results! Which is reassuring.

What have I been eating?
This week I had a New Meal Plan and a New Fitness Plan!

The average day looked like:

Green Smoothie with Cucumber, Pear, Spinach and Celery

Brown Rice with Sweetcorn and Red Onion 

Peach and Pecan Nuts

Stuff Pepper with Cous Cous and Coriander

Up to 8 Glass of Water

What exercise have I been doing?
This week, I had a New Exercise Plan with 2 News Exercises!

Toning Workout
5 Minute Standing Ab Workout
See Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jw_c_kg9Og&index=1&list=PLMcIqWDasMoZbTFc%20K22aItpDSX5LA

HIIT Workout
Ab Sculpting, Fat Loss, Thigh and Butt Toning
See Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVdrD5xA7ZE&list=PLMcIqWDasMoZbTFcK22aItpDSX%205LA-c7o&index=16

Have I seen any changes since last week?
It's so exciting to say this again... Yes!
However, my weight is exactly the same as last week, so I've not lost any lbs this week, but I have lost inches. Lucy did mention to me when we started our #TransformationTuesday Series that we're focusing more in inches than weight loss.

Week 3:Measurements:
Thigh: No Change Since Last Week
Calf: No Change Since Last Week
Arm: No Change Since Last Week
Waist: -0.5 inches
Hips: No Change Since Last Week
Bust: -1 inch
Boobs: No Change Since Last Week
Last Weeks Loss: 0.5 inches
Total Loss: 5.5 inches

I'm so pleased with how the whole #TransformationTuesday Series is going!
I can't wait to see what happens next Tuesday.

See you next week for #TransformationTuesday Week 4!

Thanks for reading!

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