Tom and I have always been fond of a date and have been together for 4 years.
Having just bought our house and got Arla (our pug puppy) we've not been on a date in ages!

So we decided to spend Saturday 23rd April having the ultimate date day.

It was perfect.

My amazing Coral, Mint and Glitter Festival Style False Nails from Primark - £1

Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester.

Urban Outfitters. [Highcross, Leicester]

Levis Men's Jeans. [Highcross, Leicester]

Levis offer a customisation station where can you get alterations free of charge and add studs, 80's style badges and embroidery from £2.00!
Love this concept.
[Photo Taken: Highcross, Leicester]

Wagamama's with a large glass of Sauvignon.  [Highcross, Leicester]

My amazing Yasai Yaki Soba of wholewheat noodles, stir fried vegetables and my favourite extra helping of pickled ginger.

Tom had the Wagamama's signature Chicken Katsu Curry.

Vans or Converse?
Tom went for the New White Leather Converse from Office.
[Highcross, Leicester]

As well as the converse Tom picked up a Tshirt and pair of 510 Jeans from Levis.
[Highcross, Leicester]

Curve Theatre, Leicester

A second cheeky Sauvignon whilst waiting to take our seats for Legally Blonde.
[The Curve Theatre, Leicester]

'Bend.. and SNAP!'
[The Curve Theatre, Leicester]

Our amazing as-good-as-front-row seats!
[The Curve Theatre, Leicester]

We'd planned a day which started with heading to Leicester's in Tom's New Car; a BWM 220d.
It was so nice to spend the morning getting ready and being able to put a face of makeup on.
It felt like ages since I've got ready for a full date and evening out of the house.

Highcross is on of two shopping centres that are close to where we live however they're both over 25 miles away and an 45 Mins - 1 Hour car journey away.

It has every shop you could possibly want as well as 3 department stores; John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser.
However, the only shop I'd add is Jo Malone.

As I wasn't searching for anything particular to purchase we did a lot of shopping for Tom - much to his delight - in All Saints, Office and spent a lot of time in Levis.

It was time for a spot of lunch, and Wagamama is one of my favourite (if not absolute favourite) restaurant to eat out at.
I had no idea Wagamamas across the country had new year refits with a low lighting, edgy industrial update, but they look amazing!
Taking away the fast-food, get-in get-out vibe and gives more of am ambient restaurant feel.
I love it!

However in the recent update seemed that my favourite dish had been sacked from the menu.
However thankfully my second favourite, Yasai Yaki Soba still remained.

We then headed to the Curve Theatre as we had ticket to Legally Blonde the Musical.
Legally Blonde is definitely one of my favourite feel-good films and after finding out the musical was being shown at the Curve, I had to be there.

Our seats with incredible, 7 rows back from the stage.
Legally Blonde featured Tupele Dorgu from Coronation Street and Danny Mac from Hollyoaks.
It was so much fun, and a really amazing date day.

Feeling loved and lucky.
We really should do it more often.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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