1. I'm a born and bred country bumpkin from Rutland.

2. I get bored of Hairstyles really quickly.
So I change my hair, a lot.
A lot, a lot.

3. I've been in a relationship for 3 and half Years to my Best Friend, Tom.

4. I drive a Bright Yellow Beatle.

6. I have a serious weakness for Pizza.

7. I have the worlds biggest and fluffiest keyring on my Car Keys because I loose everything.

8. I have over 80 Pairs of shoes.

9. I've been a Vegetarian for 9 Years.

10. I'm so, so clumsy.
Example 1:
I was recently cleaning the cooker after making dinner and removed the metal hob cover which I then hit my Microwave with, making the microwave shatter into 1000's of Glass Pieces..

Example 2:
I went shopping to a shopping centre I've been to 100's of times, to walk down a set of stairs I've walked down 100's of times... I then fell, down every. single. step landing in a heap on the floor which was right in front of a glass frontage restaurant.
Yes. Yes. I did.

Example 3:
I go to London all the time and only ever walk or travel by tube.
I recently went for a weekend away with my friends and we took the tube to London Bridge so I sat down. As you do!
I then stood up to drag my bag closer, and sat back down...
To find myself in a heap on the floor, in rush hour with my legs in the air as I'd sat down on a folding seat that had folded up behind me leaving not only my friends, but everyone on the tube laughing in stitches.
Thanks chair! Thanks very much.

10. I've a massive passion for Interior Design.

11. I don't pay over the odds for anything.
I'm a Full Time Bargain Hunter.

12. My favourite Colour is Black.

13. I'm also a Part Time Photographer.

14. My favourite TV Series' are One Tree Hill, Once Upon A Time and Pretty Little Liars.

15. I've a very addictive personality.
So much so I get obsessed with things very quickly as far as eating the same meal every day for months and months.

16. I'm a huge Film-ie.
I watch a lot of films. A lot, a lot.

17. I have a thing for Ginger's.

18. I'm obsessed with Pugs.
I desperately want on called Pablo and one called Vivienne.

19. I've got Bipolar Disorder.
Which I don't mind admitting, mentioning or talking about anymore!
I wrote a tell-all Blog Post about my battle with Mental Health here: http://goo.gl/pkFkop

20. My life long dream is to Blog Full Time and to write my own Book.

The End.

I hope you all know me a little better now!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love this kind of posts.
    I'm also a big fan of Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars. When it comes to food I'm addicted to sushi. And I to loves pugs, but my step daughter hates them so I might never get to have one./love Ida

  2. Love this & I've also got Bipolar, also fave colour is Black (used to be all gothic, now I have gone Rockabilly haha) and yep also very clumsy. Great read. 😃 X

  3. Great post, i love once upon a time too =]



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