I studied Graphic Design at College and I have a obsession with Font and Typography.
When I discovered Jess' Mess on Instagram @JessMessDesign I fell in love with her Hand Painted Calligraphy Prints.

I ordered my Quote:
"People Come and Go, Fashion is Forever"

This quote means a lot to me as I created it when I first started Blogging realising I have lots of faith in my clothes and love expressing my style through my clothing. Having recently left college at the time which seemed to be the point in life where you go one way and previous friends go the other, I created this quote and I love it.

My name is Jessica Mahendra, I'm a student of Politics at King's College London.
I've always been interested in art, but never found an outlet because I am the worst at drawing/painting.
Calligraphy, however, completely filled that void as I've always had quite a neat handwriting and I love experimenting with my lettering. 
I actually started out this small business quite recently, because as a student I figured it would really help with my finances. I honestly think that this having type of prints is such a simple yet sophisticated way to decorate your room or work space. I also think that the quote can be such a nice way to keep people motivated or happy throughout their day.
For example my favorite one is the 'love more, worry less' quote, because as someone who constantly overthinks things and gets worried too much about what other people think or say, I find that it's so helpful to get reminded every day that it's way less stressful to just simply not worry too much, and spread the love instead.

I've been designing and collecting prints myself for a collage wall of typography and photographs for my staircase, but having a handwritten original of my own quote by Jess has just completed my collection. I absolutely adore it.

Be sure to check out @JessMessDesign on Instagram and make sure you email if you'd like your own design by Jess.

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